It is a known fact that most new traders default to buying calls options. Given that these positions are only winning a third of the time, we aimed to provide you with call option examples that tend to win two third f the time. Hence, by learning to recognize these, you can flip the switch on the perennial rhetoric of options buyers being on the short end of most option trades. CALL OPTION EXAMPLES: Do Not Yield To F.O.M.O Beginners …

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2020 Option Trading Tips

2020 option Trading Tips - Funny Tip on TSLA Stock

If you can master stock Option trading, they can be very useful in building income alongside other financial investments. In this Option Trading Tips article, we will equip you with the best practices and warn you of mistakes to avoid in your endeavor. This will enable you to steadily make money from your option trades and thus get you a step closer to your financial objectives in the new decade. Option Trading Tips: Know Your Opponent Many people come to …

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