Is Tim Sykes Legit?

Tim Sykes is the guy who famously turned his $12,415 Bar Mitzvah money into $1,650,000 in only three years.

In today’s review, we are doubling down with Tim Sykes, go over the pros and cons, and answer the notorious question: Is Tim Sykes Legit?

If you go over to his Twitter or Instagram, the guy is clearly selling the laptop life with him trading and travelling to exotic destinations and even trading while kayaking.

Trading while kayaking, you say? Yes. Mind-blowingly laughable. But for now, we will give him the benefit of the doubt.

So, Is Tim Sykes Legit? Find out the answer in this review now!

Is Tim Sykes Legit: What Is ? is a website that acts as a social media for traders and investors, where they upload brokerage statements directly into

Think of it as your social media platform where the dominant feature is networking with other traders and investors, and comparing your profits or losses.

With this software, you can connect your brokerage to track your trading performance and then use the tools within the site to analyze your trades.

There is also a leaderboard where you can check the biggest earners within and look at what they are trading and their current standing.

Nathan Michaud’s Investors Underground originally started in as InvestorsLive but parted ways in 2015 citing differences in philosophy.

Is Tim Sykes Legit? -

Basically, is a social trading platform where you can socialize with traders, learn through the videos, and verify your trades while you are at it.

Is Tim Sykes Legit?: Who Is The Owner Of

Timothy “Tim” Sykes is the founder of along with other educational products offered through the website.

As mentioned above, Tim Sykes is famous for turning his $12, 415 Bar Mitzvah money into $1.65M trading penny stocks while he was attending university.

He is a graduate of Tulane University with a degree in Philosophy, and while still at school established Cilantro Fund Management in 2003.

This was a short bias hedge fund that closed amidst heavy losses. After shutting down his first company, he then set out to recreate his initial claim to fame in 2008 to which he made $140,000.

In 2011, he co-founded, aiming to “create public track records for gurus, newsletters writers, and students every one to learn from both the wins and losses of other traders to benefit the entire industry.”

Aside from trading and selling courses, Sykes is also an active philanthropist, establishing Timothy Sykes Foundation and co-founding Karmagawa.

Sykes is also the owner of and Investimonials, a website where you can review financial services, videos, books and financial brokers.

Is Tim Sykes Legit? - Tim Sykes Kayaking While Claiming To Trade At The Same Time
Tim Sykes Kayaking While Claiming To Trade At The Same Time Features


This feature lets you connect with other traders and exchange ideas about fresh ideas and penny stocks that they are trading.

It also contains Tim Sykes streams that show his daily watch lists and alerts you every time he trades. In these streams, he will also explain why he went for a particular stock.

This feature is beneficial if you want to keep tabs of what Sykes is trading and simply to socialize with other traders.

Remember that these traders are momentum traders who trade only trade penny stocks.

Is Tim Sykes Legit? - Chatroom Chatroom

My Trades

This feature lets you automatically upload information from your brokerage to by connecting your brokerage account.

Or you can manually input your trading data by clicking on Post an Open Trade or Post a Closed Trade.

Here you input the ticker symbol, entry date, exit date, entry price, exit price, position size, type (long or short) and other pertinent information relating to the trade.

This feature is helpful if you want to keep track of profits and losses for each of your trade.

Is Tim Sykes Legit? - My Trades My Trades
Is Tim Sykes Legit? - Manually Posting A Trade In
Manually Posting A Trade In


This feature will run analytics based on the trading data you submitted in My Trades. It shows the results of your trading activity based on All Trades, Long Trades, and Short Trades.

This feature is handy if you want to look into the nitty gritty of how you trade and reflect and think of ways on how to improve as it shows you your Gross Loss, Average Losing Trade and Largest Losing Trade.

Simply, it shows other important statistics that you can consider welling improve your trading.

Is Tim Sykes Legit? - Statistics Statistics


This feature helps you look at other traders and how they are doing with their trading.

It is possible that you can use this feature to look at actionable ideas that you can trade on your own account.

Is Tim Sykes Legit? - Leaderboard Leaderboard

The Bad

Tim Sykes Does Not Provide Any Verified Data

Sykes “provided” data for his profits and tax documents in this post, but they can doctor these documents.

Dan Solin, a New York Times best-selling author of the Smartest series of books, asked Sykes to provide brokerage statements and related documents to validate Sykes’ claims.

