Investors Business Daily Customer Service

Investor’s Business Daily has been in the business since 1984 and the William O’Neil, the founder of IBD, constructed the IBD stock picks based on CAN SLIM strategy.

In this review, join us as we trek back to find how the Investors Business Daily Customer Service has been throughout the years.

Investor’s Business Daily has weathered the ups and down of the market and is considered as an institution in the financial industry.

But is IBD’s Customer Service still consistently top-notch or has it dipped below standards as they already have a large following?

Track down the answer right now in this Investors Business Daily Customer Service review!

Investors Business Daily Customer Service: How To Contact Investor’s Business Daily

In our Investors Business Daily Reviews, we discussed IBD’s various services, the CAN SLIM strategy, and its pros and cons.

We are going to address the matter at hand here since there are a lot asking about IBD’s Customer Service, but first we must know how to contact IBD.

In order to contact IBD:

“If you are ever in question about the legitimacy of an email from IBD, please contact customer service at: (800) 831-2525 or outside the United States 1-310-448-6600.”

Investor’s Business Daily website

Investors Business Daily Customer Service: How To Cancel Subscription

To cancel your subscription, you must notify IBD’s Customer Service Department in writing either by e-mail at or by mail service at PO Box 92042, Inglewood, CA 90099-9375, USA. You may also contact IBD by phone at (800) 831-2525 in the United States, (800) 664-2013 in Canada, and at (310) 448-6600 in other Countries.

Our hours are Mon-Fri: 5:30AM – 5:00PM Pacific Time. You may also cancel online by logging into, click on “My IBD”, then “View my online subscriptions” and then click on “Cancel”.

For international customers, please submit a request at”

Investor’s Business Daily website

Investors Business Daily Customer Service: Who Is The Managing Editor Of Investor’s Business Daily

Investors Business Daily Customer Service -  Investor's Business Daily Managing Editor  Susan Warfel
Investor’s Business Daily Managing Editor Susan Warfel

The current Managing Editor of Investor’s Business Daily is Susan Warfel, a graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in journalism and sociology.

Before joining IBD, Warfel was a reporter for the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner. She joined IBD even before its official incipience in 1983.

Warfel started out as a reporter and later on promoted as senior editor and has been the Managing Editor since 1996.

In her interview with Talking Biz News, she shared her career and the future of Investor’s Business Daily. Below is the excerpt.

How did you get interested in business journalism?

I fell into business journalism while I was still in college.  My first internship was at a local business weekly, the Los Angeles Business Journal, and I found the work to be both interesting and challenging. At the time, the U.S. was in a recession, so there were a lot of industries under pressure in our area. Yet there were people trying to grow and expand their businesses who had a lot to talk about too. Plus, the analytical side of the reporting appealed to me.

One of the first jobs they gave me on the job was to compile the annual top 50 companies list and then to write the cover story based strictly on the list rankings. I’m dating myself now, but at the time this was a manual job of picking through annual reports and other financial statements and then figuring all the growth rates and ratios on a calculator. This sounds tedious, but it was actually a great way to learn how to use corporate financial data and extract meaning from them.

On top of all that, business journalism was one of the few areas of the industry that was growing.  Really, I think a lot of news organizations were just waking up to the fact that economic issues affect everyone.

What attracted you to Investor’s Business Daily?

It was mostly two things. One was the entrepreneurial environment. I was one of the journalists hired during the start-up phase, so I’ve been here since the very first issue of the newspaper. It was exciting to be part of the planning and launch of an entirely new news product.

But even more than that, I saw the paper as a place where I could grow as a business journalist. The editors and reporters who had been hired to start the paper had deep experience at business magazines or other news organizations. I felt I could learn from them.

And the parent company of IBD had a vast stock market database and expertise about stocks and investing. The knowledge base was much greater than at the general circulation metro paper where I had been working.

What does IBD do that sets it apart from other business news outlets?

We’re not like other business news outlets and don’t want to be. Yes, we cover the same big breaking news events, but we add unique perspective about the performance of the companies and industries we’re writing about. Maybe that big tech company announcing an earnings increase has the weakest profit growth in its industry group – investors would want to know that. They might have been thinking this could be a time to buy that stock because of the earnings report.

And as I already mentioned, we provide a lot more coverage of the best-performing stocks, whether or not they are household names – and often they aren’t.

