Is Investors Underground A Scam?

With nearly half a million of fans and subscribers, you would be hard-pressed to not hear talk about Investors Underground in the financial realm.

In this review, we are going to investigate Is Investors Underground A Scam to find out if it warrants the fame and price it commands.

The subscription service has numerous amount of conflicting reviews: if you dig deeper into the pit, some are happy with while some are not.

Like nuggets of gold, this makes you question which are the real reviews and which are dirt posing as a golden reviews.

Discover the answer to the question: Is Investors Underground A Scam now!

Is Investors Underground A Scam: What Is Investors Underground

Investors Underground is a day trading community chat room that also offers educational service.

It has been a part of Tim Skyes but has departed in 2015.

The service was called Investors Live and rebranded to Investors Underground in 2008 and headquartered in Windham, New Hampshire.

Aside from the chat room, Investors Underground has two courses bundled, namely Textbook Trading and Tandem Trading.

They market the Textbook Trading as a guidebook for beginners, and the Tandem Traders is a comprehensive guide for advanced trades to develop consistently profitable trading habits.

But most people join IU because of the chat room service, which they claim is the best chatrooms for both beginners and advanced trades who want to refine their trading knowledge.

The chatrooms are organized according to trading styles:

Momentum Chat

Swing Trader Chat

Crypto/OTC Chat

After you log-in to the IU website, you can launch Traders Lounge.

This is a chat room where IU encourages conversation as opposed to other chat rooms have a no-nonsense rule.

This is where chat logs that are too chatty for say the momentum room are, and where you can ask the moderators about questions relating to trading and IU in general.

Inside Traders Lounger, you can also launch the Live Broadcast, a 24/7 live stream of one of Nathan Michaud’s monitors.

Note that Michaud likes to trade momentum and volume.

Is Investors Underground A Scam: Who Is The Owner Of Investors Underground

Is Investors Underground A Scam? - Nathan Michaud
Nathan Michaud

Nathan Michaud is the founder of Investors Underground.

He first started it as a chatroom in but has since cut ties with Tim Skyes in 2015 due to “differences in philosophy”.

After migrating and creating his own website, the service garnered more followers and subscribers, and then he branched off into offering educational courses.

He is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Finance.

Michaud is well known for his momentum trading style and his ability to read points of inflection & exhaustion in “momo” stocks.

He is also the founder of Traders4ACause, an organization that pledges to support and promote charitable works and giving among members of the stock market day trading community.

Investors Underground Features: The Good

Most of the people getting started with Investors Underground will do so with one of the bundle subscriptions that they offer.

From there, you can access the coursework IU offers.

Is Investors Underground A Scam? - Investors Underground Dashboard
Investors Underground Dashboard

Chat Room

This is the heart of Investors Underground.

You can choose what chat room to go into depending on which trading style you are interested in.

Momentum Chat

Momentum Chat is the main chat room.

This is where Michaud posts his trade alerts during the entire trading day and by default the most active trading chatroom on the site.

Is Investors Underground A Scam? - Investors Underground Momentum Chat
Investors Underground Momentum Chat

In this chat room, there are usually five to seven moderators who regularly watch the chat like a hawk.

There are also unique functionalities in the chat room such as links to EDGAR Fillings, and you can also set alerts for specific traders if in case you want to be updated on what that trader is trading.

Swing Trading Chat

This chat room is moderated by Michele Koenig, or OffshoreHunters and is focused on swing trades which attempts to capture short- to medium-term gains for more than just a day.

She periodically provides swing trade watch lists and is best for people who are unable to monitor the market the entire day.

Crypto/OTC Chat

This chat room offers great insight on OTC stocks and is useful if you are interested in trading penny stocks.


The webinars are 30-to-45-minute presentation based on what is happening in the market and what has been working and how conditions are changing.

If you cannot watch the webinar real-time, you can go to the webinars archive and post your question as comment.

This is useful if you want to keep tabs of what the UI moderators have to say about the market movement.

Is Investors Underground A Scam? - Investors Underground Webinar With Nate
Investors Underground Webinars
Is Investors Underground A Scam? -  Investors Underground Webinars With Nate
Investors Underground Webinar With Nate

Day Trading Encyclopedia

Since a good percentage of new members of IU are just starting out, they included a feature that contains shorthand and lingo that are commonly used in IU chatrooms.

This is helpful if you do not understand something that is going on, you can look up a specific word or term and get an explanation without having to resort to Google.

Is Investors Underground A Scam? - Investors Underground Day Trading Encylopedia
Investors Underground Day Trading Encyclopedia

Video Recaps

Every day after trading hours, Michaud goes through and reviews his trading and recaps and talks about what worked well, what he could have done better.