To which Tim declined. Website Is Easily Gamed

In, they conducted a test on how easily someone can say they make millions trading on or the reverse.

They wanted to be the “worst-performing trader on” and for this, they programmed their own trading system to optimize it to buy at the high and sell at the low.

Below are the details of the experiment.

Step 1, create a trading system and then optimize it to buy at the high and sell at the low. And that every single trade was fully leveraged to lose at least $1,000,000. Since I am a pretty good programmer, this took me about 5 minutes. Next, I exported all trades out of my trading systematic trading platform and into a .csv file. Step 2, create an account at and select the broker, I selected a Forex Broker. Enter credentials and upload a properly formatted .csv file into the system. The file has to be correctly formatted to be accepted into Once the file is uploaded into the system, it’s time to admire the handiwork and fully embrace me as the worst trader on
Is Tim Sykes Legit? -  Gaming

Another reader emailed them, confirming how easy it is to manipulate the data uploaded in

It was so simple that all you need to do was create a demo account from the connected brokers in and buy a number of shares for the first account and sell the same number of shares from the second account.

The resulting net effect will show one of account will profit and upload the demo account with the winning trade.

Young Jeezy then explained to me how he created his millionaire trader persona, complete with fake trades showing massive profits…all he did was create demo accounts with the intention of uploading fake trades into How? Create TWO demo accounts at any of the 30+ brokers listed on Once the dual accounts were created, next you buy 10,000 shares of a popular stock in demo account A, and then sell 10,000 shares in demo account B. The net effect is that one of the two accounts will always show a winner. Every day, simply upload into only the results from the demo account with the winning trade. After a short period of time, you can now show a equity curve that looks fantastic. Everyone once in a while, he explained that he would pepper in a losing trade to make it look believable.

After he created the “verified” track record, he then created several websites touting his success. He also created several YouTube video testimonials. Young Jeezy refused to give me the web addresses and video testimonials, but he did send me a long list of websites of others pulling the same hustle, and others that had also created fake video testimonials.

Tim Sykes vs EquityFeed (Scanz)

In 2013, Sykes signed an agreement with EquityFeed (Scanz) to use certain Scanz Assets and Scanz Trade Secrets, to offer clients with a desktop market analysis platform.

Scanz was supposed to get 70% of the revenues with 30% going to Sykes, but ended the agreement in April 2015.

The catch here is that, according to Scanz, Sykes still uses Scanz Trade Secrets, they claimed that the Sykes platform contains virtually identical functionality with Scanz.

Scanz are suing Sykes for $10M in damages plus attorney fees.

Scaling Constraints

According to this article, Timothy Sykes strategy is not scalable. Meaning that it is not profitable in the long run and you simply can’t make billions or even millions.

The following chart, a test of return persistence, shows the trend in net return by trade over time. Results indicate persistence over the sample period in average net return per trade, though perhaps some growth in return volatility. The average net return for February 2008 through January 2009 (February 2009 through January 2010) is 3.8% (8.2%).

Is Tim Sykes Legit? - Tim Sykes Trade Return Over Time
Tim Sykes Trade Return Over Time

As noted above, there appears to be a scaling constraint within the set of trades. The following scatter plot relates trade return to trade size in dollars for the 295 trades evaluated, indicating a tendency for large trades to be less profitable than small trades.

Another type of scalability constraint on subscribers is a potentially severe limitation on the availability of shares to borrow for shorting. For example, in a 1/23/10 email, Timothy Sykes reported that: “…the vast majority of shares are taken or not available to short true pump-and-dumps so the opening of my pre-market watch list is key to succeeding with my bread and butter strategy of shorting blatant pumps…see my short of MDCE recently were only a few dozen of my subscribers found shares to short since they didn’t reserve them early as I did…gift and curse of my strategy aka this limited scalability…” In other words, only the most attentive and nimble few percent of about 1,500 subscribers were able to tag along on the short trade. For this reason, Timothy Sykes advocates that subscribers learn to apply the methodology themselves so that they can identify pump-and-dump opportunities for private exploitation rather than tagging along on his trades. In his own words: “I hate those ‘gurus’ who just want people to copy their picks.”

