Jason Bond Picks Complaints | Is it Legit? Or a Legit Scam?

So where do we start with this review of Jason Bond Picks Complaints in 2020 ?

I do not want to be melodramatic.

Or tarnish an in-demand training education and investment guides in the industry such as Jason Bond Picks.

But really, not everything looks cheery what with all the complaints against it.

And it needs to be done.

Of course, here in Successful Tradings, we pledge unbiased reviews.

Read this full Jason Bond Picks Complaints review and decide for yourself whether it is something you’d like to be part of.

Jason Bonds Picks Complaints: Overview

Jason Bond is the man behind the massively popular Jason Bond Picks.

It is a trading education and alert service that provides educational materials.

And chat room for the like-minded investors who emulate his teachings.

Jason Bond Picks Complaints - Jason Bond shares his past before he got into trading
Jason Bond shares his past before he got into trading

As you can see in the picture, Bond had a humble beginning as a high school gym teacher.

For nearly ten years he worked a full day job but he was strapped with a negative $250,000 on his name.

Banking on his luck, Jason quit his full-time job in 2011 and started searching for a course of action to break away from the rat race.

And 2013 was the year lady luck smiled on him.

His swing trading portfolio vigorously thrived versus S&P 500.

Fast forward today, he has been featured in numerous global companies such as Forbes and even the New York Stock Exchange to name a few.

Mr. Bond may not be the Bond that you first think of when you hear the name.

But if you’re into trading, there’s a chance you’ve heard him somewhere from co-traders, reviews online, or in social media.

Jason Bond Picks via Raging Bull LLC

Jason Bond Picks is licensed under Raging Bull LLC.

Raging Bull is a company focused on financial literacy  and day trading which has various educational materials namely:

  • Jason Bond Picks
  • Fast Five Trading
  • Options Profit Planner
  • Weekly Windfalls
  • High Octane Options
  • Total Alpha
  • Daily Deposits
  • IPO Deposits
  • Profit Prism

Raging Bull has once centered on penny stock promotion newsletters but is now focused on educational content for traders and other related trading services.

If you head over to Better Business Bureau, you can see that there is a lot left to be desired.

This is one example of a complaint filed against Raging Bull on 9/17/2020.

Abusive & Illegal Practice in regard with recurring payments. At registration, I have enrolled for a 1 time payment of $1499, no subscriptions whatsoever. They were advertising recurring payments of a couple of hundreds of dollars for those interested to stay in the program for longer than 12 months. The program I registered with was Supernova. I quickly lost interest as nothing that was advertised was to be found in the daily practice. The entire program is nothing but a guessing game. Now, after many months since I have closed even my trading platform, Raging Bull… charged me the “yearly recurring payment” for the “subscription” I have never even enrolled in. I did not ask for a refund… 10 months ago for my initial enrollment, even if that would have been the right thing to do, as NOTHING from what they are selling in their marketing adds is real within the daily platforms, but I have NEVER agreed to any kind of subscription at the time. Therefore, I believe that their practice is abusive and illegal especially now after they have declined my request for reimbursement of the recent charge of $,1499… for the XXXX-XXXX period. For future services!

Desired Outcome

Reimbursement of the recently charge of $1,499.00 and removal from their “Subscription” program which, once again, I have never agreed to.

Swing Trading

Jason Bonds’ specialty is swing trading, or basically seizing short – to medium-term gains of stock for a few days up to several weeks.

Usually, swing trading has a profit goal of 10% or even 5%.

Yes, it is small but if done consistently it, therefore, can have attractive returns once compounded annually.


Product and Services

Products and Services of Jason Bond Pics as depicted in Jason Bond Complaints
Products and Services and Pricing of Jason Bond Picks

The product and services you can avail are the same except for the exclusive Jason’s 12 – Week Masterclass that is only available in the Unlimited package as well as the Heirloom Program.

Traders Educational Vault

The educational package contains the revamped education suite.

Along with his unabridged trove filled with his year’s worth of trading education.

It contains tips and tricks and with other valuable educational materials to help you become a successful trader and investor.

Some of the videos pertain to scanning the market, basic analysis, money management, support and resistance, and market management.

In the educational material, Jason goes in-depth with how he does his trading.

And why he chooses a particular stock.

Of course, he religiously tells his views to not just copy what he does.

But also instead to learn the trading methodology and apply it on their own trades.