These videos are usually under 15 to 20 minutes long and helps you get inside an active traders mind understanding the thought process behind the trading decisions.

This is so you can understand the strategy and help you apply it in your own trading.

Watch Lists

This is a nightly watch list that keeps you updated on the best trade alerts coming off scan. In addition, the watch list includes Michaud’s commentary and trading ideas.

Aside from Michaud, there will also be watch lists from the community’s veteran traders.

This is helpful as it allows you to learn from different moderators.

This valuable if you are a new stock trader and still trying to find your own trading style.

Is Investors Underground A Scam? - Investors Underground Watch Lists
Investors Underground Watch Lists

Textbook Trading and Tandem Trader Courses

Is Investors Underground A Scam? - Investors Underground Textbook Trading
Investors Underground Textbook Trading
Is Investors Underground A Scam? Investors Underground Tandem Trading
Investors Underground Tandem Trading

If you purchased their bundled subscription, it comes with their coursework where you can learn the basics of the strategies used in Investors Underground.

Textbook Trading is a theoretical based set of lessons, Tandem Trader is about live trading examples with commentary and explanations along the way.

Investors Underground: The Bad

Nathan Michaud And His Run In With The SEC

Now that you know who is Nathan Michaud and the features of Investors Underground, it is also important that you know the history of the man behind IU.

Michaud is a convicted felon for pumping and dumping Asia Global stock from August 2006 to February 2007. He was fined for $93,941.19.

Following are excerpts of the SEC filling.

4. Brown planned the Asia Global pump-and-dump scheme with Defendants Joseph Mangiapane and Marc Riviello, who were both registered representatives at a small broker-dealer in California.  Dynkowski and Defendant Nathan Michaud, who met through, pumped the price of the stock using wash sales, matched orders, and other manipulative trading, coordinated with false, misleading, and touting press releases by the company. The scheme occurred in three cycles:  August-September 2006, November-December 2006, and January-February 2007.  After manipulating the price of the stock, Dynkowski, Brown, Mangiapane, and Riviello dumped more than 54 million shares that had been improperly registered on SEC Form S-8 and held in nominee accounts.  The illicit proceeds from this scheme totaled at least $4,050,529.

46.  Defendant Nathan Michaud, a trader whom Dynkowski had previously met through, also participated in this scheme.  In August and September 2006, Dynkowski and Michaud, as well as others, engaged in wash sales, matched orders, and other manipulative trading to generate phony volume and artificially inflate Asia Global’s stock price.  When the scheme began, Asia Global traded for approximately 11  cents per share.  Starting on August 9, 2006,  Dynkowski and Michaud began to pump the stock using wash sales, matched orders, and other manipulative trading.  Dynkowski and Michaud continued their manipulative trading through the end of September 2006.

47.  This manipulative trading artificially inflated Asia Global’s stock price. In the space of thirteen trading days, the price of Asia Global’s stock rose from 11.5-cents per share at the close of the market on August 9, 2006, to an intraday high of 41  cents per share on August 25, 2006.   As Asia Global’s daily volume likewise jumped by millions of shares per day during this period.

FINAL JUDGMENT AS TO DEFENDANT NATHAN M. MICHAUD The Securities and Exchange Commission having filed an Amended Complaint (“the Complaint”) and Defendant Nathan M. Michaud having entered a general appearance; consented to the Court’s jurisdiction over Defendant and the subject matter of this action; consented to the entry of this Final Judgment without admitting or denying the allegations of the Complaint, (except as to jurisdiction); waived findings of fact and conclusions of law; and waived any right to appeal from this Final Judgment

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED that Defendant and Defendant’s agents, servants, employees, attorneys, and all persons in active concert or participation with them who receive actual notice of this Final Judgment by personal service or otherwise are permanently restrained and enjoined from violating, directly or indirectly, Section 10(b) ofthe Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the “Exchange Act”) [15 U.S.C. § 78j(b)] and Rule 10b-5 promulgated thereunder [17 C.F.R. § 240.10b-5], by using any means or instrumentality of interstate commerce, or of the mails, or of any facility of any national securities exchange, in connection with the purchase or sale of any security: (a) to employ any device, scheme, or artifice to defraud; (b) to make any untrue statement of a material fact or to omit to state a material fact necessary in order to make the statements made, in the light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading; or (c) to engage in any act, practice, or course of business which operates or would operate as a fraud or deceit upon any person.

Securities and Exchange Commission

So, if you are in the right state of mind, would you trade with a known criminal who pumps and dumps the stocks? I think not.

Speak Up And You Will Be Silenced: Investors Underground Moderator Will Gag Members

Long-time subscribers of Investors Underground are aware of the iron rule of IU that there are no useless chitchats or even clarifying difficult jargons during trading hours.