In summary, evidence from simple tests on available data supports a belief that Timothy Sykes can identify pump-and-dump patterns in real-time with economically meaningful consistency, but scalability is constrained such that his subscribers may not be able to mimic his trades reliably. Niche constraints may preclude exploitation by large traders, a large group of small traders, and funds.

CXO Advisory Group

Tim Sykes vs Covestor/Interactive Advisors

Sykes previously was the number one trade in Covestor or otherwise known as Interactive Advisors.

But Martin Eriksson, the Chief Product Officer of Interactive Advisors, then released this statement.

Tim Sykes is no longer managing an investment model on the Covestor platform. Due to the nature of Tim’s strategy, we were not able to effectively replicate his trades for our clients. We are committed to providing our clients with the best experience possible and are constantly striving to enhance the marketplace, so had to part ways with Tim.

Covestor/Interactive Advisor

What People Say About Tim Sykes

Better Business Bureau


Billing for Items not purchased and no response for refund request. On 7/20/2020 I purchased the SuperNova 7.00 checklist and What I believed was a one-time payment of 29.99 dollars for the Traders Checklist. When I received a bill for the additional 29.99 on 8/30 I immediately sent an email to the Tim Sykes contact page stating I had no further interest in Tim Sykes material and requested a refund and the cancelation of any additional billing. Today 10/01/20 I was billed for a 3rd time at 29.99. I have never viewed or used any of this material and would like a full refund of 89.97.

Desired Outcome

Full Refund of my 89.97


Refund I have requested a refund from them the same day for a service I purchased. And the sales rep said he will cancel my subscription and hung up. His name is ***** and his email is ****** I had a conversation with him over the phone to request a refund and he hung up on me.

Desired Outcome

I’m seeking a refund of $399 and a cancellation of all renewable subscriptions.


I had requested a refund pursuant to a 14 day return policy and have received no response back despite several messages to their support staff. This is fora subscription to their Millionaire Master Program. Product_Or_Service: Millionaire Master Program Order_Number: XXXXXX

Desired Outcome

Refund Per the 14 day guarantee I expect a full refund


Charged my card 2 x times and no educational information provided even once and contact number just to leave a message and did not return call at all I need to be refunded total of 406 dollars Thank you

Desired Outcome

Refund Refund for double charges and no service provided for double Charges


******* ***** “supernova alerts” Scam. Alerts never received until well after the spiked. If received at all. I purchased ******* ***** 3 months subscription to Supernova Alerts for $399.00 on April 25th 2020. The product /service that was promised was not received. Your suppose to receive 3 to 5 “supernova” stock alerts per month. By the time I received these alerts, the stock price was already spiked, and I would be entering way to late in the game and would end up losing money. Thats if I received the alerts, twice they went to my email and not my phone. Regardless, the alerts come in was to late to actually make any money. They training provided is unfocused. I would like a refund, for $399 it is a waste of money and a scam. I called them asking for a refund and they refused.

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund of my $399.00 paid.


they charged 197 USD for enrollment. I decided to cancel the enrollment and ask for a refund. They don’t respond to the request.

Desired Outcome

refund of the enrollment fee since I am not using their service.


Brody Cyr Babin July 28

All I have to say is be very careful. I paid for the VIP access to get an interview, got accepted into the challenge and then the guy gave me the price to get in. 6000$ USD non refundable. Nothing from the website is refundable so keep that in mind before you do anything.

So all was good until we spoke some more and once I told him I cant afford to give up 6000$ USD (8050$ CAD) he started asking me what amount of money I have in my accounts.

So I gave him a rough estimate and I became very hesitant because nothing felt right at all at this point in the interview. He started to really push me to give up my money by saying “you’re broke dude, face it. You’re broke!” And “your money is getting moldy sitting in an account because you’re not doing anything with it.” although he had a point about my money sitting in an account, I had just finished telling him I have no debts or anything unlike 47% of the Canadian population so I’m not actually broke, he was trying to convince me I am.

That being said I felt very pressured and bullied a little bit and red flags started to pop up in my mind so I backed out of the challenge, He proceeded to call me 4 times and leave 3 emails apologizing and then immediately asking if I sent the payment or not and if I’m still interested.

I gave him a piece of my mind in one email and that’s that. Now I’m here warning everyone that they prey upon those who don’t know much about this business, they will pressure you and make you feel like this is the dream and you’re so close to achieving it!

