How To Use Webull App Options Calculator

You may or may not have heard of Webull App Options Calculator.

And you may already even already be using it.

It has a lot of features that can help you improve your options trading strategies and ultimately grow your account.

Here is everything you need to know about Webull App Options Calculator.

It will help you use it to its full potential.

What Is Webull App Options Calculator?

Webull Options calculator or Option Simulator is a simple interface that helps traders predict the price of options.

Who is the Webull Options Calculator for ?

Have you ever found yourself wondering how much will an option cost if the price of the underlying stock moves by “x’ $ by a certain date ?

Or better yet, you have taken a trade and between market hours, there is a big move and you are now eager to find out how much money you will be making ?

The above question can come to options trader’s mind before taking the trade.

How much money can you make on an option trade given the set of parameters that affect the option price will have an answer with the Webull App Options Calculator.

How To Use Webull App Options Calculator - Options Calculator Inputs
Options Calculator User Interface

How Does Webull Options Calculator Work?

Options traders have the ability to change the date of the Simulation, the underlying price, the implied volatility and the Risk-Free Rate.

As you change any one of these inputs, the price of your option contract under “Theo Price” will change accordingly.

At the same time, a percentage profit under “To current Price” will be updating automatically as well.

In the above image we capture from QQQ Options, the theorical price is 1.1668 which is a profit of 10.08% from the current value of that QQQ $286 Put expiring on May25.

How To Use Webull Options Calculator

This Webull options trading feature is relatively new to many traders, so I am still getting questions on how to get to the Webull Options Calculator on the Webull App.

Before you dive into the step-by-step video, there are the quick easy steps to take you to the options calculator with great ease.

  1. Select your stock of interest, then select Options to unveil you have 3 choices:

Options Chain, Volume Statistic and Probability Analysis.

2. Select the Options chain then click on the Ask price of any option.

The next screen will be like a buy order ticket.

3. Click on ‘Single option’ on the top right-hand side.

On the next screen, click on ‘Buy whatever option you selected’ then the next screen will show you a chart of the price of that option vs. time.

4. On top of this chart, there are 2 choices: chart and Calculator. Select Calculator and voilà 😁.

How Accurate is Webull Options Estimator

Since this tool is still relatively new, I will need some time to gather the data in order to provide a definitive answer to this question.

In the meantime, I will leave you with this based on my many years trading options with Calculators or Simulators.

Options calculators in general give you a very good idea of how much your contracts will be worth especially when the market conditions are stable i.e. the implied Volatility is a wild card that greatly impact options price.

Alternatives To Webull App Options Calculator

The most obvious alternatives to Webull Options Calculator is Power E*TRADE Trade Lab.

Check out my full detailed video on how to use it.

It is as intuitive as the Webull App Options Calculator.

Maybe a small edge goes to Webull solution because it is available on the App and thus makes it super easy to access.

I am also aware of the Think or Swim (TD Ameritrade Trading platform) options Simulator.

However, I have not used it yet myself.

Several Traders in my Discord Channel give high praise to this one.

Simply because they have been able to simulate the Successful Tradings Trade Alerts with great results.

FINAL THOUGHTS ON Webull App Options Calculator

The Webull Options Calculator is another innovative addition to this ever-progressive trading platform.

You will enjoy the ease of use and access to this new tool to help you take your options trading to the next Level.

How To Read Webull Options Charts

Webull Options charts have been improving recently as more traders enjoy Weibull’s innovative feature.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to setup Webull Options charts, read them and get to most from them.

Ultimately, you will be able to leverage all the insights of Webull options charts to increase your options trading profits.

What Is Webull Options Charts

Just like stocks chart tracks the evolution of the stock price over a period of time, options charts measure the change of the price of options over a period of time.

When you get into an option trade, you want to be able to evaluate how the price of your contract is tracking.

Why Are Webull Options Chart Important?

In fact, I will argue that the Webull options charts can be used for two main purposes:

  1. Decide when to enter a trade
  2. Determine when you want to close a trade or take partial profit

The first instance seems obvious because that is the most common question i get from options traders.

“How do I know when to enter a Trade ?”

How to Read Webull Options Charts - Time Interval Selection at the bottom of the Option chart
How To select Time Interval on Webull Option Chart

The second reason for using Webull options charts require a little more knowledge in technical analysis.

In Summary, the main take-away is that your Webull options charts will display other indicators.