This is fine for those who have been in the service for a considerable period, but what about those newbie subscribers who feel like they are rabbits caught in the crossfire.

Just like what the video above, if you so as barely ask a question you will be gaged, and this honestly feels like walking on a field of grenades just waiting for that wrong foot to detonate.

No Verified Trades

“I would take this a step further and just come right out and state that I don’t believe that Nathan Michaud is even trading. Rather, Nathans’s game is one of a professional marketer. Nathan probably understands with great clarity that he is probably only going to be able to heist these folks out of roughly two months of paying subscriptions, and perhaps the purchase of his DVD.”

To which someone also seconded:

How hard would it be for Nat to verify his trades? I can’t think of anything easier in the world for a trader to do. I can’t think of a single reason why someone who is selling a trading product wouldn’t do it and quadruple the number of people signing up for their service. I can only think of one reason why they wouldn’t. There’s only one reason that Nat doesn’t verify his trades. He’s hot a trader, he sells products.

And another one:

By the way, I was a subscriber at IU also and I can confirm that there are no trade alerts at all (meaning exact entry, exact position size, and exact SL). just long XZY and at the end of the day(or sooner after the trade) he will tell you that he was scalping it, sizing in and out, short and long, taking some off into washes and with this “alerting,” he can make himself profitable with every trade… I don’t follow trades of others but he should start alerting a little bit more transparent because this looks shady as ****. He can be a profitable trader but that alerting… lol also there is a group of moderators and their friends who are talking ideas privately and then boasting on Twitter with huge gains, don’t get me wrong I’m happy for them, but you can feel in that chatroom some people are superior to others and well for 197$ a month you won’t between them. For that 197$/month you’ll get shady alerting and watchlist which every newbie loves so much and “it totally changed their trading career” and I don’t know what else but let’s be honest its just a few 5% gain on the day tickers from Finviz with comment like “if para then short, if weak open then rg break long” + that shady alerting is not worth that $ he wants a month. I would say this chatroom is the most overhyped chatroom on the internet. I was disappointed because I’m momo a trader, 5 years experience, and I was looking for some chatroom but reading all day AAPL nhod, AMBA near lod, alerts of wannabes who don’t know what they’re doing, weird late alerting of Nate of others, unnecessary comments on tickers it’s just not worth. This chatroom should be for free IMO. Chatroom of this price should be about idea generation before the trade actually happen or setups which I can participate after “alerting” (if I like that setups and I trade it also…)

I checked Investimonials and I would love to see track records of these “it totally changed their trading career after joining and watching DVDs” traders. lol, 95% traders fail but it looks like on Investimonials there is every other member a millionaire. I watched the DVDs and you can find that info for free on the internet… some technical analysis and basic momo setups which everybody trades. I’m sorry but it’s all so overhyped. I would be a very sceptic when reading these review because they’re written by newbies and you can impress a newbie trader with showing him round numbers and support and resistance and he will be talking all day like it changes his view on trading and he is about to make a bank. lol

Connection to Which Is Easily Manipulated

We know that Investors Underground popularity is greaty boosted by its past connection with and its “amazing reviews” of people saying they earned millions through the programs it offers.

Investors Underground was one of those programs. As we have seen over at, is easly manipulated if you know a little bit of programming under your belt.

This how they done it:

“Have you ever wanted to be a stock trading millionaire Guru trader? Well, it would be nice. But what if I could be the worst performing trader on Now that is an accomplishment worthy of some sort of award. And that is exactly what I set out to do! To be the worst! So let’s review the steps I took to be the verified worst trader on Step 1, create a trading system and then optimize it to buy at the high and sell at the low. And that every single trade was fully leveraged to lose at least $1,000,000. Since I am a pretty good programmer, this took me about 5 minutes. Next, I exported all trades out of my trading systematic trading platform and into a .csv file. Step 2, create an account at and select the broker, I selected a Forex Broker. Enter credentials and upload a properly formatted .csv file into the system. The file has to be correctly formatted to be accepted into Once the file is uploaded into the system, it’s time to admire the handiwork and fully embrace me as the worst trader on”
Is Investors Underground A Scam? - Manipulation Manipulation

What People Say About Investors Underground

In Reddit:

This review is my honest and scrutinized opinion., unbiased. I was a member of IU for 2 months. I am trading for about 2 years now. Can’t say very successful But consistent. I have tried different newsletters – like Tim’s Penny silver. I heard a lot about IU so thought to give a try. Then I joined and was there for 2 months.

First of all, $197 p/m for the IU standard is pricey. Their aim to advertise to make this community for both new traders and experienced traders .so most of the traders (newbie) who takes a good amount of time to make money,$197 a month is definitely expensive for them also if you add software fees, L2, brokers fees, etc.