They do not guarantee success with the methods they teach, the webinars have inconsistent schedules, they do not provide one on one training, Tim’s content can be found online for free, They teach you methods that are not hard to learn, they’ll come after you if you teach anyone anything from the challenge, nothing is refundable, if you’re Canadian you have to adapt to the American market. I can keep going…

In my opinion, your money is way better off in your own hands, learn, study, push yourself, and especially learn from mistakes. They teach you all of this but in the end, you still have to make your own path, so why not take that money and just cut the middle man out instead of giving it to people who may or may not help you in the end, help yourself! There are way better options and more reliable people out there who will charge a fraction of the price.

Daniel Lee September 30, 2019

Here is just my honest answer as one of his students. I posted this on another question but i’ll just copy and paste it here:

I had some money saved up back in ’17 and wanted to grow it. Fast. So, what did I do? GOOGLE

I bought Tony Robbins book “Money” and began watching videos of how to invest. This is how I stumbled across Timothy Sykes.

He has a few legitimate interviews on CNN, Fox News, Steve Harvey show and this is what piqued my interest. These are decently reputable places, so for them to protect their reputation they would have had to have their own screening process.

Once I was convinced that this guy actually knew some things I began watching as many free youtube videos as I could. This led me to Tim Grittani, Arick Russell, Investors Underground, Mark Croock, Michael Goode, and a few others.

Once I was convinced Sykes wasn’t promoting some nonsense BS pump and dump I bought into his Silver Subscription. A year later I bought his Millionaire Challenge.

For the first year I watched as many of his video lessons as I could and opened up an Etrade and Interactive Brokers account. As per his instructions, I took super small size since I sincerely wanted to learn how to do this.

For the first 8 months I was pretty much break even.

And then Bitcoin happened

All these small cap bitcoin connected stocks began spiking like crazy on huge volume and then I started to really make money.

This was when my ego grew into a monstrous demon and I started to think I was THE SHIT.

So what did I do?

I began going much bigger size. Where before I was trading around 100 shares per position, I started taking positions that were 1000 – 2000 shares.

And then $XNET happened.

I shorted this fucking stock thinking it was the perfect pattern and guess what happened?

I got fucking SQUEEZED and lost (+$8,000) in ONE trade

I was fucking devastated. Super depressed, and super doubtful of myself and my future.

So what did I do?

I went back to small size and just continued watching video lessons and continued grinding. (I had no other choice as there were no other real prospects for me)

Fast forward 2 years later and I’m still trading. I made back my $8K, plus wayy more.

So, what are my strategies?

Dip buying multi-day running OTC stocks off of a huge panic

Buying multi-day B/Os, on huge volume (preferably low float)

Shorting Over Extended stocks on the first red day

I stick to only these because I’ve learned along the way that trading is 90% psychology, and it’s your monkey mind that’ll make you lose money

This is why you HAVE to make that monkey your BITCH and become motherfucking RUTHLESS with it.

So back to the question is Sykes legit?

He’s a stepping stone, a gatekeeper. He’ll get you into the world of trading and show you the basics, but I would attribute a partial % of any type of success to him.

BUT, I know for a fact that if he hadn’t made that much noise with his often obnoxious antics (Lambos, borderline bipolar personality) I would’ve never gotten into the world of daytrading.

So MUCH thanks to him!

Anonymous October 4, 2017

He’s 100% a scam artist.

He sells a story, “Turned ~$10,000 into Millions”, but he didn’t.

His hedge fund failed.

The failed hedge fund manager tries again on the Internet

His “students” claim to make 500%-1000% a year. With those returns, you’d become the richest person in the world after ~7 years.

Sykes is a marketer, not a trader.

Also, when asked for actual results, he says that he has audits from a firm in Connecticut. I called the firm and they claimed that they NEVER AUDITED him, rather he just paid them to put together a compilation. This means that he provided them with numbers and they DO NOT ATTEST TO ANY ACCURACY.

Sykes runs a ~$20MM / year scam. He pays fake people and affiliates to write reviews.

He can get international people to leave a review for ~$1. So he’ll spend a small amount of money and it’ll just drown out the negative reviews.

Then he’ll charge ~$6,000 for his course and pay affiliates ~50%. So the affiliates create videos and write bogus reviews.

He also uses as a sales funnel for his scam.