The difference starts with our in-house knowledge about stocks and investing. We let the data guide us to what we should be covering. And we use charts extensively to analyze what’s happening both at the company and market level. What really sets us apart is our coupling of fundamental analysis of companies’ earnings, sales and other financial performance measures, along with technical analysis of their stock price and volume, using charts.

Where would you like to see IBD improve in the next five years?

These are exciting times in our industry. Our challenge is to continue to deliver a top-quality financial newspaper while substantially building our Internet readership and revenue. This will require continual investment, change, and improvement, and not just on our website,

Our journalists also have to keep evolving their skills, and we work with everyone on that. We provide frequent training and reviews of SEO principles and best Web writing practices. And we’re open to ideas from all corners of the newsroom.

As for our site itself, we are investing in technology with the goal of speeding up publishing times, gaining more content presentation flexibility and giving journalists more control over the packaging of content. We have been rolling out improvements, including responsive design and a redesign of our investor education section. Other design changes will follow, including a new presentation of our videos.

Five years down the line, I hope our newsroom will be delivering more company news coverage on the Web, more quickly, with perhaps more updates during the day. And I’m sure we’ll have even better financial data and screening tools. But “more” is not necessarily the answer to Internet readers’ needs, certainly not by itself. We must continue to provide unique content that informs growth-oriented stock investors and helps them make smart decisions.

A lot of business news sites still give away content for free. Why has IBD stuck with a pay model?

We have unique information that readers can’t get elsewhere. And readers can use that information to improve their investment returns, so they are willing to pay for it. Why would we give it all away for free?

But I want to make something clear. We actually have several levels of access on Most of the current articles are available to anyone, along with basic charts and data. We want to be able to introduce new readers to our content.

IBD subscribers get full access to all current and archived articles and exclusive data features, including our Stock Screener and IBD Stock Checkup rating system. We also offer premium online products, which are separate subscriptions.

How do you respond to criticism that IBD doesn’t do much investigative reporting about companies?

Our newspaper and website are full of valuable information that investors can’t get anywhere else. We do not pretend to do everything for everyone. We are frequently the first news organization to write about a little-known stock before it makes a big upward move. And we note warning signs in a stock – often technical, based on stock price and volume patterns that other journalists don’t follow – before other news organizations notice any problems. We make no apologies for our focus.

How big is IBD’s editorial staff, and how do you decide what to cover each day?

We have about 65 people on our editorial staff. Each reporting and editing team – markets, technology, business, and so on – has a fair amount of autonomy in planning and assigning stories. But we have a news meeting each morning where we review all the teams’ budgets and go over the breaking news of the day – what has covered so far, as well as other financial and general news organizations. We’ll make requests and decide on our A1 story lineup. Executive Editor Chris Gessel and I participate in those meetings, along with our news editors.

What Are Customers Experience With Investor’s Business Daily

Better Business Bureau

They offer you a bunch of “free trials” then charge you $170+ without any sort of heads-up.

Brandon 06/28/2020

We have not received the delivery of the paper for three consecutive weeks. We were not permitted to have carriers phone number or speak to a supervisor We wish to have a reliable delivery service of the weekly IBD paper. Despite assurances each time we call to advise IBD that we have not received our paper for three consecutive weeks, nothing has gotten any better. I was advised I could not speak to a supervisor, that the problem was with the delivery service, but they were not permitted to give me the number. If they have an unreliable delivery service, it is their responsibility to correct it.

Desired Outcome

We wish IBD to provide a dependable delivery service and to adjust our account for the missing papers.


IBD engages in deceptive advertising. They double bill, against my permission and continuously refuse to cancel my subscription. I signed up for trial offer for $5.41 in May, 2019. They double billed the $5.41 on 5/29/2019, and they continue to refuse to remove it. They billed $31.34 on 6/24/2019 and again on 7/2/19. I called to cancel my subscription and they continue to refuse to honor it. They’ve continued to bill ****** every 9 days before increasing the price to $37.83 on 10/01/2019, against my permission. They’ve billed me $37.83 on 10/30/2019, 11/29/2019, and again on 12/23/2019.