  • The Basics of Swing Trading
  • Penny Stocks 101
  • How to Trade Like  a Pro
  • The House Always Wins
  • Day Trading Playbook
  • Coffee Club
  • Stock Trading Tools
Jason Bond Picks Complaints - Traders Educational Vault
Jason Bond’s Trader Education Vault

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Jason Bond’s Scanner: Jason’s Scanner 

This is the brand new service included in the package that enables you to actually use the same scanner that Bond utilizes in his trading picks.

It is the same scanner he uses to hunt down the stock pick that he will think will have a huge momentum potential.

Jason Bond Picks Complaints - Jason's Scanner
Jason Bond’s Jason’s Scanner

Jason Bond’s Daily Watchlist: Daily Watchlist

You will be notified about his market analysis every day.

And still, be connected with what is happening in the market.

Subscribing to Jason Bond Picks gets you his entire trading strategy for the day as well.

You can peek on his portfolio and know what trades he is looking at.

And above all else know the reasons why he chooses that trade.

 Jason Bond Picks Complaints – Daily Watchlist
Jason Bond’s Daily Watchlist

Jason Bond’s Advanced Notice Buy Alert

This service now sends alerts to the subscribers to the next level.

This feature will them an edge when it comes to the picks that Bond will choose.

It will allow them to hone in on a particular stock before he sends real-time alerts.

Ever since 2013, Jason Bond Picks switched to full-swing trading and let day trading go.

Of course, his strategies are focused on swing trading so it is understandable.

But before the service used to offer more resources for active day traders as well.

All in all, Jason Bond Picks educational value can still stand on its own.

It still has merits.

It still chocks full of useful information that covers the basics of swing trading.

And how you may be able to benefit from the service if you decide to follow his teachings.

Jason Bond Picks Complaints - Advanced Notice Buy Alert
Jason Bond’s Advanced Notice Buy Alert

But as I continued to dig deeper, I discovered some disconcerting facts about Jason Bond Picks.

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Now we can finally start unraveling the frayed façade of Jason Bond Picks and see if it is truly trustworthy.

And of course, let’s start with the biggest warning that will smack your head.

1. Jason Bond claimed that he was invited to talk for Business Harvard school.

Harvard, seriously can’t you yell any louder? 🤣

From the way, the audience just has that glazed eye look.

The lackluster response from the “Harvard Students”.

To the logo that is glaringly fake, this video is indeed an entertainment made of pure gold.

I don’t know how they thought they can get away and fool other people and dodge the bullet from this:

Well, I wasn’t convinced. So I next emailed and called Harvard University. I was referred to the Provost, a person named Alan Garber, Ph.D. Alan graduated from Harvard back in 1977. If anyone is officially invited to speak at Harvard, they must first receive permission from Dr. Garber, the Provost.

Unfortunately, the Provost of Harvard has never heard of any Jason Bond. Nor has Jason Bond ever received an official invitation to speak at Harvard. Ever.

Next, I was referred to Rick Calixto the Executive Director of the Harvard Trademark Program. Mr. Calixto oversees the office responsible for protecting and licensing Harvard’s trademarks throughout the world. When his office took a look at this promotional video…they didn’t seem very amused.

In a strange bit of delicious irony…please notice the “Veritas In Negotio” on the promo banner directly behind the head of Jason Bond. This is obviously a ‘knockoff’ of the real Harvard logo which contains only the word, “Veritas.”

What the Provost of Harvard found laughable and is that “Veritas In Negotio” translates from Latin to English as “The Truth Is Negotiable.” Whoever created the banner mistakenly believed that it translated to “Truth In Negotiation.” I guess they would call this a Freudian slip.

Jason Bond Picks Complaints - Real Harvard Logo
Real Harvard Logo
Jason Bond Picks Complaints -Logo of fake Harvard as depicted in Jason Bond Picks Complaints
Fake Harvard Logo

According to a post from tradingschools.org, there is someone who actually manages and promotes this fake Harvard marketing ploy.

So here is how this marketing gimmick actually works…

Once a year, this marketing character (he asked that I don’t use his real name) rents out a section of a restaurant located on the campus of Harvard University. Since he only has the room for a few hours, he quickly removes the dining tables and aligns the chairs together into what appears to be an official-looking presentation forum.

A video crew then quickly sets up lights and a portable stage. He then throws up the banner declaring, “The Truth is Negotiable.” And then fills the room with what I would describe as quacks, cranks, and charlatans. Basically, anyone looking for instant credibility and the perceived endorsement of Harvard University.