Any bad reviews are deleted and he pushes his own products and those from other scammers like Warrior Trading and Cameron Fous because they pay him.

Sykes is a good marketer and he crafts an image, but the huge difference is intent.

He builds a school with Pencils of Promise to make himself feel better for scamming innocents.

He’s using his “students” money to build schools and fund a lavish lifestyle.

He should be in jail.

He doesn’t even trade – he uses a program to backtrade and posts fake trades – notice how he will NEVER log into a LEGITIMATE broker (Fidelity, Interactive Brokers, E*Trade) live and show all his trade history.

The funny part is that we’re talking about Sykes, we’re NOT talking about his students. So not only is this guy a scam artist who should be in jail but….NONE of his students make money.

They are the real losers.

Dante Alexander Kohrs August 13, 2016

I have read through these answers and mostly everyone who has answered hasn’t seemed to have actually bought any of his products. (User-13733334700998315195’s answer is the most accurate)

I bought his How to Make Millions DVD a few months ago and I can tell you that he isn’t a scam. He teaches real techniques and using what I’ve learned I’m up more than $100 over the last 2 days in a paper trading account (I started with $1000 with a $10 commission each trade). The reason I am paper trading is just until I get my account set up and feel that I am ready.

The people who think he flaunts his wealth arrogantly as a reason to say that he is a scam are flat out wrong. He says he does it to inspire people – regardless what does it matter? Check out what he teaches and judge if you want to learn from him based on that, not on his Instagram account.

For the stats: he has made about $4.47 million trading stocks, and I think I read somewhere that he makes $15 million from his blog. He has even said that he is like a ‘retired’ trader who only comes out of retirement for the really good setups. He is primarily focused on teaching. He also says that he isn’t right all the time but that it’s about cutting losses quickly and going into a trade with the right mindset.

It’s quite frustrating to see all these people who do two minutes of research on the guy and suddenly think that they’re experts. I mean come on are you serious?? If you have doubts check out his YouTube channel where he has over 635 free videos!

I read an answer that said he only has 2 millionaire students and that your odds are 1 in 1000, however he has several students up 6 figures. At the end of the day, it’s up to the amount of work you are willing to do and how committed you are.

All the best 🙂

Erik Conley July 24, 2014

Here is what one customer of Sykes had to say on the Ripoff Report:

“I have been following timothy sykes for awhile and came to a complete conclusion about him and his “legacy pennystock trader”.

No you will not get rich from buying his OVER PRICED DVD’s or “Milliondollar student challenge” COST 55000 (Interview by Phone)

Yes Timothy Sykes is a real person that, MAKES 90% of his money on PROMOTION.

Yes Timothy Sykes is a promoter and a affliate, He makes more off of you and his affilates (sure trader).

Yes Timothy Sykes has a track record for gains but also many losses “which is apart of the game.”

No Timothy Sykes method is not original at all, you can find better ways of investing, HE IS SELLING YOU THE IDEA OF GETTING RICH AND HE KNOWS SUCKERS WILL FOLLOW AND “BUY INTO HIS “EDUCATION PURPOSE ONLY DVD/METHODS.”

No Timothy Sykes is not a scam artist, Just taking advantage of the lesser and selling his product NOT KNOWLEDGE.

Please understand all of this before buying anything from him, I have personally watched everyone of his dvds, he is a real person that speaks his mind, great personality.”

Hope this helps to balance out the tremendous hype that surrounds this guy and his service.}

Ritesh Singh July 23, 2014

Originally Answered: Timothy Sykes really has a technique that works or only earns by selling subscriptions?

Look him up on Wikipedia…his initial claim to fame was shorting penny stocks that he noticed had unusual volume being traded, implying there were a pump and dump in progress that was guaranteed to go down.

If you put together the marketplace participants, Sykes’s method is to essentially try to become one of the insiders. Every short he covers is money from people without much experience trading that just follows penny stock blogs. How he justifies this to himself is perhaps visible in his Wiki entry where it is made clear that his first year managing some “real” money is fund lost 36% in a period of time where the overall markets were up 26%.

