What Is Automatic Investing? Easy Step by Step Guide

What Is Automatic Investing

Being in an investing world, everyone almost once in their lifetime comes across this question in mind, “what is automatic investing.”

Investors have a wide range of options with which to make decisions about their money, which has caused a rise in the number of automated investing tools.

What Is Automatic Investing?

Automatic investing solutions allow you to set up periodic investments to an investment account without having to do anything manually.

Automatic investment plans, often known as AIPs, may also assist investors in growing their portfolios, staying on track with their financial goals, and making use of the power of compounding.

In order to set up an automated investing plan, you must first determine the amount and frequency of contributions you want to make. 

If your time horizon, risk tolerance, or objectives change, you can quickly evaluate and alter your strategy as needed.

It is possible to have money taken from your paycheck, checking account, or savings account and then put it into your investment account, depending on the sort of automated investing plan you have set up for yourself.

Understanding the Concept of Automatic Investing

One of the most effective methods to save money is to set up an automatic investing plan. A multitude of market mechanisms has been developed to assist in the facilitation of automated investment plans. 

Employer-sponsored investment accounts allow investors to make contributions through their employer by setting up automatic withdrawals from their paychecks for investment in employer-sponsored investment accounts. 

A personal account can be set up to make automatic withdrawals from it if the individual so desires.

How Can You Start an Automatic Investment Plan?

Invest Percentage, Not A Dollar

Before you begin an automatic investing plan, make the decision to invest a percentage rather than a specific cash amount.

As your salary rises, you should raise the amount of money you put aside. A percentage will allow you to invest a sufficient amount of money without compromising your financial situation.

If you follow my advice, which means you are debt-free and have an emergency fund of three to six months’ worth of costs, you should invest 15 percent of your gross family income—not counting any matching funds you may receive from your 401(k) (k).

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Consider the following scenario: your household income is $60,000 per year. If you set aside 15 percent of your income for retirement, you’d set aside $9,000 a year, or $750 per month, for your retirement.

$60, 000 x 15 percent = $9,000/12 months = $700 each month for retirement savings.

However, if you receive a raise in the coming year, your monthly retirement contribution should not continue at $750. Instead, continue to invest 15 percent of your salary each month so that your monthly contribution grows in tandem with your income.

Set up A Direct Deposit

Please ask your employer to assist you in setting up direct deposit if you haven’t previously done so.

You want your contributions to your retirement accounts—IRAs, 401(k)s, and 403(b)s—to be automatically moved from your paychecks to your accounts in order to prevent the temptation to “accidentally” spend your money without a strategy.

You may set up your IRA or 401(k) to automatically remove money from your bank account if your company does not provide direct deposit for your paychecks. It is important to note that I will return to this later.

Determine Retirement Options

If your workplace offers a retirement plan, such as a standard or Roth 401(k), your employer may be able to automatically move your investment amount into your 401(k) without your knowledge (k). It will only take a few signatures on some papers for it to happen.

Once again, be certain that you have selected the proper percentage (we recommend 15 percent) as the automatic transfer amount rather than a fixed cash amount.

It is possible to put the full 15 percent of your income into a Roth 401(k) if your company offers this choice. If they provide a traditional 401(k) with a corporate match, we propose that you use a Roth IRA in addition to the regular plan.

Set Up Automatic Contributions or Withdrawals

If you plan to contribute to a Roth IRA, you will need to complete the same paperwork that an employer completes for a 401(k).

With a 401(k), you tell your company what percentage of your salary you want to contribute, and they do the rest of the calculations. 

With a Roth IRA, on the other hand, you must compute the contribution amount yourself in order to determine how much money to invest each month in the account.

When a result, it will be your responsibility to raise your contribution amount as your income increases in order to maintain the 15 percent rate.

In accordance with the options provided by your company, you will either set up automatic payroll deductions or automatic bank account withdrawals from your account.

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Automated Payroll Deductions

It is possible that your company will offer to have money taken from your paycheck. In order for you to contribute to your Roth IRA. 

It is possible that you may need to ask your Roth IRA contact (the custodian) for a routing number. Moreover, an account number in order to complete this process. 

As soon as you’ve obtained these documents, you may set up automatic payroll deductions to deposit a certain amount of money from each paycheck to your Roth IRA.

Automated Bank Withdrawals

Instead of setting up payroll deductions through your employer, you may request that your Roth IRA custodian set up automatic withdrawals from your bank account each week or each month. 

However, double-check that the transfer dates are scheduled after you have been paid. Otherwise, your contribution may be withheld from your account before your paycheck is received. It might result in financial difficulties with your bank.

Automatic Investment Plans for Individuals

Individuals who do not participate in employer-sponsored automatic investing plans have a plethora of choices in the financial market to select from. 

A universal feature of every accessible investing account is the ability for investors to set up automated investment schedules.

Retirement accounts and brokerage accounts are two of the most prevalent types of investment accounts where automatic investments are available. 

Some retirement accounts provide incentives to investors who want to automate their investing decisions. 

As an alternative, many investing platforms have the option of storing automatic investments in a money market account. Here the money earns interest until the money is allocated to other types of assets.

A dividend reinvestment plan is one type of AIP that you can use to assist increase assets in single stocks. 