Desired Outcome

Refund and forward to law enforcement


I have a subscription for paper delivery and website. The paper rarely gets delivered. I have called them numerous times. No relief. Been a fan of IBD in the earlier years but their lack of customer service is atrocious. I have not received the paper (weekly only now) consistently from the beginning of the year (XXXX). I have had to call them numerous times to get it started again. There is no way to discus this with them via email or chat. Their “customer service” email link only states I will have service extended another week. Well you need consistent info to be able to invest properly. An additional week of NOT getting something does no good.

Desired Outcome

I want consistent weekly delivery. If that is not possible, then I want a full refund.


I called the company to end my membership before it expired on 02/22/2017. But the company keeps charging me the membership fee until now. On 01/25/2016, I joined the membership of the company’s investment service. The monthly membership fee is $28.95. Before my annual membership expired on 02/22/2017, I called the company to state that I decide to cancel my membership and will not renew any more. After the phone call, I thought the company would handled my request as I expected, and I did not pay attention to it any more. Recently (03/08/2018) when I looked through my credit card statement, I saw surprisingly that the company still charges me the membership of $28.95 every month. So I called their customer service immediately on that day. The customer service told me that they do no have any record of me calling to cancel my membership. He only agreed to refund my membership fee for the last three months, instead of the whole period from 02/22/2017 to now (03/03/2018). I am very surprised and angry that they do not even keep the record of me calling them to cancel my membership around 02/22/2017. That is very unprofessional. In fact, I never visited their website and used their service ever since 02/22/2017 when my annual membership expired. Their IT department should be able to check this and prove what I said is true.

Desired Outcome

I request the company to refund the membership fee they charged me from 02/22/2017 to the present (03/08/2018). The total amount is $28.95 *12 = $347.4


I have subscribed for a trial subscription for 1 cent/month. I called and ended the subscription before the trial period. They have been charging ~$29/month I have subscribed for a trial subscription for 1 cent/month. I called and ended the subscription before the trial period. They have been charging ~$29/month since then. I called them again today after finding out they have been charging. They said they will return for two months but not 3rd month. I said I need all three months then ******* the customer representative said go dispute thru your credit card if you need three months. There is no log or confirmation email when I call. I have to trust their records and they just lie about the fact that they have no records of me calling and ending the subscription. I don’t know how many citizens they cheat this way. This is simply a fraud. Please see my original trial period subscription, that I ended promptly RECEIPT: Investor’s Business Daily Invoice #: ********* Payment Date: 10/25/2017 Payment Amount: $0.99 Payment Method: MasterCard ******** Billing Info: _____________ ***** **** ************** Hampton, VA *****, US Shipping Info: ______________ ***** **** ************** Hampton, VA *****, US Order Details: ______________ Product Name Qty Price Discount Subtotal and Taxes Total IBD Digital, 1 Month 1 $0.99 $0.99 $0.00 $0.00 $0.99 Totals: ——- Sub Total: $0.99 Shipping and Handling: $0.00 Grand Total: $0.99

Desired Outcome

A full refund of my four months.


Michael 3 weeks ago

IBD is the only periodical that I receive that has educated me in a way that has really helped my trading account to appreciate in value. As a novice trader, I very much appreciate the manner in which the technical aspects are explained in a fashion that has enabled me to make smarter decisions in choosing stocks that interest me.

Andres 1 week ago

Short, concise and relevant.

Ingrid 1 week ago

Really good info and recommendations.

Melody 2 weeks ago


David N 2 weeks ago

They teach you about the market. I have learned so much in a few months than in 20 years.

Ed 2 weeks ago

IBD is in a category all by itself. . I had a subscription to IBD for 24 years and it is the most superior investing publication-service on the market. I attended two IBD seminars taught by founder WO and was lucky enough to have lunch with WO at the second seminar. This publication changed my life and has taught me more about investing than the all MBA classes I had in Grad school on investing. If you study the concepts diligently and apply them according to the IBD recipe you will do well. I rarely ever recommend anything but IBD is so outstanding you should give it a try. IBD will not rip you off but the IBD recipe requires substantial study and hard work. There are no free lunches. WO should be nominated for a Nobel Prize.