The character in charge of this fake Harvard endorsement call this “H-Bomb Marketing.” And according to him, gullible people swallow his nonsense without a second thought.”

And I wonder how these kinds of people have the ability to sleep soundly at night.

2. Tons and tons of complaints from previous subscribers. 

So this is of course the main event.

I’ve gathered posts about people who weren’t that happy about their experience with Jason Bond Picks.

And like what they say, experience is the biggest teacher in life.

John 8/8/2018

This is typical over selling and under delivering. Was a member for 2 years, and the education is OK, nothing you can’t find elsewhere. His picks and watchlist are for him to make money and no one else. If you buy his “Long Term” plays which should be HUGE winners, you will be loosing big time! Just look at ROX and LQMT. His Daily watchlist is a joke, he will get in and brag about the wins, never tell you when he gets out on losses…
Their customer service is the worst in the world, WORST. They all have an attitude when you email with any questions. If you do them a favor and do something nice for them, Such as report fakes on facebook, you don’t even get a thank you.
When you go to cancel, they don’t even try to retain their customer… What? This is just a poorly ran PUMP and DUMP!

So what is a Pump and Dump exactly you say? Well, here you go.

Pump and Dump Strategy as depicted in Jason Bond Picks Complaints
Meaning of Pump and Dump Strategy

Hmmm… doesn’t that sound a little bit familiar.

After an Advanced Notice Buy Alert is sent out, his legions of paying subscribers would then dash madly in.

And boost the price of the underlying penny stock with Jason Bond cashing in making a profit.

While it is a huge loss for the unaware masses.

Well, they did “tell” you that it is for educational purposes only.

And that you shouldn’t follow it.


Terms and Service of Jason Bond Picks as depicted in Jason Bond Picks Complaints
You have been warned

Orlando 10/7/2018

Yes everything mentioned above is true. I am still currently a member of Jeff Bishops Weekly Money Multiplier since I can’t cancel, I tried the same day to cancel when I purchased because the video and sales pitch was nothing like the real trading service and they said no refund even thought I made no trades. It is the worst trading service I have ever purchased. I still have 6 months left on my service and am afraid to make any trades when he sends an email alert because most have failed miserably. Many times he will email and SMS alert you and you make the trade 5 minutes later at same price he did. Hours or days later(Who knows when) he will close the trade out because now it does not show up on his live account, but an email or SMS notification will never come reminding you he closed it out. He also LOVES to highlight his wins and say something like ” I made 7500 on that trade” as if anyone in their right mind will put that kind of money into one trade when most of the trades go against you.
All in all I have made 25 option trades with Weekly Money Multiplier and have lost on most. Like I said I am afraid to trade his picks and do so with only a small amount to try and recoup what I have lost. And the 1499 price tag is definitely not worth it.

Thankfully this person isn’t that unwitting after all.

But as you can see, Jason Bond Picks doesn’t believe in refunds.

Charlie Truth 1 year ago

These two deserve each other before anybody invests a dime with these two low life’s Jeff Bishop & Jason Bond go immediately to the Better Business Bureau WEBSITE n research people both of these JERKS they have multiple complaints against them personally & their companies!!! I’m going to make it my PERSONAL MISSION to sound the alarm on these FRAUDSTERS Bond robbed $3,000.00 dollars from me I will spend that and much much more to do negative advertisements ROT N HELL J.BOND !!!

Vlad 10/3/2018

Don’t sign up it’s 100% pump and dump scam. been a member for two years. lost $$$$$

Terry 11/29/2019

BEWARE people – I’m seeing a very clear SELL signal for Jason Bond services and do not plan to renew! I signed up for Jason Bond Picks swing trading service end of Oct 2019 and then (after a huge amount of sales pressure with Daymond John special offer price expiring today etc etc) the Weekly Windfalls options trading service in early Nov 2019. To the tune of $1800 paid out in the last month.

I was initially impressed with the volume of overview and training materials on the JB website, as well as the fact that Jason seemed to be relatively open with communicating his watchlists and plans via email and text, and showing his much-vaunted intra-day portfolio/open positions (although I figured out pretty quickly he was manipulating things with a skewed and limited view of his overall P&L).

