How To Use Webull App For Beginners – 2022 Easy Guide

So you just signed up for Webull and downloaded the App on your Mobile Device.

You are eager to start making trading on Webull.

But before you do so, you need to learn how to use Webull App for beginner traders or investors.

This step by step tutorial will guide you through all the initial steps so that you can graduate from a rookie Webull beginner to a confident trader who is about to take their account balance to the NExt Level.

Webull App For Beginners | Setting It Up

Before one can walk ( on the moon – smile if you got the reference) , one must learn how to crawl.

In our context, this equates to going through the baby steps of the Webull App.

One such initial endeavor is to choose the market(s) you want to trade on the Webull mobile App.

How To Choose Markets To Trade on Webull App

Webull App currently offers trading in several markets across the globe.

If yours is not available, it is just a matter of time before you are able to enjoy trading on this App.

The United States, Canada, Singapore, Finland, Hong Kong are the main markets you can choose from as shown below.

The Menu to setup your markets look as shown below.

How To Use Webull App for Beginners - Webull view of available markets to trade on
How To Access more markets in Webull App

From there, you can click on the icon on the far right with the horizontal line to unveil further market you can select as displayed below.

How TO Use Webull app for Beginners - Webull list of markets include US, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Finland , Sweden Taiwan
Webull Full List of Markets

Market Analysis Using ETFs

A good place to start to get a feel about your overall market is through the ETFs offered in that market.

What Are ETFs ?

ETFS are Exchange Traded Fund that track basket of stocks in a given market.

For instance, in the US markets two very popular such ETFs are SPY (entire 11 sectors of the markets) and QQQ (technology company).

They are heavily traded by most investors and short term traders alike.

How To find Out the Holdings of Each ETF ?

To avoid any potential confusion, let’s me clarify that S&P500 is the the same as SPY ETF while QQQ tracks exactly as the NASDAQ.

To access the list of big moving for for each ETF, Click on the ETF, then the chart and select Peers.

The first screen looks as the one below:

How To Use Webull App For Beginners -3 major US ETFs :DIA, SPY and QQQ
Major US ETFs | Down Jones, S&P 500 and NASDAQ

Then after clicking on the chart above the listed three ETFs, you will see the Top moving stocks for your selected ETFs.

In the view below, I selected the S&P 500 for illustration purpose.

How To Use Webull App For Beginners - S&P 500 Top movers on Nov 2 2021
S&P500 Top Movers for Nov 2

How To Select Stocks On Webull App

There are over 8000 stocks to trade from in the US markets.

This number does not even take into account the booming Cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, it is a real challenge for beginners to find out which stocks they should be trading.

Where To Find Stock To Trade On Webull App ?

Hopefully, Webull app makes it a little bit easier to navigate by creating the following 3 categories.

1. Top Gainers

2. Top Losers

3. Most Active

You can sort the most active stocks by volume, %Turnover and %Range.

The default view below is by volume with the pre-market % Change below the price.

How To Use Webull App for Beginners - Most Active Stocks provided by Webull
Webull Most Active Stocks Screener by Volume

How To Build Watchlist On Webull App ?

Creating a watchlist for Stocks may be straightforward for most traders.

However, if you find yourself looking for a good way to track options on a watchlist, then the following short step by step video will help you do just that.

Is Webull Popular Stocks a Trading Strategy ?

Trading and investing is becoming more and more like a social experiment.

Webull and other stocks media platforms are offering traders and investors alike the leverage to finf out what other like minded people are thinking and doing on specific stocks.

What is Webull popular ranking ?

I can understand the value provided by stocks popularity rankings especially for beginner traders.

The market can be quite confusing as first asking when you are trying to get yourself situated.

It is much easier and comfortable to follow the crowd.

According to Webull platform, these rankings are updated evey10 minutes taking into account the following variables: number of comments, posts and views.

How To Use Webull App for Beginners - Webull Popularity Ranking
How To Access Webull Popularity Ranking

Webull is quick to add that the ranking do not constitute a form of investment advice and it should not be used as a basis for an investment decision.

So what is it for then ??

Anyways, here is how you get to the Webull ranking.

On the page of any stock, click on the “comments” menu to get the view below.

How To Use Webull app for Beginners - Top Ranked stocks is Live and updated every 10 minutes
Webull Top Ranked Stocks as of October 31 2021 – 2pm PST

Can you Use Webull Popularity As an Edge in your Trading ?

At the time of the writing of this article, #SHIBUSD is the Top ranked stocks on Webull followed by #DOGEUSDand # BATUSD.

This makes sense given that the market is closed on this Halloween day while Crypto markets worldwide are open.

On a regular’s trading day Monday through Friday, this Webull Top ranked is will provide you with the most watched or traded stocks.

Typically, if a stocks is moving, it is certain to be followed by a great deal of trader and thus its ranking is bound to trend.

Should you and I consider such stock or instrument as a trading edge ?

I put it to the test last week for you and traded CEI bullishly as it was breaking above $2.

Well, my friends that stock violently reversed and put and end to my short experiemnt.

Granted, I could have made a decent return trading puts options on it.

However, this is not part of a strategy I have tested and believed I can consistently get an edge in this market.

Such is the case in the meme stocks frenzy era.

How To Place a Stock Trade On Webull App

Buying Full Shares

Buying full shares on Webull is easier than buying fractional shares.

The order ticket will guide you through this simple process by selecting one of the 4 available order types we are describing below.

How To Automate your Trade on Webull App ?

There are 4 Order Types you can use to trade shares of stocks in Webull.

  1. Limit Order
  2. Market Order
  3. Stop Loss Order
  4. Stop Limit Order

Many traders often get confused with the Limit order.

Simply, it means that you are deciding a fixed limit price you are willing to pay for the stock.

You are willing to pay as much as that Limit, let’s say $10.

If the market price is 9.98, then you can get filled for lower than your Limit price.

If the on-going market price is higher than you Limit order of $10, then you will not get a fill.

Buying Fractional Shares on Webull App

Many stocks are very expensive nowadays.

Hopefully, fractional shares make it possible to buy a small piece of a whole shares.

Imagine that you can be owner of a slice of AMZN stock even with just the price of a movie ticket.

Our full Tutorial on Webull Fractional Shares is available to further scrutinize this investing milestone.

Below is the Full video to show you how you can purchase fractional shares on Webull App.

Trading Options On Webull

I do not use Webull as my primary platform for options trading .

Should you decide to go this direction, I am providing the full review on this blog post titled : How To Trade Options on Webull

In fact, I have this ecosystem of Webull knowledge I strong encourage any beginner trader to indulge on so that you may be closer to mastering the steps of becoming a successful options trader.

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This article on How to Use Webull App for Beginners aimed to give you an overview of all the insightful features of this progressive trading App.

Further studies are shared to help you increase your knowledge of trading may that be for stocks , options or crypto currencies.