Brian 2 weeks ago

I joined Swing Trader on May 21, 2020, and am quitting on Sept. 30. I have compulsively entered every trade (missed about 2-3 trades) including shares, my transaction price and amount, the alert price, my profit/loss, Swing Trader profit/loss based on their alert price, my delayed buy impact amount, my delayed sell impact amount (combining delayed buy and delayed sell impact = $20,515 loss), my projected ARR (12.5% profit), and Swing Trader ARR (from 5/21/20, 62.7% profit). I have a son who is an expert in constructing Excel spreadsheets and he helped me with this. I estimate that my transactions based on the alerts (both the app and Gmail invariably come in within 2 seconds of each other) are carried out within 2 minutes of the alert in most cases, maybe 10% an hour later.

I am disappointed that Justin Nielsen did not respond to 2 friendly emails from me. I think that their success has gone down since Mike Webster left. I think they should stop trading for a while since the market is in correction. Analyzing their trading exit dates, from 9/4-9/24, they had 17 losing trades and 4 profitable trades. That is unacceptable. Some of the reviews have missed the point that Nielsen and I guess Chris Gessel delay 30 minutes after the alert before making any transactions in their personal portfolios. My son astutely made a suggestion that they should have a hedge fund that we contribute our money to, and pay a fee to them for doing the trading at their alert prices. They would make money from us, and our performance would be significantly better.

Cannon Dilworth 3 weeks ago

Live the Charts on Market Watch.GIVES an unemotional view of the price action.Plus find the Stocks to watch based on Volume to be a very good source for new ideas

Shelby H 7 months ago

IBD does the heavy lifting when it comes to gathering both fundamental and technical information and any stock you are interested in. It would take an individual hours to gather that information. IDB presents it at a glance. Superb.

Brent C 7 months ago

“Please don’t interfere with the login site using advertisements. We already paid a subscription for this.”

Anonymous 2 years ago

“I put forth a lot of effort trying to learn the stock market but had trouble figuring out “which system was right for me”. The right system for me was the one that made money but no one would tell me how to do it. You always have to wonder who is in it for themselves and who is legitimate. I spent a lot of time on Morningstar, CNBC and IBD (all legitimate). Morningstar kind of faded from my screen mostly because of the current growth market, but they still didn’t really instruct me. I subscribed to IBD and read and watched and bought stocks while simultaneously obsessing over watching CNBC many hours a day. I finally realized that IBD was on to something. (READ HOW TO BUY STOCKS BY BILL ONEIL!!!) but CNBC kept clouding my vision. For some reason, CNBC Live stopped playing in my browser and so I just started reading IBD. Every article teaches you! Since dropping the noise of CNBC, I’ve subscribed to Marketsmith (a bit pricey but worth it when learning) and I generally beat the S&P consistently on a monthly basis. If you want something easy and beats the S&P with little work or little outlay for subscription fees, read and subscribe to their ETF strategy. It should be required reading! Lastly, their Earnings Option Strategy is also very good. I just bought my first options today! I will have to report back later on it but it is a LOT safer than buying stocks before earnings. If I sound like a homer. I am! IBD has become my market guru because they have great products, advice and constantly teach you. The cost is not all that much if you look at fees charged by mutual funds. Start with a website subscription, then try free trials of MarketSmith, LeaderBoard and SwingTrader.”

Robert R 2 years ago

“I am not happy with the present IBD format. I think you need to return to much of what you had 5 years ago. Your Leaderboard is designed for people that are day traders. In the years that I have been a customer, Leaderboard has given me very little insight. For example, you have removed Facebook from the Leaderboard several times over the past few years. If I had followed you advice, I would have lost at least 60% upside. In addition, considering what I pay per month, I should be entitled to everything you offer.”

Mike K 3 years ago

“Not really very happy”

Konstandinos R 3 years ago

“Trial paper delivery subscription resulted in 5 non deliveries. I notified customer service eac time and after 5th non delivery it was finally delivered every week. Why do customers have to do job of your customer service people? No one is going to buy anything from IBD with such poor service!!!!!!”

Mike I 3 years ago

“IBD was my bible from the first day it was founded. For years I read it and the WSJ every day before starting my day as a Director of Research in Boston. For both the IBD and WSJ in recent years, it is obvious how far both have gone to attempt to broaden their material and lessen their straight business content. It is a real shame. I do not make the effort to read IBD on the web and thus I miss much such the New Era which I always read and frequently invested in them.”