Secondly, there are no alerts from Nate and other moderators. I know alert service is not good to be blindly followed but it is definitely helpful to understand the trade plan to be educated and to support ( from a pro trader) your trade idea on a particular stock ( if you already have before an alert)

It is for sure that IU is a great community for all pro traders But most of them (95 % ) do not participate in any ideas, discussion, watch list, trade plan in the chatroom. Which is more annoying is that most of them do not respond to you if you ask some trade-related Q or any other kind of advice You feel like a dickhead and left alone! They are already successful so why they have to care about you! They will be discussing ideas among good friends – Nate, modern rock, d4ytrad3, elkwood, etc. But I assumed that as it is a paid chatroom (especially $197 pm ) so I expected more than Nate’s watchlist!

Thirdly you have to be very careful ( newbie ) when asking Q because of IU love to Gag ppl. Most of the ppl in the chatroom do not ask nonsense questions but also for some funny reason IU moderator are very sensitive. It is rather a chatroom for elite pro traders with their alien discussion (terms/phrase difficult to understand for a new trader ) than a free discussion of trade plan which actually can be useful in a day trade making some real money than showing off who is more knowledgeable and smart !!!

Fourth Nate hardly trade stocks between $1 – $5, Most of his trades based on over $10 – $100, which is not convenient for small accounts ( I think most of the start-up traders have a small account )No one can grow a small account with a high price stock because most of your money involved in one high price stock trade!

Fifth Nate and other traders do not mention their entry-exit, profit, loss, etc in the chatroom. So you are blindly following a GURU not knowing what is his activity. I think it is very important to get motivated if you know how is your Guru performing.

Overall it is a great community for Pro trader if you want to make friends, share trade ideas and praise among themselves But definitely confusing and not useful for New trader because I believe with learning curve someone need to make some money while trading otherwise it is like being a smart ass with no real work.

I am sure Nate is a great person and trader I like him for his humble attitude But also he needs to understand to run a paid service, services need to be actually there. That chat room needs some changes like other available chartrooms – alert, trade plan, low priced stocks, giving priority to every paid member not only friends, etc. Then I am sure it will the best chartrooms among others.

I hope Nate read this and do something about it. If changes come I will be the first to join IU again.

blue2583 5 years ago

All the information in his courses can be found for free on youtube. And why this one, and not zip trader, humble trader, or any of the other paid courses/discords?

rwoooshed 27 days ago


They are very good at one thing: make it look somehow professional and not a total scam like some others. From first sight. If you dig dipper you notice the course they peddle you for a lot of money complete *** and is for complete amateurs, info on it not even relevant and outdated for today – you pay to find out, obviously.

Many times I caught Nate announcing in chat Newsletter alert on $XYZstock finding out he was trying to sell to his own chat members! Where he gets info on newsletter no one actually knows and when someone asked about it, he got very aggressive and said – those are hidden sources, and he is not announcing them! Such rubbish when you pay him 300 USD per month for so-called education.

He made some money during pump and dump and was heavily involved in pump and dump schemes himself – almost got to jail but tipped on all his associates and it saved him from jail, just confiscation.

If you after education – buy good books and read, read, read. If you lazy sheep go to his room and get skinned:)

He is very good at showing some successful trades and glorifying himself and those opportunist crooks working with him that you see on a website.

If you are a self-sufficient trader you do need this rubbish and noise 90 percent of his money he makes selling course and somehow gambles with your money to pretend to make something trading.

He is just one big addicted gambler.

Canceled this *** noise of a room and making good money without those idiots:) all on myself. If you are a trader you are a trader, not a sheep. Also, you make money trading, not crooking. One last thing. If you once a crook you are always a crook. Good luck:)

Product or Service Mentioned: Investors Underground Course

Monetary Loss: $62000.

Preferred solution: Full refund

Yessenia April 2

My experience has been 100% positive so far. I started trading about a year ago and watched every free resource I could find. I ran across a free course from Investors Underground on YouTube and I really liked their teaching style. It was kinda no BS. They didn’t make it seem like trading was super easy nor did they have a follow the leader mentality. After watching the course, I decided to sign up for a month of chat room access. The chat room was a little overwhelming at first. It’s hard to follow what Nate is saying sometimes but by week 2 I figured out how things work. The commentary in the chat is truly invaluable if you know how to use it. It’s like having someone guide you through a trade without telling you exactly what to do. For example, if you’re short a certain position, Nate may warn of an end of day squeeze. The alerts helped me become a more well-rounded trader. The only thing I want to add is that new traders should do a couple of months of research first. If you start trading today and join Investors Underground tomorrow, you’re going to get lost. You need to have a basic understanding of trading terms and methods first.