Save your money and just join StockTwits and start following people who seem to have the knowledge you want. Read as much as you can but don’t trust anything fully.}

Rustam Nafikov October 10, 2015

Not a scam master but very smart guy who makes money from naive people. Go ahead, join his chatroom, pay $50-80, as soon as he announces that he bought/sell stocks do the same, and you will LOSE your money. He makes money because of those suckers. The more people believe in him, the more they follow, the more they follow more effect they have on the stock price when they buy/sell right after his announcement in the chatroom. As soon as he makes his 10-30 cents he dumps it all. He makes money you LOSE.

Erjan Galee 15, 2017

I downloaded all of his DVDs and watched half through them, spent about 20h in total watching it.

His DVDs are low-quality, he does make money from trading but ALSO even more from the education service he runs.

There are better services out there, better books, mostly trading is about improving quality of your picks, finding your strategy.

Trading is an individual sport, like golf!

Srithar Amirthalingam August 29, 2016

Best way to make money in penny stocks:

1) Get a huge following

2) Announce your trades WHILE buying

3) Followers bump up price

4) Get out before followers do.

Scott Richards December 27, 2016

Legitimately good at selling a persona that people buy.

I have been trading successfully for a while now and given the holiday I had some time off so I borrowed copies of all his DVD’s for the weekend and they were bad. I mean, the 1970s special effects bad.

Here is how every single one of his videos goes:

1 – I made money 10 years ago when I was in college

2 – I made some more money a couple of years later

3 – Insert statistics of current “fun portfolio”. My favorite is how he took $35k and turned it into $85k in a year.. not the millions of dollars he advertises…

4 – I short stocks that are pumped by newsletters and message boards I subscribe to

5 – Here are 2 hours worth of old charts, which I am going to talk about now but not provide any solid articulate reasons, based on data, what is happening, and why just my subjective perspective and rambling.

6 – Here are my 4 made up setups. This one is called a supernova, I don’t know why this happens, but it just does. Here are 3 others that don’t go up as high. I don’t know why this is happening either.

7 – I am now going to insult other traders, platforms, news sites so I can look credible.

8 – I trade with Think or Swim, or wait a minute, ETrade, or was it IB? Who is paying me this week?

9 – Here are a few testimonials from people – “I trade and made some money and also lost a lot of money. But now I run a site that competes against Tim’s but I am also an affiliate of Tim’s so I learned a lot”.

10 – Questions – Yes I use Think or Swim

It was hundreds of hours of junk. I want my time back.

sam 4 years ago

I saw this complaint on rippoffreport:

”#12 Consumer Comment

We know Tim Sykes

AUTHOR: scammed by tim sykes – ()

SUBMITTED: Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I don’t know Tim directly but we have a colleague who works with Tim and is a personal friend. Whether this is true or not I don’t know but I do know he is a personal friend of Tim’s as he has show me pictures and parties with him on occasion. Here’s what he told me in confidence:

Sykes doesn’t trade actively himself. When my friend asked Sykes about his trading, his amounts which he trades are so small they are insignficant.

2. Sykes admits personally he is a promoter and that he fleeces his customers who he refers to as suckers

3. He makes $800,000 on a 3 day seminar. Trading makes so little money for him he has no interest in it.

4. My friend works in the finance industry gives him the picks which he posts on his site. My friend trades these picks before Sykes posts them on his site for easy profits.

5. He admits he is in the training industry / get rick quick industry note the tradingindustry. He knows what’s being said about him. Sykes knows he is a fraud but he keeps his schtick going to maintain his lifestyle.

And if you look for other reviews, you’ll just find a lot of “timothy sykes scam” sites which are from his organization which are just counter barrage against all the bad individual reviews of Sykes’ educational services.

Rogue 5 years ago

Sykes is the ring leader, this guy has to be the biggest fraud of them all, between Investimonials and there is enough evidence to give him 3 life sentences (sarcasm). Take his pump and dump biz along with him promoting shady penny stock brokers abroad to get his members passed the DTP rule and voila, another cell mate for big bubba.

Craigthinks 5 years ago

Wow, looks easy to fool. Maybe you could review the live trading room. Thank you for the review. There other sites that have better trading records that I think are correct. Future Truth Magazine – reviews mechanical trading systems. myFxbook for forex trading. It logs directly into your forex account. You need to give it passwords for your account. Collective2 is a site of gurus and they have active accounts. I saw one guru on Collective2 with a very negative account. I think he did not bother to hide it as people are searching for the best systems, not negative systems. Thank you again.


born2rock4life 1 year ago

To the person who wanted a Timothy Sykes review

I can attest that what he teaches can be extremely profitable. Also look up Steven Dux and William Karaman. Both share similar strategies, and Steven was a student of Timothy Sykes who turned his $20k into $970k within 13 months and is now above $4 million.