THEODORE D 3 years ago

“I use Swing Trader and the service helps me to monitor how the market is doing. A complaint I have though is that it seems that the service finds “potential” stocks to buy that are considered “not triggered”. Many times these stocks are introduced after a previous stock has reached a stop loss. I almost wonder if the reason the “not triggered” stocks are introduced is because the service wants to keep customers from canceling, due to their last investment reaching a stop loss. The “not triggered” stocks often do well even if they never trigger. I would like to see more of these “not triggered” stocks, even if there are no stop losses met on other stocks.”

Doug B 3 years ago

“Sierra Wireless I lowered my position by 2/3 going into earnings

Then saw it went down partly to a merger …since merger I thought it would go down only 7% ….but it went down 20%…then the stock just quitely dropped off of stock spotlight

3 straight leaderboard stocks have been “disappointing”?

I could have done better without leaderboard

I found CWH on my own and was correct”

Anonymous 3 years ago

“aside from the fundy data… marketsmith is sooooo bad, buggy, slow, cumbersome… its a software way ahead of its time, if u in the 80s shame for not improving”

Anonymous 3 years ago

“IBD has the info that you need to invest and make money.”

WILLIAM S 3 years ago

“Investors Business Daily was always my favorite Paper, when it was delivered daily as a paper. The wealth of information and articles were second to none. When IBD went to a weekend only delivery I was upset. Although it is easy enough to use IBD in its digital format, spending more time at the computer or tablet is not appealing to me. The daily editorials were also fantastic. I miss them dearly. Finally, delivery of the weekend edition became a non-event for me, especially recently where the paper was not delivered 4 out of 5 weeks. I asked the Representative not to automatically renew IBD. More than likely, I will not. It is a SAD day for me.”

Paul S 3 years ago

“I have enjoyed investing in stocks even more since I started my IBD subscription. Not only do I make more money I also enjoy your newspaper.You always are improving your delivery I trust that you will continue your efforts. Thank You James R. Zink”

JAMES Z 3 years ago

“MarketSmith is a great product, but there should be a discounted bundle offer for the newspaper and MarketSmith together. I had the paper for more than 10 years along with Dailygraphs, but got too expensive to keep both. Customers who subscribe to MarketSmith should get the digital edition of the weekend paper as well.”

Samuel D 3 years ago

“First off I am seriously tired of receiving pop ups asking me to turn off my pop-up blocker. I’m PAYING for a subscription, which should entitle me to browse though whatever information without having to endure annoying advertising.

Second of all, you went from providing me with 6 newspapers a week to only 1 now, with no apparent added value for myself while still charging the same amount.

Thirdly, you make cancelling any type of subscription excruciatingly painful in extreme contrast to getting a subscription, which is, of course, a one click deal. I must say, that looking back at the arguments I just provided to you, I honestly do not know why I remain a customer.


Alberto Lemolt”

Alberto L 3 years ago

“I am glad that you still have the weekly paper version. I’ve gotten accustomed to it, but am having difficulty navigating through the online version.”

STEPHEN H 3 years ago

“I have been a subscriber for more than 15 years.

No BS, Just facts, numbers, and a system.”

Russell L 3 years ago


The answer is a resounding yes. There is so much valuable information in every IBD issue and very often it is very pertinent and reasonably brief.

I don’t want to sell IBD, so will let you visit their website and perhaps try them out using their always available discounted rates for newbies.

IBD’s CANSLIM method is quite effective, as is their scoring. It is rooted in a well-balanced combination of Fundamentals and Technicals.

They often have coverage of individual companies and sectors. They publish “Start of Day” and “End of Day” market observations and commentaries.

Their website allows you to quickly set up Portfolios of your stocks.

IBD rate and rank sectors and then companies within the sectors. Very effective.

How to use IBD effectively?

a) They are a “Buy High, Sell Higher” methodology, and mindset. Most people initially have trouble with that, as these stocks tend to have high valuations. Case in point – They picked up a lot of Cloud stocks before they took off – NOW, SHOP

b) They don’t provide a Hedging model, IBD is mostly focused on going long (buying). However, you can short they rank low and then hedge yourself if you so prefer

c)They believe in Momentum Investing and often, those stocks carry a lot more risk of sharp slides. However, they will comment on the markets, if they are getting overpriced with falling volumes, etc. One must take all the factors into account. In case the momentum is dying, it is best to ease in when in doubt instead of rushing in.

d) Their method of Investing often demands exiting positions before the losses become too big. That is a good thing always, using stop losses. However, this soon becomes trading instead of investing. A lot of small losses add up fast if one is not careful.

e) They have a lot of subsidiary services, like Leaderboard, which is pretty expensive for their value add. However, if you can negotiate a good deal with them, some of these services are quite effective, IMHO.

f) The way to succeed in Investing / Trading is to have a lot of high-quality knowledge, I believe IBD lives up to that promise.