Daven May 18, 2018

There’s definitely a learning curve but these guys know what they’re doing. Great chat room.

I’d be surprised to hear if the other reviewers even had a subscription. There is a zero tolerance policy for off-topic chatter in the main chat room but mods are willing to answer questions if you message them directly. It can be frustrating at first but once you’ve been a member for a bit, you can understand why.

Many new traders come into the chat room asking the same questions like “is TSLA a buy here?” Mods are good at cleaning up this type of noise and this chat room has the best alerts of any I’ve tried. I’ve learned more at IU in a month than I have in the past year studying on my own and with 1 other chat room I tried.

Product or Service Mentioned: Investors Underground Subscription

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Investors Underground Pros: Community, Education, Chat room.

Oria Feb 8, 2018

Cancelled my yearly subscription in 2015, i no longer recieved emails and updates, then in 2016 they renewed my subscription and i didn’t immediately catch it. They refused a refund even though they knew i had never logged in or used the service during the renewed time.

If they made money trading would they need to scam people outta thiers? The trader chat is a joke and if you follow them be prepared to loose money.

Some of the dvd content isnt accurate and intended for amateurs. Nate hit it big on pump and dumps but is not a successful day trader other than selling *** subcriptions for too much money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Investors Underground Subscription

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Stephany Feb 1, 2017

If you are a new trader and come across products offered by Nathan Michaud aka Investors Live, please be aware of the following: 1) In 2009 Nate was fined by the SEC for $100,000 because he participated and profited off of multiple pump & dump schemes along with 7 other individuals. 2) The educational material used in his DVDs which cost $1,300++ are readily available for free on Youtube and other free sites.

Related: Investors Underground – Course Review

3) Nate does not and refuses to verify his trades or profits. Also, be aware of his use of Twitter. Nate makes it seem like in every momentum based play, he is always on the right side. In my opinion he has mastered the art of deception, making you feel like a bad trader when certain plays go against you.

One caveat to this theory of mine is that he is still participating in pump & dump schemes.

I just realize now that the amount of effort he seems to put into Twitter, selling DVDs, and the IU chatroom, there if no way that he is trading as much as one would think. I hope this isn’t all true, but he could put an end to the controversy if he simply verified his profits.

Product or Service Mentioned: Investors Underground Course.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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PissedConsumer995050 Jan 21, 2017

Well kind of your fault for falling for this get rich quick BS, anyone with half a brain knows that these “DVD” and “chatrooms” are a total scam. I’m the future just buy some lotto tickets, you’d be better off. I’ve been in the trading biz for over 15 years and I’ve never seen any real successful traders selling DVDs , let alone scalping day trades for pennies. It’s almost comical

PissedConsumer982184 Dec 30, 2016

This guy is a total joke, I’m surprised he is still pulling this stuff after being sued by the SEC, I guess he didn’t learn his lesson the first time around. I made the mistake of buying his tandem trader DVD and joining his chat, after watching the “trading methods” Michaud was supposedly using I realized he was not really making these trades and it was all an elaborate scam to get people signed up for his chat room and buy his overpriced DVDs.

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The trades Nate does aren’t real and the only people making money are the brokerage LX21 owns and Nates DVD and chatroom service.

Don’t fall for Nates affiliate Twitter promoters trying to sell you bs. This whole thing is really an elaborate scam

Product or Service Mentioned: Investors Underground Course.

Reason for review: Bad quality.

PissedConsumer981440 Dec 28, 2016

About time people started coming out to expose Nathan Michaud and his group of crooks. The DVD’s are a complete waste of time and money, all I can say is TOTAL RIP OFFFFFF!

Related: Investors Underground – Nathan Michaud – Investors Live – Total Frauds

These DVD’s are nothing more then ego manicac Michaud recording himself showing his made up patterns. You can get the same material for free on youtube. You will learn absolutely NOTHING from these DVD’s. I never joined the chat after getting ripped off on the DVD’s but from what i’ve seen on Twitter it’s the same junk in the DVD.

Michaud is a total fraudster and the SEC should open another investigation into this guy. Someone should sue Michaud and subpoena his trading records so everyone can see what a phony this guy is!

Product or Service Mentioned: Investors Underground Course.

Reason for review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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PissedConsumer974316 Dec 16, 2016

I lost thousands of dollars following these dirtbags. After college, I took all the money I saved and watched Nate’s videos, sat in the chatroom for months, I thought I learned all the “ABC” strategies, all the “Setups” etc. Well after 6 months of studying Nate’s methods I dove in and realized they were all BS, none of these setups are actually real money-making strategies. Nate gets his followers to pump up stock after buying and then dumps it for quick gains. The type of trading these guys “claim” to do is absolutely reckless, and I don’t believe there is 1 person in this chat making consistent money. I lost all my college savings on this ***. Stay far away from InvestorsLive and Michaud.