He has a lot of great content/DVD’s that teach everything from shorting, penny stocks, reading SEC filings, basics and fundamentals, and more. If you follow what he teaches and not just copy cat what he trades live, you will find success.

Anyone saying he is a scam likely doesn’t agree with his style, doesn’t like his character (he can be abrasive, but is bluntly honest and funny in my opinion,) and/or most likely has never been involved in his programs and teaching. All of his trades are publicly available to see and verify for yourself on which shows his growth over time and documents all of his wins and losses dating back to 2002. His transparency is refreshing, especially with all the self-acclaimed gurus that can be found on all social media platforms these days.

He gives the basic secrets to his style away in this interview I linked below, and I would say judge for yourself based on whether or not his style appeals to you. Everyone has a method that works best for them, and the more you hone in on a style and perfect it, the more consistent you will become and more profitable as well.

He teaches both long and short methodologies, so even if shorting isn’t your ideal style, you can still find other programs and lessons of his that teach long strategies, scalping, etc.

I haven’t had the extra income to invest in his challenge myself, but I’ve watched almost of the content while at a friend’s house and can speak to this as a review. I’ve since become more consistent in attaining profits, quicker and less emotional about cutting losses, and many other key elements that make the difference in becoming part of the 10% of traders who don’t fail.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions further, or reply in-line and I’d be glad to answer them.


houseflip 1 year ago

Fake news. Anything with the word sykes should automatically get flagged here. he USED to trade… he is now simply a marketer and nothing else. you can learn everything he teaches for free on youtube. the only thing useful he has left is his chatroom.

Crawlzzz 1 year ago

Truth is just that you don’t need him. You can learn everything you need to know for free and through experience.

psxpetey 1 year ago

His trader challenge is 9 grand his base program is 1.7 it comes with a lot of software like Profitly and his trading platform. It’s cool that it has sec filings right there but he’s charging retarded money for the information you get with almost any broker software you can find the sec filings for free on as well as many many many other sites.

Profitly is interesting but I mean really you can find trade ideas by using a gap scanner and looking at the top% gainers on literally any site including NASDAQ for free.

He always brags about his free content on YouTube. I’ve watched all of Stevens videos and all of Grittani’s and sykes are by far the biggest pile of shit. Why? Maybe because I don’t want to hear: hi my name is time Sykes I trade from crazy places my millionaire students My Millionaire Students for 9 minutes on 200 videos with no actual content on the video except that. You don’t even get what’s in the title. The only free content he has that is worth a damn is the trader checklist.

Why would I pay 9 grand to listen to someone that is supposed to be a millionaire using the goddamn mic in his laptop( millionaire can’t even buy a fucking mic) while he taps away on his keyboard with the worst audio on earth.

The same problem with Dux and Gritanni but they actually give out information on their trades.

I was going to try out his trader challenge or penny stocking silver but once I heard the attached price tag I said (nah this isn’t for me) and buddies like well you could float the cost on your credit card! I was like ok this is so scammy it is not even funny. The constant spam emails you get with links to seminars that are actually just his YouTube videos with bots in a chat.

Then I watched all the podcasts his first student made and while some people make money a lot of them lose as well on his program so it’s not exactly foolproof.

He now makes almost all his money from teaching and man oh man it’s a fuckload.

The reason I find him scammy above and beyond that is that he could easily fake his trades these days as he owns the software he posts to and he owns the software he posts from. He uploaded his tax returns but that would be really easy to fake.

All in all, if you do pay for his content there’s a lot of good stuff in his DVD’s but you can get it pretty much anywhere for free. Like how to read sec filings there are billions of free videos and websites. Like Steven dux says 90% of the content he and other traders put out is completely useless. But combining all of the 10% makes a useful way to trade.

I don’t expect him to do everything for free but at least put in a little bit of effort into your content. I’m not paying 300 dollars for a DVD with some laptop ass audio or super scammy infomercial aesthetics.