Hope that helps. Good luck.

Kumar Narain June 29, 2019

While I agree with their philosophy, in theory, I haven’t made any money using their buying/selling/timing methods. My experiment has been to compare the performance of 3 IRA accounts: one in which I invest using IBD techniques, another with “counter investments” like Precious Metals, Energy, Bonds, and Value stocks, and a third that’s all in a 2035 Target fund on autopilot. So far the IBD account has performed the worst over 2 years, after my having been in and out of about 40 “leading” stocks recommended by IBD. The poor returns on the IBD account include having bought into big winners like The Trading Desk, Alibaba, and Amazon. Below are the main flaws I’ve experienced with these methods:

Many, many of IBDs stock picks -even the ones with outstanding financial performance- decline in price from their buy points for no reason discernible to an amateur investor, especially in earnings season. These stocks can report RECORD earnings, beat estimates, and still gap down on earnings 5–20%.

The stocks that do rise only do so while the S&P is also rising. Buy 10 leading stocks in a “buy zone” during an uptrend: 4 will decline 8% and get cut, 3 linger at +/-2% and 3 achieve gains of 20%, triggering profit-taking based on IBD methods. Average these out, and you’ll get about the same return as an S&P Index fund over the same time frame.

Gains (from the few winners) take much longer to realize than losses (from the many losers). So if an uptrend is short-lived, you will realize losses very quickly but no gains. Your must understand your tolerance for early losses before embarking on this. If you buy stocks in an uptrend that in 4 weeks moves to correction, you will have to decide whether to eat the losses on stocks that have already declined, or hold them not knowing how low the bottom will go. Believe me many of their “confirmed uptrends” leave you in this predicament.

I find their recommendations focused on lagging indicators. So AFTER the stock starts doing well, it goes on the Leaderboard. AFTER the market gets weak, they tell you to move to cash. AFTER the stock gaps up they tell you to buy. AFTER sector rotation occurs, they tell you to get out of that sector. AFTER a stock starts hemorrhaging they remove it from the Leaderboard. I feel like their recommendations don’t take you to where the market is going, only where it’s been.

While the Thursday PodCast does feature some interesting guests, most of them have made their fortunes in Growth Investing during or after a stint on Wall Street. I haven’t heard a single amateur investor like me (even with a finance background which I have) using IBD with any more success than just buying an Index Fund.

So while I’m not throwing in the towel yet, I’m not convinced, and can’t provide an endorsement for IBD.

Ryan Overbeek September 27, 2019

I think I’d keep it in my armor. I find the stories on the stocks helpful when I combine it with my own timing and position management rules.

A word of caution – I have come to realize that IBD’s talks about stocks as if it is describing a party full of celebrities. It makes you feel like that is the only way to party. And if you do not have that stock in your portfolio, then you are missing out. Reading it can create that FOMO that can be very expensive to your portfolio. Therefore, unless you have that method to pick and manage a position, I would not follow on any idea. They do have some portfolio management rules, but I have found that they are not enough or out of touch most of the time with what the market may be offering at that time.

When I started in investing Ibd was the publication to go to. It had the stock lists based on William O’Neil’s CANSLIM. Yet I did not make any money with it. I agree with the other answer; it is absolutely impossible to hold these stocks through earnings. If you scour the Ibd sponsored meetup groups, you will find many individual investors do research and share ideas that improvise on IBD’s stock selection. That can be helpful but the word is still out there on whether the returns are significantly higher than buying a leveraged or actively managed ETF’s for the amount time that you would hold a stock pick from any of their list.

For the amount of work involved in finding that rocket ship is so high that the returns better be phenomenal. And that rocket ship I have only found in hindsight with IBD. Nonetheless, there is something to be said about that as well.

Sanjay Parekh May 25

I have come to realize that IBD’s talk about stocks as if it is describing a party full of celebrities. It makes you feel like that is the only way to party. And if you do not have that stock in your portfolio, then you are missing out. Reading it can create that FOMO that can be very expensive to your portfolio. Therefore, unless you have that method to pick and manage a position I would not follow on any idea. They do have some portfolio management rules but I have found that they are not enough or out of touch most of the time with what the market may be offering at that time.