What I have seen over the last month of my subscription to both services is that:
1) Wins vs losses – so far Jason seems to lose a lot more than he wins – I estimate he lost about $150,000 in Nov. in Weekly Windfalls alone, particularly toward the end of the month. As I became more suspicious of his claims of profits, I started taking screen shots of his intra-day portfolio so I could actually have a record of his P&L to compare against what he admits to.
2) Communications – When Jason is doing well, he sends out a bunch of emails trumpeting how well he is doing and how easy it is. When he is losing, you hear almost nothing about the truth of his losses and instead, the volume of marketing email goes up enormously.It has been so obvious over the last 2 weeks of November as JB was losing money, there were fewer and fewer real trading communications and an ever-increasing amount of pushy upsell and cross-sell emails.
3) Sales & Marketing – this is what has sealed it for me in terms of negative perception, and why I will not renew any of my services. The volume of high pressure sales & marketing email keeps going up as actual trade-related comms go down – they seem to be inversely related! The obvious conclusion is that if this guy’s strategies are so great (or even moderately good), why does he spend so much time marketing when he could make profits trading?

As others have observed, I think Jason Bond (and possibly other Raging Bull leads who I don’t have direct experience with) is making most of his money from selling subscriptions and not from trading. I only have a limited sample size of one month, but from what I have seen as an active member of both Jason Bond Picks and Weekly Windfalls for the last month Jason lost a LOT more money than he made. And as he was losing on the trading side, the sales and marketing pressure on amazing subscription deals just kept going up. It has left me with a definite taste in my mouth of “fake” and perhaps even outright “scam”, and there is no way I will be giving either Jason Bond or Raging Bull any more of my hard-earned dollars.

There are still hundreds of complaints out there but let’s move as I still have a few to discuss.

3. Does not have a refund policy and you need to remember to email them to remove from the auto-renew system.

Jason Bond Refund Policy as depicted in Jason Bond Picks Complaints
Jason Bond Picks just doesn’t believe in refunds

Essentially what it means is that if you forgot to tell them you want out, you can for sure kiss your money goodbye.

4. Does not offer a monthly program and is extremely pricey.

Need I remind of you the yearly pricing of Jason Bond Picks?

Jason Bond Picks pricing as depicted in Jason Bond Picks Complaints
Two options can choose in Jason Bond Picks

So, it’s either you go big or you go home.

There’s no in-between for Jason Bond Picks.


Obviously this was a lot to digest.

From being one of the most respected and renowned trading gurus.

To being uncovered to stepping as low as claiming and filming as if he was invited by Harvard to boost his media appeal is a literal scum move.

Thankfully, we still have brain cells left to distinguish which is legit and which is not.

It’s no lie that Jason Bond is a famous and rich swing trader but it is clearly at the cost of his subscribers.

Trading penny stocks is definitely not a get rich quick scheme and it involves a solid foundation in swing tradings.

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The way I see it, just steer clear of it as most companies that deal with penny stocks have shady backgrounds.

The educational content that he offers can still be considered as a good stepping stone for learning swing tradings.

But as what you’ve read in the previous complaints, there’s really nothing that you can’t find elsewhere.

Their marketing scheme is effective and intensive as he is blasted in videos on YouTube and social media every day.

The truly horrendous thing is seeing people’s comments about losing their money on a person they truly believed.

Unfortunately, Jason Bond is only interested in lining his pockets.

Another so-called trading guru by the name of Andrew Keene is also lining his pockets by scamming traders with his “S.C.A.N.” system.

Do not be fooled and read our The 1450 Club Review!

Jason Bond Picks Alternative

Now that you read our Jason Bond Picks Complaints article, step away from placing your trust in this service.

A service that reeks so much of scam a mile away.

Something that treats you as someone, not just anyone.

A service that delivers integrity and credibility.

And that is none other than Successful Tradings.

Succesful Tradings

We have always worked closely with our traders in a way that each and everyone is connected.

We share in their happiness with their winnings as well as vice versa.

To us, our traders are a part of the gang.

And we would like to impart to you our knowledge and expertise in trading.

So that you can also achieve a life of financial stability.

Join us and be one of the winners!

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Jason Bond Picks Complaints - Join Successful Tradings To Take your Trading To The NExt Level

Jason Bond Picks Complaints | Is it Legit? Or a Legit Scam?


Data Accuracy


Ease of Use







  • The products and services are a good stepping stone to learn swing trading


  • Deceitful
  • Numerous complaints from previous subscribers
  • No Refund Policy
  • No monthly program and is pricey

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