PissedConsumer974202 December 16, 2016

Don’t fall for InvestorsLive @InvestorsLive aka Nathan Michaud and his group of Twitter shills. Michaud uses Twitter and investors underground now called investors live chatroom to suck money out of newbie wannabe day traders.

Related: Not waste your money on investors underground

I was in Nate’s chatroom for over a year and monitored every single one of his trades and I can tell you 100% Nate is a losing trader, without a doubt, he is not a long-term profitable trader. He will post some big wins on Instagram to get new subscribers but the truth is he makes his money selling subscriptions. As for Elkwood, Nicko, AT09, Crawfish Poy Boy, these are all paid shills for Investors Live and Nathan Michaud. These guys are NOT long term profitable traders, they make money off affiliate links when you sign up for Nates overpriced chatroom or junk videos.

They are glorified rich kids gambling away their parent’s money. There is a reason NOT 1 of these traders shows proof of their brokerage statements. I mean come one!!! If Nate was such an amazing trader why not just show everyone the proof, hmmm maybe it’s because it doesn’t exist.

The most recent shill for Michaud bull zone trader blew up and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars following fake promises of Michaud and group. Nathan Michaud, Investors Underground, and Investors Live is no better than Timothy Sykes. The only difference is Nate has himself convinced he’s not a low life “furu” selling get rich quick schemes. The fact remains Nate and his group of cronies the exact same as Sykes.

It’s been proven that Nate uses fake chatbots in his chat room to boost the number of his subscribers, to appear that he has a flourishing chat room. The truth is the only traders in Nates Investors Underground chatroom are newbies that are only weeks away from blowing up and paid shills. Still not enough to prove Mr. Michaud is a fraud?

Google “Nathan Michaud SEC” just a few years ago Nate was busted for running a pump and dump scheme, and just a few years before that he was working at Staples selling office supplies. It’s only a matter of time before the SEC comes after this low life again. ModernRock is paid by Nathan Michaud, LX21 owns CenterPoint securities, and on and on. It’s all just one big scheme to suck money out of the poor newbies.

This post isn’t some big conspiracy, it’s all fact. These IU traders are fly by night gamblers that might get lucky before blowing up their account. As soon as they get lucky slime ball Nate leaches onto them and gets them to do a webinar and testimonial.

Then months later the trader has vanished, blown up their account….i.e. Derrick J Leion, Bull Zone Trader, Nicko, Crawfish Poyboy, they all take massive losses and disappear or forget to mention those losses on their raving Investors Live testimonials

Product or Service Mentioned: Investors Underground Course.

Reason for review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

PissedConsumer995050 Jan 21, 2017

In Quora:

Investors Underground – Day Trading Courses & Chat Room was my favorite. It’s best if youre an active trader (vs. looking for trade alerts. They don’t offer trials but they do have a bunch of free content out there.

Josh Anderson April 19, 2017


I’m not going to defend Nate here. But I do feel like your reviews about him aren’t exactly fair. Especially if you are affiliated with someone like Dekmar trades who seems to be lacking a lot of basics regarding trading.

First of all, I am not a member of Nate’s chatroom, and never have been, but I have read in many reviews before by other people as well that his chatroom is moderated pretty badly. Everyone can write whatever they want. And from my understanding, it’s better to approach Nate’s friends, not Nate himself if you feel the need to ask someone trading advice in his chatroom.

The thing however that is useful IMO, are his DVDs. I don’t suggest you pay for them but with a little digging online, you can find them.

That is why unlike you I do not think that Nate is a marketer who doesn’t trade. Because the trading advice he gives in his DVDs is applicable in real life. Unlike Tim Sykes’s advice. Which in a nutshell is to trade stocks that are pumped by promoters. Which was useful 10 years ago when pump-and-dumpers actually could create some volume, because they weren’t caught that fast, but Tim’s advice is less useful nowadays IMO.

But, to give you a fair idea of the strategies Nate (and Cam who run Investors Underground together) claims he uses, you can check his YouTube channel out. They’ve made an 8 part “Beginners Trading Guide” which pretty much cover the same topics as his DVDs. The DVDs are basically the same, but more detailed.

He basically determines strength and resistance lines. And uses the following strategies to trade those lines:

– Using an ABCD pattern for long trades (in “Beginners lesson 3 of 8” at 10:28 and 12:48, there is actually a screenshot of Nate’s profits and losses of that day)

– Shorting stocks that suddenly went parabolic.

Unlike your affiliate (Dekmar trades), he actually does know basic trading terminology and charting.