Himanshi Rajpal October 19

If you’re a full-time stock investor with many millions under management, then yes. They have good information on the stocks that are growing fastest. But their recommendations have to be taken with (more than) a grain of salt since they’re based purely on momentum. Their “method” of trading based on charts is useless.

Charles Grayball June 29, 2019

In my opinion, absolutely not.

First, they charge $35 per month. Are you making at least that much based on what they give you? Highly unlikely. You can get the same information for free from many other sources.

Also, whatever you do, don’t sign up for any trial runs, etc. It’s a scam.

David Collins May 22

In a good market, it is wonderful. In a bad market, it lines the bird feeder. One of a kind….there are pearls there that I cannot find elsewhere. I recommend it charts to most investors versus fundamentals and technicians – just charts.

J Smith August 25


I recently decided to get into investing and trading. I was looking at a few services to help understand and grow quickly in both fields. I tried the IBD newsletter for the last few weeks. I also decided to try Marketsmith and this is where I saw something odd. I was using IBD for chart pattern identification and help me develop and understand technical analysis> I planned to use it as a crutch to make some money and understand CANSLIM faster. The weekly release stocks near the buy zone wherein they tell you a list of stocks that are about to break out of the cup and handle pattern and at what price should you get in.

Now market smith is another product that is far more expensive at $150 a month and also gives you a set of stocks that are near their buy point. A list of stocks that have broken out and are fast approaching their sell price. It also gives you a lot of ratings and fundamental data with a click of a button.

The first glaring difference is in terms of the stock lists which are very different. The ones posted on the IBD newsletter seem to go nowhere or move very slowly. Currently, AMD has been on the list forever. And AMD is not the only stock as most if not all stock on the Stocks to By list haven’t broken out or a breakout over weeks. Market smith on the other hand actually gave recommendations every day and has had multiple stocks breakout per day basis. In short, you will get really slow-moving or low priority information on the newsletter compared to Marketsmith.

Now last night there was an article to get into Paypal on the IBD newsletter as it had the potential of going further for those who missed out and add for those who followed the original recommendation, but on MarketSmith you have reached the sell zone. So in short the newsletter subscribers will buy into the stock while the Marketsmith users will sell and rake in the profits. Now, this reminds me of the pump and dump schemes that flow around penny stocks. Of course, since it’s a company like Paypal your downside is heavily protected but just looking at the quality of the information provided feels like a scam

The really infuriating portion is that they actually charge a decent amount of money for their newsletter/ site access. It feels like you pay for getting second hand and second quality information.

As for the fundamental analysis, Morningstar offers amazing in-depth reports on the stocks they follow for a fraction of the price.

For the IBD list of growth stocks, I believe there is an ETF from where you can get the list.

All in all, I believe if you want to use IBD, Marketsmith is the way. Although I have not tried their other products like Swingtrader or Leaderboard.

shehal_patel 6 months ago

Not a scam. I’ve used IBD products on/off for years. CANSLIM is the methodology …IBD is the company that provides analysis, ideas, etc. The IBD 50 has been well regarded over the years. This said stock on the list does not mean it’s a buy. The methodology supports buying strong stocks as they breakout of a base on higher than normal volume (the higher the better). Waiting for confirmation will provide additional confidence. When applied correctly… the methodology works more than it doesn’t. This is not a long-term buy and holds strategy. More of a mid term trade. Each of the IBD services offers different areas of focus.

IBD Digital/weekly: news, access to the IBD lists, IBD ratings, and some light analysis. Mobile apps are weak, especially the iPad app…which is just the iPhone app with a 2x button to expand. Remember those? That what the app developers did 10 years ago when they did not want or know how to create an iPad or universal app. This ticks me off as the iPad is where I would most use it. If you pay the subscription… they ought to give you a properly functioning app.

Leaderboard: greater focus on the best opportunities now with deeper chart analysis

Swing Trader: shorter term, quick hits. Trades lasting a few days to a few weeks with lower profit goals and tight stops. In and out.