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What To Know about DRIPs ?

Investing in dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs) allows investors to automatically reinvest their cash dividends into new shares or fractional shares. In the underlying company on the day of the dividend payment. 

It can refer to any automatic reinvestment arrangement established through a brokerage or investment business. But it is most commonly associated with a formal program. This program is given directly by a publicly listed organization to its current shareholders.

Automatic Investing with Roboadvisors

Many new alternatives for automated investment, referred to as roboadvisors, are being developed in the rapidly expanding fintech industry. Moreover, it is seeing rapid growth. 

Micro-investing platforms are provided by fintech businesses, which allow investors to make automated deposits in tiny amounts over time. Acorns are a good illustration of this. 

Using a bank account connection, the site invests leftover change (round-ups) from each purchase in an investor’s chosen investment portfolio. Managed by the platform itself. 

The roboadvisor platforms Wealthfront and Betterment are both well-known names in the industry.

What Is Automatic Investing - Roboadvisors
Automatic Investing with RoboAdvisors

They are more likely to use passive investing methods guided by modern portfolio theory (MPT) to optimize asset allocation weights. In order to maximize anticipated return for given risk tolerance and then to maintain the balance of those portfolio weights.

Robo-advisors vary by their ultra-low fees and extremely low minimum investment amounts required to get start. Allowing even novice investors to build optimal portfolios with tiny initial investments. 

In many respects, they are also set-it-and-forget-it, which means that everything is completely automated.

What are the Benefits of Automatic Investing?

What Is Automatic Investing - Benefits
Benefits of Automatic Investing

Dollar-Cost Averaging

As an alternative to attempting to “timing the market,” dollar-cost averaging allows you to invest a certain amount. Regardless of how much the market is fluctuating in value. We’ve detailed some of the advantages for investors in this article.

Set it and forget it

Once you have begun to develop a portfolio, it may take some time before you are able to continue to add to it. 

For example, Hatch’s auto-investing puts your money to work for you. Whether or not you have time to log onto the platform. Investing can become completely automated if you set up an automatic payment in your online banking account!

No More Waiting

In order to increase their portfolio, many investors set away a percentage of their earnings on a weekly basis. 

If you make frequent automated transfers into investing plan, you may dollar-cost average the exchange rate over time. Rather than accumulating funds in a low-interest savings account. 

If you have money in your account, you can instantly put it to work generating dividends through the money market fund. When there is enough, you can automatically invest in the businesses and ETFs you selected. All without you having to do a thing.

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Develop Better Investing Habits

Investing on a regular basis allows you to gradually increase the value of your money. 

Not only does it alleviate the anxiety of making large one-time investments, but it also assists in making the process of increasing your money a regular part of your financial planning. 

Some investors have found that automating as much of their investment as they can help them keep to their regular investing routine. 

It takes little effort to develop your portfolio if you set up an automatic transfer of $100 into your account. You can also have auto-investments set up. 

It is surprising that how quickly those modest sums may pile up over a period of time! Obviously, shares are not the same as savings; their value will fluctuate, and they will not constantly increase in value.

Instills A Sense of Discipline

While it is possible for someone to save regularly at the end of each month, there are times when a scenario arises that necessitates him using his investment amount, therefore destroying his savings habit.

For example, an unexpected emergency might arise, necessitating the need for more money. Despite the fact that the emergency was a more pressing problem, it would prevent him from accumulating money. 

If the individual had already withdrawn his or her funds, his or her behavior would have remained consistent and unchanged. This would have secured his ability to arrange his financial future. 

Individuals learn to manage from the cash they have put aside for expenses as a result of auto investing at the beginning of each month, which instills discipline in them.

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Sort Your Expenses Into Categories

Following the completion of your monthly expenses, saving or investing is not suitable. This is due to the fact that if you spend first and save afterward, you will be unable to allocate a consistent quantity to this corpus of money. 

It should be noted that savings should always be taken from income before costs are fulfilled. It would be practical in this situation to create an expense chart at the beginning of each month.

This would assist in eliminating unnecessary expenditures from the budget planning process. Moreover, prioritizing the required costs on the crucial list. 

In addition to the investment amount, one should set aside 10 percent of one’s salary for unexpected costs. In addition to the investment amount. 

So it is advisable to list your monthly costs, including emergency money. Then invest a predetermined amount at the beginning of each month to ensure a steady stream of income.

Reduces Risk Factors

Investing in automatic mode allows you to ride out market-related risks more comfortably. When a person invests a large quantity of money in a single transaction, they face the danger of suffering a significant loss or experiencing again. 

This approach is not suitable due to the significant degree of uncertainty in the outcome. 

By making regular contributions through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), you can minimize the dangers associated with stock market fluctuations.

In order to keep the amount invested secure from market fluctuations, to keep it balanced. To ensure that the investment grows economically, it is good habit to fund the amount invested on a regular basis. 

You can meet your wealth-building objectives easily if you follow this strategy.


Now, you are well aware of automatic investing. Despite the fact that you are saving time by using automated investing tools, make it a frequent practice to check on your investment portfolio.

Reconsider your investing strategy and asset allocations, maybe with the assistance of a financial advisor. To ensure that your investment decisions are consistent with your financial objectives.

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