Nate’s buddies who don’t run an online chatroom of their own do share a lot of things online for free. And unlike Jason Bond, a pump-and-dumper you also reviewed. His friends aren’t people who try to hype up a low float stock. So, they can pump-and-dump it.

If you wonder who I mean with his buddies. Here are a couple of them on Twitter:

– Ozarktrades

– Modern_rock

– mrockrulez (free trading advice from Modern_rock)

– lx21

– IU_Chat ‏

– elkwood66

– offshorehunters

– kroyrunner89 (who also has his own DVD, and used to do a monthly trading recap on his YouTube channel

The reason I mention these people here is that you can check them out yourself. Unlike Jason Bond’s buddies, these people aren’t pumping and dump shitty stocks 24/7.

So, in a nutshell, do I think Nate’s chatroom is useless? Yes, especially if you expect free tickers.

Do I think his trading advice which you can find partially for free on YouTube or on his DVDs useless? No, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to backtest them though. Since I don’t have access to free intraday data.

The main problem with Nate’s strategy is, you need a lot of money, to begin with. Because you have to slowly get into a trade, and slowly get out of a trade, which is impossible if you have less than $25K due to the pattern day trader-rule. And to avoid this, you have to use dodgy offshore brokers like Suretrader who allow you to avoid the PDT-rule (I don’t know how they manage to do this).

PS: But my criticism, in general, is, that it’s pretty disappointing that you are so harsh on guys like Nate, but give people like Sean Dekmar a free pass, because they are an affiliate (you gave him two positive reviews, just because he’s an affiliate). Especially when everyone in the comment section bashes Dekmar. One of the first comments is actually “Dekmar trades is honestly a disaster”.

And screenshots don’t mean shit. I can fake them pretty easily if I want to. Nate also used to have screenshots on Twitter, just like the ones in his “Beginners Trading Guide part 3 of 8” on YouTube I’ve mentioned before.

Jimmy 2 years ago

I have been following Nate, ModernRock, Eric Wood, and the rest of his buddies on Twitter for over 2 years and have just recently become suspicious about Nate. I knew about his prior SEC run in, but I decided to google him and ran across your review. Amazing, I knew I wasn’t crazy. You know as a new trader you just are not able to pick up on certain things, and you feel like this guy is always on the right side of the trade. I am not in the IU chatroom, just simply talking about his Twitter feed(which btw has 70k + followers). What you soon start to realize is that every time he claims to have a winning position, it is always in total hindsight(after the fact). He does a very good job of making it seem like he had the right idea prior to the move(I picked up on this). But in reality, it’s always in hindsight. My point is, anybody can say what he says when there is no paper trail and it is after the fact. If Nate is not being honest, then he is doing a very good job of deceiving people into believing he is actually making these trades.

The reality is I assume many new traders see him as incredibly legit and by the way, I think he offers good advice in terms of how to manage risk. The problem is Nate is charging a fee for a service. Why would most newer traders want to join a chatroom that charges $197? Probably not just because they want to get sound advice on risk management. More than likely they think they are getting an edge because they see Nate and his friends “making” all this money on Twitter and if they join they will be on the inside.

You know one thing about ModernRock is he talks about all these FURUs(fake GURUs) that claim they are good traders, but yet have to charge a hefty fee as a chatroom moderator. Well, then what the hell is his friend Nate doing?

Joe 3 years ago

I’ve been a UI member for since 2012, Nate is the real deal, but honestly not the best educator out there; so if you are new to trading and need lots of hand holding, it may not be the best spot for you. There are plenty of experienced traders in the room that bring a lot of different skill sets. Some people are helpful, some not.

Personally, I use the chat as a place for idea generation various people may alert different things and then you can decide to trade or not based on your plan, Probably around 90% of the things alerted in the room I do not trade myself on the average day, but sometimes there are some real home run ideas that more than pay for the yearly fee.

Most new traders do not have a trading plan and are just trying to copy someone else so they likely will find UI service frustrating cause that’s not what it’s about. If you get Nate’s DVD it will give you a general overview of what he does, but I still think you need to make it your own.

Shawn 4 years ago

IU is one of the best chat rooms out there. The first thing to do is get his DVD’s so you know the lingo and setups. Hell, if you can’t afford them, torrent them. Nate’s profits are real. A 70% success rate is not that hard to achieve for an experienced trader. If you doubt he really trades, watch his free video trade recaps on Youtube. He isn’t verified on anymore because he and Sykes had a falling out back when Sykes was dumping his gurus. Every night Nate has a watch list posted and a trading plan for the next day. If you can’t follow that, then it’s on you. A chat room isn’t for the handholding of those too lazy to read the plan and do their own thinking.

