Learn Plan Profit Reviews | Is It Another Scam?

In this day and age, people from all walks of life can hit it big in trading.

One good example is this young trader who made millions in his trading career.

But the real question is.

Is it legit or not? And is the course worth paying for?

In this article, we are going to answer your questions as we unravel Learn Plan Profit Reviews.

Learn Plan Profit Reviews: Rundown

Learn Plan Profit Reviews - Learn Plan Profit
Learn Plan Profit

Learn Plan Profit is an online trading course brainchild by Ricky Gutierrez from Gilbert, Arizona.

The course is centered on helping beginner traders learn how to day trade and also swing trading.

It is a complete A-Z course of easy-to-understand video lessons that showcases his experiences.

As well as best practices, mistakes to avoid, and the overall mindset that led to his success.

It showcases his conservative technical trading strategies, how to identify potential patterns, and scan stocks on your own.

Ricky Gutierrez: The Man Behind Learn Plan Profit

Ricky Gutierrez claims to be the youngest million in Gilbert, Arizona.

With his estimated net worth of $1.3 million, he might just be that.

He is the CEO of Techbud Solutions, the biggest trading group in Facebook.

With over 300,000+ members on Facebook and 850,000+ subs in Youtuber, you’ll never run out of a trading buddy.

It is for beginners and advanced traders aiming to help each other achieve their own financial venture.

While Ricky’s principal business is focused on stock trading and the Learn Plan Profit course.

He has then branched off into flipping cars and real estate.

What Trading Platform Ricky Gutierrez Use?

He uses TD Ameritrade’s ThinkorSwim platform.

Which Ricky discusses as a part of his Learn Plan Profit curriculum.

Learn Plan Profit Reviews - TD Ameritrade in Learn Plan Profit Couse
TD Ameritrade in Learn Plan Profit Couse

Learn Plan Profit Course

The course is an all-encompassing guide to help beginner traders jump-start their trading career.

The curriculum is 7 hours in total and features 70 videos.

It covers:

The fundamentals of investing in the stock market
A simple breakdown of his techniques & strategies to find quality stocks
The mechanics of trading
The importance of risk management and trend identification
Indicators, Scanners, and Best Practices
Profits & Mindset lessons
Realistic unique goals, consistency, and planning for long-term personal growth
Video Lesson exclusive for LPP members

Learn Plan Profit Module 1: Introduction

The first module presents a basis for novice traders on where to start in trading.

He goes on to tackle the basic trading principles and methodologies.

It is important to note that this caters to people who have zero knowledge of trading stocks.

As it is somewhat bare-bones, advanced traders might find it inadequate.

It covers the following topics:

  • Definition of Low Cap Stocks aka Penny Stocks
  • Support and Resistance Concepts
  • Capital You Need To Start Trading
  • Definition of Paper Trading
  • Choosing a Broker
  • Numerous Styles of Trading
  • The PDT Rule
Learn Plan Profit Reviews - Learn Plan Profit Introduction
Learn Plan Profit Introduction

It is laid out in a manner that beginner traders will not find confusing.

Learn Plan Profit Module 2: The Mechanics of Trading

The second module delves into the actionable trading lessons.

If the first module focused on creating a solid foundation.

The second module then develops a sound trading strategy based on the principles you picked up in module 1.

The strongest quality of this module is that it is beginner-friendly, which he has done an excellent job.

It finishes with a video about entering and exiting in trade and ensuring profits or mitigating losses.

Learn Plan Profit Module 3: My Indicators And Best Practices

In module 3, he discusses his personal trading style.

He shares his knowledge of technical analysis and how to use these indicators.

The main technical indicators he uses like VWAP, RSI, EMA’s, and simple moving averages.

It continues with lessons on chart setups and enables a better grasp of what he looks out when he enters a trading position.

Learn Plan Profit Reviews - Learn Plan Profit Chart Studies Stamp & Techniques
Learn Plan Profit Chart Studies & Techniques

This where the course meshes together to form a cohesive trading strategy.

The video teaches you how to apply what you have learned in the previous modules in the real world trading

He also details his trading set up in this module as well as insights on his setup.