MarketSmith: premium level service with excellent charting, ratings, a Journal. I used MarketSmith for several years. But it’s pricey. And my beef here is that it leaves out things from lower-level services that should be included at this price. Other services I’ve tried…

The Motley Fool is more of a long-term buy and hold idea house.

Gorilla Trades does a solid job as a swing trading idea service, somewhat similar to IBD’s Swing Trader.
IBD changed ownership a few years back. When they did.. they appeared to be cutting resources. They changed from a daily newspaper to a weekly but with daily information online and via the app through the IBD Digital subscription as well as some free information. I had some hopes that with the greater focus on digital that they would release a proper app. No such luck. Note… this is about the standard IBD app. The MarketSmith app is excellent.

Claude Henry Smoot 5 months ago

It is a decent resource for growth, momentum stocks. The New America page had occasionally found a hot new stock before it became popular. There are small spaces dedicated to international IPOs, new mutual fund adds. The relative strength, sector, EPS rankings can all be valuable.

With all that, many libraries subscribe. Go there. Especially if you have a smallish account.

As a footnote, the world record for stock trading was accomplished using a variation of the CANSLIM method during the dot com bubble. Dan Zanger ran a small five figure account to eight figures in two years. There are YouTube interviews.

RTiger 1 year ago

I subscribe. I’m still not sure if it’s worth it. I like their ratings and charts, and I read “the big picture” every day. I’d try it. You can get a free trial.

80percentofme 1 year ago

It’s just a pump and dump for institutions to steal j6p money… If you follow their investment rules. They have you selling out of stocks at an 8% loss and I didn’t find the system useful. Being momentum Stocks high volatility around earnings announcements. It’s best to do your own research and use some of the investment tools on your own charting platform. Just my 2c worth. Never was happy with their over-hyped system.

Anonymous 1 year ago

IBD 50 Index, IBD 50 ETF Leaders Index, And IBD Breakout Stocks Index Performance

IBD 50 Index

“The IBD 50 is a computer-generated watch list of market-leading growth stocks, based on earnings and sales growth, return on equity, relative price strength, and other fundamental and technical indicators. The list is updated daily after the market close. The index uses the list once a week for its rebalance.”

Investor’s Business Daily website
Investors Business Daily Customer Service -  IBD 50 vs S&P 500 Total Return
IBD 50 vs S&P 500 Total Return

In the photo above, while it has indeed beaten the market index note that it greatly mirrors the dip in the market.

For example, during the outbreak of the virus earlier in 2020, IBD 50 also fell because the CAN SLIM strategy does not do well in a bearish market.

IBD ETF Leaders Index

“The IBD ETF Leaders Index shows the performance of a model portfolio of exchange-traded funds that are leading the overall market. A computer algorithm selects the ETFs based on relative strength and other objective performance ratings, with periodic adjustments for market trends and conditions. All exchange-traded funds on the index are non-leveraged ETFs. The index is typically updated on the last trading day of the month.”

Investor’s Business Daily website
Investors Business Daily Customer Service -  IBD ETF Leaders Index vs S&P Price Return
IBD ETF Leaders Index vs S&P Price Return

IBD Breakout Stock Index

Breakouts are a particularly powerful start to many of the biggest stock moves. The IBD Breakout Stocks Index starts with companies that have strong fundamental indicators and uses a chart pattern recognition algorithm to identify stocks at or near breakouts. Stocks selected remain a part of the index until they trigger sell signals. The index is rebalanced weekly with heavier weights on stocks showing the most potential for price appreciation.”

Investors Business Daily Customer Service - IBD Breakout Stocks Index vs S&P 500 Total Return
IBD Breakout Stocks Index vs S&P 500 Total Return

Final Thoughts: Is IBD’s Customer Service Still Exceptional?

In this review we examined Investors Business Daily Customer Service and how to contact IBD and how you can cancel your subscription.

The result was in favor of IBD while customers who had complaints were about newspaper deliveries that were not delivered on time.

There are also customers who did not see the value of getting only one newspaper every Saturday and did not like using the digital version of IBD.

In other platforms, most customers are still keeping their IBD subscription while it displeases others with the deteriorating service and abundance of ads.

But all in all, the Investors Business Daily Customer Service shows a great percentage of contented customers of 81% in

Nevertheless, we strongly suggest to use the stock picks of Investor’s Business Daily as recommendations and guidelines and to not blindly buy without due dilegence.

Thoughts? Leave them down below!

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