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In these tumultuous times in the market, we aimed to bring you a Daily Market Recap to help you better navigate these treacherous markets.

Here is our intend and What we hope to achieve.

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Why Now ?

For those familiar with this blog, you may have noticed a slowdown in publication over the last three weeks.

While it is true that we have been abroad, we did not stop learning from the markets.

The Lessons learned are being shared on our YouTube Channel and our interaction with you the readers and viewers is growing.

Thank you for that.

Since February 24, 2020 the markets have taken a nose dive from the not so far ago all Time Highs.

At the time of this writing, the major market index SPY is down roughly 100 points basis.

This represents about 30% decline.

What’s the Big Deal ?

Well for non traders, it might just be an after thought at first.

However, may I bring to your attention to the fact that many people rely on these very markets performance for their retirement.

Have you checked your retirement account lately ?

I know I have not.

For fear, it will impact my day to day mindset and my ability to act rationally during this COVID-19 Corona virus pandemic as decreed by the World Health Organization.

They say it takes three weeks for a habit to develop so our markets have settled into this Spiral of unconventional trading.

We have decided to bring your out observations on these movements to help you make money of course.

But also we hope to bring some of the lighter sides of our humanity in these trying times.

We hope to achieve this by sharing a market analysis, trends, images and quotes that moved us during the trading day.

Daily Market Recap: March 16, 2020

The first day of this week provided yet another set of unprecedented events.

Trading Patterns are becoming clearer for some of us or at least that is what our mind wants us to be comfortable with.

We have captured most of our observations this the video below.

Daily Market Recap: March 18, 2020

We had another Circuit break halt today during the Live trading.

This has become the new norm now in these Bear market.

A Little hope came late from a company that can save the world from the pandemic and maybe from recession.

Find out the details in the video below.

Daily and Weekly Market Recap: March 20, 2020

We went through December 2018 Lows at the close on Friday March 20.

What is store for the  week to come ?

Find out in this weekly market Summary.

Daily Market Recap: March 23, 2020

Federal reserve announced Unlimited Quantitative Easing in Pre-market.

Was is Enough for a much awaited rebound in Global Markets ?

Daily Market Recap: March 24, 2020

Technical indicators are pointing towards bullish bias while prices continue to trade well below major moving averages.

Is it there a Light at the End of the Tunnel ?

Daily Market Recap: March 25, 2020

Several Stocks are on the up Swing lately namely RCL, XOM, SQ , WYNN or BA.
If like many traders, you are wondering whether Swing Trading Is a Profitable Strategy at this time, this video is for you.

Daily Market Recap: March 26, 2020

The market has been posting higher prices each day this week.

That got us into bringing out Fibonacci Retracement tool from TradingView.

Weekly Market Recap: March 29, 2020

We review the actions in the stock market this past week.

Plus, We share the definition of market halt as we have witnessed several in the month of March 2020.

Is that a thing of the Past with Sunday Futures not following suit to the last couple of  weeks ?

Weekly Market Recap: April 3, 2020

The rally may have stalled for now.

Looking to revisit the previously discovered bottom next week ?

Weekly Market Recap: April 7, 2020

Stock Market could not sustain the rally from Monday that led to huge back-to-back gaps.

The market gave back the overnight night on Tuesday April 7, 2020 thus bringing major indexes near or below their major moving averages.

What in store for the market for the next 2 remaining days in this shortened Holy Week ?

Daily Market Recap: April 9, 2020

We saw the two faces of the market today.

First a gap and go bullish run followed by a bearish retreat.

In the end, we won on both sides by being nimble enough in this very volatile season.

Daily Market Recap: April 13, 2020

The Day was market by the awesome by Netflix and Amazon.

Both are trading within range of their All time Highs !

NFLX provided a 10-bagger to the bullish traders.

Daily Market Recap: April 14, 2020

Markets gaped up overnight from after hours on Monday.

Major indexes were led by the techs : AAPL, MSFT, AMZN and Netflix all contributed to the the bull run.

QQQ closed at 61.8% Fibonacci retracement from the Lows of March 23.

Meanwhile, IWM lags with only 38.2 Fibonacci Retracement so far.

Good idea to Consider IWM May 140 Calls ?

Daily Market Recap: April 16, 2020

Tough session today April 16 in the markets.

Lots of change of direction in a tied range.

NFLX closed at all time High after an historical run.

Then the news of Remdesivir results by Gilead in Chicago came out.

QQQ, SPY and IWM all jumped after hours Did Gilead Remdesivir just provided the Hope the Markets were looking for ?

Daily Market Recap: April 17, 2020

Just one day after aggressive Dark Pool prints on Boeing (BA) and Citibank (C) stocks, huge profits on options were recorded.

Daily Market Recap: April 19, 2020

The Day was marked by the awesome run by Netflix and Amazon.

In this video, we gently introduced our Inside Bar Methodology.

Over the last week, the Fwd_3_1 setup yielded the following bullish results as the market was gaining.

Last week Fwd_3_1  Indicator Big Winners:

  1. BA Fwd_31 on 4/13 : from 147 to 153 in 4 days : 15% from Low to High
  2. ADBE Fwd_3_1 on 4/13: from 320.65 to 342 in 1 day : 6% gain
  3. GILD Fwd_3_1 :on 4/13 : from 75 to 85 in 4 days: 15% gain
  4. MOMO fwd_3_1 on 4/13 from 21.98 to 24.69 in 4 days: 10% gain
  5. DAL Fwd_3_1 on 4/13 from 23.25 25.5 in 4 days: 12% gain

Successful Tradings Daily Market Recap – April 21 2020

Markets sharply gaped down today at open and carried out the bearish momentum throughout the session.