Guest 2 years ago

I was there for 2 months, everytime i asked nate something the reply would be (trade your plan), all i can see at the end is (well done guys , nice trade)
never saw an entry nor an exit, even if he mentions, he never says it clearly
i only talked to Elkwood and Crawfishpoboy, they were super nice and helpful.
especially Elkwood, heck i thought he mistake me for one of his friends lol
everything is fast in the room, a newbie, is really lost in there, watchlist is good mostly higher-priced stocks for small accounts. plus 180 members, it’s overcrowded, no wonder nobody is answering, they form their lill groups, they discuss matter in a small group, the 160 other members are left alone, plus 197 is waaaaayyyy too much!

Alexander 4 years ago

I am amazed at the negative feedback about Investors Underground. I’ve been a member for years (Grandfathered $99/month subscription) and I can say for a fact that he most definitely does post his entries and exits in real-time. Nate verified his trades on and simultaneously posted them on his Twitter account in the past. I will say that is a legit verification platform because I have used it before. My only reservations about it are: it allows traders to “skew” the resulting chart by letting traders erase bad trades and they require your brokerage accounts username and password (big security issue) to download the trades directly. While does allow one to post picture proof, anyone can doctor a photo. I don’t think Nate verifies on anymore since his partnership with Timothy Skye’s ended though (I don’t dislike or hate Tim, I think he is a great salesman, and quite entertaining too). As for the moderators on the site, they cannot trade their ideas actively while answering newbie questions all the time. It takes a lot of concentration to trade a plan. I too have talked to Eric Wood on the phone and in private message in the chat room. He’s the real deal just like Nate. I have also talked to another mod(@Freeflow) in chat as well and he has given me some good trade advise as well. Tough break to those that feel that they got cheated when going to Nates room, but while I haven’t been the most successful trader, I have gained great inside from Nate, Eric and others in the IU community. I’m still a member but haven’t been in chat very often because I still have a career that I enjoy working in, but the times that I do trade, I’m in the chat room and have always felt at home.

Carey Harper 4 years ago

Ask your self who in this day and age of technology where we have live video and voice feed would type in the chatroom and not use live voice chat to explain exactly what is he planning to do with stock before he does it!!! ? And why does he not have his entry and exits posted on screen all the time so we can clearly see when he is going in and out of the trade in-real-time!!! All this can be implemented in the chatroom but is not, ask yourself why ???
Thank you Emmet to point to this nonsense that is going on with IU.

M Gordon 5 years ago

Investors Underground Pricing

Investors Underground costs $297 monthly, $697 quarterly and $1897 yearly.

Is Investors Underground A Scam? - Investors Underground Pricing
Investors Underground Pricing

The bundled subscription of Investors Underground costs $1297 monthly, $1697 quarterly and $2697 yearly.

Is Investors Underground A Scam? Investors Underground Bundled Pricing
Investors Underground Bundled Pricing

Investors Underground Refund Policy

“When you sign up for Investors Underground, you get instant access to tons of invaluable resources that will help you become a better trader. Because of this, we do not offer refunds on subscriptions, however, you can cancel at any time and no future payments will be made. We want our members to stick around for the long run, so if you have any questions before signing up, feel free to reach out.”

Investors Underground website

Pros and Cons


  • The feeling of community within Investors Underground
  • Free educational content in their YouTube channel


  • The paid educational content is just a repackaged version of the free content in their YouTube channel
  • The founder is a convicted felon
  • No verified trades
  • You will need to be extra careful in asking questions, and newbie members might feel left out

Final Thoughts: Is Investors Underground A Scam

After reviewing Investors Underground, we can finally answer the question Is Investors Underground A Scam.

What boggles our mind is that how on earth are people still trusting him when he is a convicted criminal.

Okay, given that his subscription offers a paid subscription which unfortunately is not groundbreaking and is just the detailed version of the free videos over at YouTube.

We highly doubt that you will earn millions just like their “successful” traders who does not have a clear record whatsoever.

Investors Underground is a misery pit front runted by a convicted felon and ripping off oblivious subscribers who want the easy, get rich quick life.

Why would you give him your money when you can learn everything that they teach online?

Plus, if you want a community of traders to talk to, there are a number out there. An excellent alternative is our Options Trading Discord Channels. We will give you 1000 reasons to join!

A snake oil vendor named Andrew Keene is fleecing of his subscribers with a shady S.C.A.N. system. Learn more about this scam in our The 1450 Club Review now!

Click Here to Read My # 1 Top Scam: 1450 Club Review

Investors Underground


Data Accuracy


Ease of Use







  • The feeling of community within Investors Underground
  • Free educational content in their YouTube channel


  • The paid educational content is just a repackaged version of the free content in their YouTube channel
  • The founder is a convicted felon
  • No verified trades
  • You will need to be extra careful in asking questions, and newbie members might feel left out