Lean Plan Profit Module 4:  Mindset for Success

The fourth module talks about his trading mindset and topics related to trading psychology.

These are the kind of videos that you would like to hear when you first started trading.

Again they are mostly basic ideology, but since Learn Profit Plan caters to the novices.

It will be a hit among the newbies as he goes about keeping your trading simple to avoid incurring huge losses.

This is again for the beginners, as his topics may be already ingrained to some advanced traders.

Learn Plan Profit Module 5: Swing Trading and ETF

The fifth module serves as a foundation for swing trading and ETF.

Learn Plan Profit Reviews - Learn Plan Profit Swing Trading and ETF
Learn Plan Profit Swing Trading and ETF

It teaches how to scan for stocks, what to look for in swing trade, and how to manage a swing trading position.

Exchange Trade Funds are equity that enables traders to trade a pool of similar stocks in a specific market.

Ricky Gutierrez Learn Plan Profit Private Discord Channel

After signing up for the program, you will be given a link to join the Learn Plan Profit private discord channel.

This is where members discuss their trading goals and strategy and to simply connect to other traders worldwide.

Controversy Regarding Using Paper Account In Live Trading Stream

After digging in Reddit, I’ve discovered a thread where the OP discusses his suspicion that Ricky uses a paper trading account in his live trades.

AcceptableFisherman 2 years ago

The Suspicious Part

Ricky uses a trading platform/software called ThinkorSwim by TDAmeritrade, its a free software for any one in the U.S all you have to do is sign up for an account with a social security number.

TDAmeirtrade has a clock on the upper left hand corner that moves in real time with date, time and account number posted. The latest batches of live streams by Ricky show that his clock does not move at all (screenshot in imgr link) and displays the date for September 5th when it was clearly streamed September 11th with a time stuck at 19:04:35.

I genuinely believe that the clock is overlaid on his screen to conceal that he is actually in a paper trading account ( which gives you simulated money ($200k) to make trades on the market) there have been multiple times where he has made $1200 during the trading day and even has the video with the Profit/Loss moving in the software (proving that that portion is not overlaid) which is what a lot of people look for. A $1200 move with $200,000 is only a half of a percent move up which is not hard to do if you can spot a stupid small reversal or wait it out till it moves back up ( No emotion involved when it’s fake money) you can show your P/L of +$1200 for the day make a super click bait thumbnail and at the end of the day sell way more course.

This is the said video where the OP says that he overlays his screen in ToS.

Case in point, the OP’s opinion about Ricky is something to weigh in when you decided to buy the course.

Learn Plan Profit Pricing

The Learn Plan Profit course is $299.

It is a onetime fee that grants subscribers lifetime access to the online course.

Learn Plan Profit Reviews - Learn Plan Profit Pricing
Learn Plan Profit Pricing

Another positive note about it is that it has no upselling and that forces you to pay more so that you can learn.

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Learn Plan Profit Refund Policy

Learn Plan Profit does not offer any refund.

Learn Plan Profit Reviews - Learn Plan Profit Refund Policy
Learn Plan Profit Refund Policy

What People Say About Learn Plan Profit

These are what the sites tell about their experience in using Lean Plan Profit.

from wisdomfuel.com

Learn Plan Profit is best for people who know absolutely nothing about trading. Ricky does an excellent job of simplifying the course material in a way that will resonate with beginner traders. He breaks down beginner material, explains common pitfalls, and shares actionable strategies.

That said, if you already have a trading foundation, you are unlikely to learn anything new from this course. The lessons appear to be intentionally simple, meaning experienced traders (profitable or not) are unlikely to gain any new information.