In fact, the same technical indicators you use on the Webull stock charts can be displayed on the Webull options charts.

One of those indicators is the Bollinger Bands.

The upper Bollinger Band acts as a natural resistance meaning that when the price of your contract goes outside of the upper Bollinger band, this is an indication to start considering profit taking or scaling out.

Why You Need Webull Options Chart

My answer to options traders to thee question “Why do you need to track the option chart” is as simple as this.

If you are trading options, you must know that the price of the options is derived from other variables than simply the price of the underlying stock.

Therefore, if you are only tracking the price of the underlying stock, you may not fully capture the evolution of the option you are trading.

Consequently, it makes more sense to observe the actual instrument you are trading instead of the main proxy which is the stock chart.

How to Get Webull Options Chart on Webull App

Getting to the Option chart for any stock on Webull app is quite easy.

  1. Select your desired stock
  2. Click on “Options” on the Menu to the Right of Charts as shown below

How to Read Webull Options Chart - Getting to the Webull Option chart
Select Options to Access Webull Option chain

3. Once on the Option chain, Click on the Ask price for the Strike price you want to chart

How To Read Webull Options Chart -How to Access the Option chart on Webull App
Click on Single Option on Top right

4. Click on the Buy on the Top Left to Unveil your option chart

How To Read Webull Options Chart - Order Ticket Get you to the chart of that Option
Order ticket is the ultimate step to see the Option chart

From there, you can select the timeframe of your option chart as depicted earlier.

Also, you now have the ability to access the Webull Options Calculator.

How To Read Webull Options Charts

At the bottom of the Option chart, Webull provides the time and sales for that option.

this means that you have access to LEvel-2 option data.

This is different from the stock Level-2 data we discussed in a previous tutorial.

Webull App Options Time and Sales

The access to the Time and Sales of Option can get a trader into an option trade by identifying how other traders are managing that specific strike price.

Alternatives to Webull Options Charts

Webull options trading platform has really improved since 2019.

The company has been celebrating its fourth-year anniversary during the month of May 2022.

Webull Options Trading Platform turned 4 in May 2022
Webull Trading Platform Turned 4 in May 2022

As someone who has been following Webull progress during this time, I can certainly applaud their commitment in providing options traders the resources and tools to become successful.

Can you get Options Charts on TradingView?

As great as Tradingview is for regular stocks charting, it does not yet offer the ability to chart options on its platform.

Hopefully in the near future, such feature might be added.

How To Get Options Charts on ETRADE?

In my YouTube video below, I explain how easy it is to get an option chart on ETRADE.

You will quickly learn how to set up your Option charts with all of your favorite indicators.

You will only need to do it once.

Then every subsequent time, the same indicators will display regardless of the stock option you are charting.

This is a very powerful way to track the evolution of the exact instrument you are trading vs the stock price chart which is just a “lousy” proxy at best.

Below is the Video that describes the easy steps on how to read Webull option charts.


I showed you how to take full advantage of Webull Options charts in 2022 and beyond.

Webull platform continues to set the standard for options trading tools.

If they could just manage to provide paper Options Trading soon, then all the other brokers will always come second in comparison.

Can You Buy and Sell Options After Hours?

Can You Sell Options After Hours

If you are looking to buy and Sell options after hours, this step-by-step guide is the right one for you.

You will learn what type of options you can buy and sell after hours, how to do it to make money consistently and the pitfalls to avoid so that you can continue to take your trading account to the next level.

Can You Buy Options After Hours?

The simple answer to the question Can you buy Options after hours is that it really depends on your broker.

In theory, you can buy and sell ETFS options in the 15 minutes after hours window each day Monday through Friday.

However, I have heard so many disheartening stories from traders on how some brokers simply do not allow them to take advantage of this opportunity.

Here is a summary table of which brokers gives you this extended window to buy and sell options contracts after hours on the main ETFS: SPY, QQQ, IWM and DIA just to name these leading ones.

Brokers After Hours Options Trading PolicyYes/No
Can you Buy Options after Hours on ETRADE?Yes
Can you Buy Options after Hours on Webull? Maybe
Can you Buy Options after Hours on Robinhood? No
Can you Buy Options after Hours on TD Ameritrade? Yes
Can you Buy Options after Hours on eOption? TBD
Brokers Policy on After-Hours Options Trading

Can You Sell Options After Hours?