Best day trades opportunities were with: AMD, NVDA, BA all featured on our Sunday Night Inside Bar Preview Watch list.


Daily Market Recap – April 26 2020

We review the current Market stand as we prepare to close the month of April 2020.

A slew of Earnings this week with AMD, AAPL, BA, CAT, GOOG, MSFT just to name a few.

Great setup from our Fwd_3_1 Trigers on some cloud stocks: BOX, COUP, CRM and WDAY.

Daily Market Recap – April 27 2020

After two full weeks of sideways action, IWM was finally able to cross the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement.

Daily Market Recap – April 29 2020

Markets gaped up globally on Gilead Remdesivir promising news comment by Dr Fauci.
GDP number was then overlooked setting stage for rally across the board.

Daily Market Recap – May 1 2020

We closed the month of April and started the month of May 2020 with some big scores.

Here is a complimentary view of what transpired This Week In the Stock Market.

Daily Market Recap – May 5 2020

Wild close on Cinco de Mayo brought in nice win on Ba Puts Options.

We explain the details of the this setup in the video below.


Weekly Market Recap ||5 10 2020 || AMD, SQ, NFLX,CAT, TGT, MRK, WDC, BYND and TWLO

Daily Market Recap || May 11 2020 || AMD Remembered How To Run

Daily Market Summary || 6.10.2020 || Are We In A Recession ? Not According to NASDAQ above 10000 !!

Daily Market Recap || 6.11.2020|| PUTS PAY MORE As They did Over 1000% Today

Do Puts Pay more than Calls ?

Well, according to one of our successful traders in our Discord Channel, that might just be true.

After all, when the market sells off, it usually falls down faster than when it is going up.

Check out today’s market review and decide for yourself.

Daily Market Recap || 6.16. 2020|| Puts Scalping Tuesday (IQ, JD, BIDU)

With our Discord Room growing popularity, we are having Fun trading each day and trying to recognize patterns.

From that came the phrase “Puts Scalping Tuesdays” in reference to how the market has been gaping up recently on Tuesdays and selling off throughout the day.

Daily Market Recap |6.24.2020| SPY Overnight 10 Bagger Profit

In today’s US Stock Market Overview, we present an opportunity that yielded massive gains trading SPY Options.

Daily Market Recap ||July 6 2020 || (TSLA Valuation Jumped $14 Billion In One Day !!)

In today’s US Stock Market Overview, we take a look at TSLA sudden increase of $14Billion increase in valuation.
in just one Day.

Daily Market Recap | 7.20.20| (Power E*Trade TradeLab Review)

We are showcasing a recent Review of Power E*Trade TradeLab feature which enables Options Traders to Simulate the Profit Curve of their trades before executing them.

Pretty Awesome if you Ask me.

Daily Market |You Can’t Go Broke Taking [400%] Profits ||  (7.22.2020)

Daily Market Recap |7.24.2020 | AMD vs. Intel Stock Review || The Day AMD Surpassed INTC

Daily Market recap | 7.26.2020| Your Results Are Good But You Do Not Have any Followers

After publishing our Subscription Trade alerts, we have to face the scrutiny about our Service Average Win Loss rate.

Here it is revealed inside this video.

Daily Market Recap |8.5.2020|Shocking Revelations || Yes, I do Trade My Option Alerts 


Daily Market Recap |8.6.2020| 5200% Rise in FB Calls Creates New 10-Bagger Club Members 

Several of our traders in the Discord room record big wins today of over 1000% profits and thus were inducted into our 10-bagger Club.

Check out how it happened.

Daily Market Recap |8.7.2020|Lawyer Broke Into 10-Bagger CLub || Confessions Of A Day Trading Gangster [Part 1]

Mr B. one of our regular traders in the Discord room level our newly introduced Gang$ta Option Day Trading Strategy to score his maiden 10-bagger.

Witness his redaction and his goal going forward in this inside edition.

Daily Market Recap (8.11.2020) ||How To Use The Bollinger Bands Of the Option Chart For Exit 

We bring you this easy tutorial to help answer the question: When should I ext my trade ?

A technical indicator called Bollinger Bands is introduced that enables traders to maximize their profits.

Daily Market Recap (8.13.2020|| Gang$Ta Option Day Trading Strategy Paid 500% In 3 Hours 

We share how we made over 400% Gains on Gang$Ta Option Day Trading Strategy on Thursday August 13 2020.

We entered WDAY Calls in pre-market on identified Gap Up and Within 3 hours, those weekly 187.5 Calls went from 20 cents entry to over $1.2.

Learn more how the Gang$ta Option Day Trading Strategy Can Help you Take your Trading To The Next Level

DAILY MARKET RECAP ||AUGUST 19, 2020 || Trading How To : Make 300% Profits in 30 Mins

In this episode of Trading How to, we provide an example of how to trade in stock market in both directions.

Our day trade on RCL (We gave this trade on our Live YouTube Pre-Market Analysis) first on calls made us a profits of 300% in 30 minutes.

Then we traded the reversal with Puts that yielded about 100%.


We hope you are finding value in these series on Daily Market Recap.

Please leave us your thoughts and opinions in the comments section so that we can continue to cater this content to your liking.

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