If you are completely new to trading, this course is a great starting point. If you’ve been studying trading for awhile, you may prefer a more advanced course.

from daytraderreview.com

Overall, I was impressed with the comprehensiveness of the Learn Plan Profit trading course. It’s a great option for beginner traders and/or those who haven’t watched any other trading courses yet. If you’re just getting started with a small trading account, this course is a good deal at $299.

from holysmoke.org

I have learnt to be wiser now and thank him for that lesson, which was painful and pocket-emptying, but I will never be lured into any such thing again. Too much greed gets you its just rewards, which is what happened to me. My sole mission now is to make sure that other people do not end up making the same mistake as I did by falling into this man’s clutches. Everything about him is shady right from his connections and lifestyle to his purported expertise of the financial markets. Guys like these should be stopped from doing business in our country and even elsewhere for they pose a threat to society. They are mopping up more money than they have ever seen in their lives simply by swindling people with cleverly made-up success stories. I even tried posting my experience, which was hugely negative, but it was removed from several websites in a matter of minutes or even hours in some cases.

And these are comments I found on Reddit.

amesmontanaHD 1 year ago

Ricky (400k + subs on youtube) is claiming 66.7% return in a month which compounds to a 46,000% annual return. He’d be worth hundreds of millions if this was possible. he sells a $300 course to financially illiterate people who are desperate to turn their lives around and puts them even further in the hole; he should be in prison.

i-invest 1 year ago

I’m not a fan of this kid or anyone who sells a course on trading for that matter but just a few things…

-Did he say his goal is to make a 66.7% return for just 1 month or each and every month? If it’s just one month, it’s certainly possible, but month after month for a year, yeah, highly unlikely.

-Making a decent income through day trading or swing trading is certainly possible. There are prop traders who do this as a profession. They do have way better tools than the average person though as well as lower fees.

Of course, it’s not as easy as any of these trading gurus make it out to be. Like you suggested in your video, if they’re making so much, why are they selling a course for a few hundred bucks? Probably because they’re not actually hacking it as a day trader OR their goal is to build a big enough following to send stock alerts out to in order to basically pump whatever stock they just bought before sending out the alerts.

As for your comment on trading during a bull market, even in a bear market, traders can just short.

Leveraged trading like options, futures, etc., has a ton more risk, true, but with enough experience and knowledge and correct risk management, it’s possible to make a living from it. Checkout the folks over at tastytrade.com. They teach it all for free. There are options strategies that have a high percentage of success, with less reward of course.

Stats say 90% of traders lose money which I believe is true, but I think the vast majority of those 90% are people who picked up some basic knowledge, gave it a shot, lost money, and gave up. It could take years, for some, over a decade to really learn the skills and build up the experience to become a successful day/short term trader.

Of course, telling people how long it could take will result in way less sales so people like Ricky like to make it look easy with videos with titles like “Watch Me Make $XX,XXX in 1 day” or whatever.

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Learn Plan Profit Pros and Cons


  • The course provides a good foundation in trading
  • Well laid out videos that novices will find simple and not confusing
  • Actionable trading strategies
  • Fair price point


  • Intended for beginner traders
  • Advanced traders may not find the course useful
  • The paid course is a structured content of his Youtube videos

Final Thoughts: So Is It A Scam And Is It Worth Buying?

What makes up a scam is different for each person.

While we understood in Learn Plan Profit Reviews that it isn’t a scam per se but it is shady.

The promised returns might be shaky with the inherent risk of trading.

Also, the fact that even if it is has a straightforward approach, you might not resonate with his methods.

It is a good stepping-stone for beginners, and the price is not that expensive when compared to other courses.

But if you already have a good and solid foundation in trading, it’s better for you to search for something else.

While Learn Plan Profit is not a total scam, we have uncovered a trading system that is a total shameless scam!

Read about Andrew Keene and his S.C.A.N. system in our The 1450 Club Review!

Alternative to Learn Plan Profit

On the positive note, if you want a more reliable way to learn to trade and also learn advanced tips and tricks.

I recommend joining Successful Trading as we not only arm you with the basics but also our 10-Baggers Trading System.

Learn Plan Profit Reviews - Join Successful Tradings To Take your Trading To The NExt Level

Learn Plan Profit Reviews | Is It Another Scam?


Data Accuracy


Ease of Use


Education Training





  • The course provides a good foundation in trading
  • Well laid out videos that novices will find simple and not confusing
  • Actionable trading strategies
  • Fair price point


  • Intended for beginner traders
  • Advanced traders may not find the course useful
  • The paid course is a structured content of his Youtube videos

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