HodlGang_HodlGang 1 year ago

Ah yes, advertising gurus under the guise of education – which is exactly what Tim does with stocks – he’s such a good guy he wants you to make money with his strategies so he’ll tell you what they are for $100 bucks a month. – when banks and hedge funds are super secretive about their strategies – Tim is giving you a sweet deal – become a successful millionaire penny stock trader by investing a few grand in his “education courses”

And don’t forget to study! Only those who study make money – so if you don’t make money – you didn’t buy and study enough of his material – so buy more, and keep studying.

Can you see the pattern now?

He’s selling a dream, guys. That’s his job. All-day everyday – he sells you a fantasy –

TheBazaarTrades 1 year ago

I applied to this long time ago. They wanted me to pay to take their “class” by a huge payment. I turned it down based on their “interviewed” even though I was approved. I made my first 1k from $100 in two months day trade / shortening it. Yeah, I’m good.

CoolRunner 6 years ago

OK guys, here’s the deal with Sykes. He has two circles of investors which are notified. First are the students, people who buy in to his lessons for 5 grand. He celebrates them publicly all the time on, twitter, Facebook and more. His other circle is the email list. This is where the suckers hang out. Sykes will send out an email cresting an urgency within you to pick up a particular stock. These stocks almost always have a few things in common, a low float, very small price, and are easily manipulated. Us suckers get the email, buy in at an elevated price(because he was in before the email was sent) AMD cash out on the way up. If he’s so inclined, he will short on the way down too.

His lessons seem legit but his email chain is a thinly veiled pump and dump where the recipient is dumped with losses almost every time. If he was as amazing of a trader as he claims he wouldn’t need to sell lessons for income. He would just invest.

pmuhar 6 years ago

I used his service a few years ago. He makes a LOT of money, like 250,000-500,000 a month from his subscriptions and video sales. His stock picks are meh. Some work out but must don’t. A lot of the shares are hard to borrow. He also boasts about making $4000ish a trade, but he’s also trading with $50K+ positions. It just isn’t worth it for people buying a few thousand dollars with.

Also, anytime you question him, whether it’s in chat or FB, he deletes the comments and blocks you. He only posts about his traders that are doing well, and never about the ones that are losing.

If anything, download his DVD tutorials off of a torrent site and learn his strategy and apply it yourself. Don’t chase his picks.

CoolRunner 6 years ago

Tim Sykes is a scam artist. I’ll come back to elaborate later but I did a fair amount of research on him recently. His lessons are solid, his stock picks are shit. Pricing has three subscription tiers you can choose from starting from: Novice $29.95/month, Trader $49.95/month and Pro $74.95/month

Is Tim Sykes Legit? - Pricing Pricing Refund Policy

Because premium members immediately benefit from the knowledge of the stats, analytics, and premium newsletter content they purchase, we do not give refunds. You should recognize that investing and trading is a marathon, not a sprint so every last piece of information that can help you learn along the way and give you “an edge” over your competitors is worth investing in, especially when that information costs less per month than a night out of dinner and drinks aka invest in your education!

Pros And Cons


  • Groundwork to learning penny stock


  • Loves to pump and dump
  • Makes more money selling subscription and DVD’s than trading
  • is easily manipulated
  • Trading strategy is not scalable

Final Thoughts: Is Tim Sykes Legit?

So, Is Tim Sykes Legit? In this review, we can clearly see that Tim Sykes makes money from penny stocks and selling subscriptions and other educational DVD’s.

The problem here is that Sykes has a huge following and we all know that penny stocks are extremely volatile and having a huge following means that spiking the price is effortless for this kind of fake gurus.

Plus, we noticed that his educational DVD’s are so dated, which could have worked before when the courses were made.

The problem here is that the market is a very much alive and growing thing, so what might have worked before does not apply today.

Tim Sykes is a fantastic marketer, but is he a legit trader? We think not. He will hype you with the fantasy that you too can live like him but first you must buy his courses or subscription.

In the end, he just wants your money.

Another fake guru who also wants your money is Andrew Keene of The 1450 Club. Read about this scam now!

Click Here to Read My # 1 Top Scam: 1450 Club Review

Thoughts? Comment them down below!


Data Accuracy


Ease of Use







  • Groundwork to learning penny stock


  • Loves to pump and dump
  • Makes more money selling subscription and DVD’s than trading
  • is easily manipulated
  • Trading strategy is not scalable

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