Once you are able to buy options after hours in the extended 15 minutes window from 4pm EST to 415EST, you can sell them for profit or carry them if your Expiration date is still in the future.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, there is no expiration pending at 415pm therefore we can carry our options to the next Day .

You ought to be careful on how to manage your overnight positions because there is no guarantee the stock will continue in the same direction the next day.

Can all stocks Options be traded after hours?

Not all stocks have options that you can trade after hours.

In fact, as of now, only the main ETFS such as SPY, QQQ, IWM and DIA offer you the ability to trade their options during after-hours.

Can you Buy and Sell SPY Options after hours?

Prior to May 2021, SPY after hours options trading was the only after-hours strategy I was using.

Ever since, I have a new favorite ETF I prefer to buy and sell options with after hours.

There is nothing wrong with buying and selling options after hours with SPY.

It is just that my new best ETF pays more, and I have been focusing on it ever since May 2021.

Care to find out which one it is?

Read below please.

My Best Options to Buy and Sell After Hours

When Should you Trade QQQ Options after hours?

You should trade QQQ Options after hours whenever there is a binary event taking place that can impact QQQ price.

Such events are mostly Earnings from the Top 8 companies of QQQ.

Here is a recent table summarizing how the top technology companies Earnings Release impact the after-hours price of QQQ.

After Hours DATEQQQ After Hours MovementReason for after Hours Volatility
April 19 2022QQQ from $346 to $342#NFLXEarnings [-20%]
April 20 2022QQQ from $341 to $343#TSLA Earnings [+5%]
April 26 2022QQQ from $317 to $313#GOOG Earnings [-6%]
April 27 2022QQQ from $317 to $321#FB Earnings [+13%]
April 28 2022QQQ from $328 to $324#AMZN Earnings [-10%]
Recent QQQ After Hours Options Trading Opportunities

Why You should Trade QQQ Options After Hours

The main reason why you should trade QQQ Options after hours during Earnings season or FOMC statement is because very cheap options can quickly make you a lot of money.

A $2 move after hours on QQQ stock price especially on Expiration Day can easily bring you over 100% in a matter of a few minutes.

We have a very cheap Strategy that can yield big returns.

What’s not to love?

Here is a recent QQQ option chart we captured showing how the puts contracts appreciated after hours from 86 cents to $1.86.

Can you buy and sell options after hours
Over 100% Profit Buying and Selling QQQ Options After Hours

How To Buy and Sell QQQ Options after Hours

I am able to provide these insights on how to trade QQQ options after hours because of the many trades I have been in since 2014.

This has enabled me to gather a great deal of statistics which that many traders in my Discord room are leveraging now.

And so can you.

I teach my traders a very powerful after-hours options trading strategy.

We know that we an buy and trade QQQ Options each all the way to 4:15pm EST.

The concept is to focus on the 3 Expirations for QQQ Options: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Why ?

Because on those Days, the closer we get to that time of closing, the cheaper QQQ options are.

CAn you Buy and Sell Options After Hours - QQQ Options paying over 600% after hours
QQQ Options Paying 600% After Hours

This means that you will not have to invest too much money in this strategy.

You will focus on contracts that are less than 15-20 cents.

By my empirical data, 15 minutes before 4PM official market closing, we can buy QQQ options $2 strike away for less than that amount.

We do this for both Calls and Puts.

Then a $2 move on QQQ stock rice up or down from 345pm to 4:15pm will make either the Calls or the Puts contracts explode for multiple baggers like 200%, 300% etc…

Here is a video example of this technique we use on SPY Options after hours but the principle is exactly the same for QQQ options after hours.

QQQ After Hours Options Trading Performance Tracker

One of the best advice I can provide you right now is your trading journey is to treat it as a business.

As such, business keep records of the performance of their products or systems.

In our case, our trading strategies is what we must evaluate and assess over time.

This is to make sure we are not blinding throwing money away.

Therefore, I am offering you this free Options Tracking Performance spreadsheet.

You will use it to track the performance of your QQQ after hours Trading Strategy over time.

Every 3 months or so, you should re-evaluate it to either scale back or up on this investment.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Download My FREE Options Performance Tracker


I showed what, when and how you can buy and sell options after hours.

One stocks options we use to trade after hours during volatility events such as FOMC and Earnings is QQQ.

I invite to join our Discord Room today to further increase your understanding of afterhours options trading.

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