How To Use Webull Stock Screener – Easy Step by Step guide

Webull App and Desktop provide a stock screener to help traders find suitable stocks.

From long term investing through swing trading and stock or options day trading, Webull stock screener is well positioned to help you take your trading to the next level.

Webull Stock Screener on Mobile App

One of the biggest challenge aspiring and veteran traders share with me in my Discord room is how to pick stock to trade.

Often, I discover that a lack of a systematic approach is the main reason for this issue.

Webull platform aims to solve this problem by providing a very versatile stock scanner.

How To Find Stock To Trade On Webull

As traders, we need to find stocks that are moving to make money.

Now, I am going to tell you what I have been repeating in my coaching sessions.

Because I trade options, I do not really care about the direction the stocks are moving.

Why ?

Because I can make money with calls when the stock in going up and I can make money with Puts when the stock is going down.

Sometimes, I am able to make money both directions on the same stock on the same day.

Option # 1 : Using the Webull Calendar

Just below the Search Menu in Webull app, you can get to select one of the ways to find stock totrade on Webull.

The Calendar of events is the most obvious way to find stocks to to trade on Webull because these events will bring news that is likely to cause the concerned stocks to move.

How To Use Webull Stock Screener - How to Find Stocks to Trade on Webull
Screener , Top Gainers and Calendar Menu on Webull App

Once you select the calendar, the next view will display an Earnings, Dividends and Splits Menu.

Below is the Earnings view list of company set to release quarterly Earnings in the morning of this writing.

How TO Use Webull Stock Screener - Calendar for Earnings
Earnings Calendar on Webull App

If you want to save these stocks in a watchlist, click on the “+” icon on the top right and you will be able to select from the list which ones to include in your watchlist of choice.

Option #2: Find Stocks Using the Webull App Screener

If you are new to screener or scanner, these are very easy set of conditions you provide to a search tool to select all the stocks that meet your pre-defined conditions.

Such conditions can be based on technical analysis as well as fundamental of the companies.

How To Use Webull Stock Screener - Creating an Easy Screener Menu
Webull Filters for Easy Stock Screener

Examples of technical settings are how are the EMAs (Moving Average) in regard to the price or RSI (Relative Strength Index).

For Fundamental criterias, you can select from P/E ratio, EPS, Dividends yield, Net MArgin or Debt to Asset.

Webull Penny Stock Screener

If you are interested in creating a penny stock screener on Webull App, the main filter you need to decide on is the Price of the stocks.

Here are the steps to create your first Webull Penny Stock Screener:

  1. You can leave the market region as United states.

2. Then proceed by clicking on price to see the following view.

3a. Move the slider (blue line) to the left and right until you are satisfied with your price ranges. Notice how the estimated matches vary.

3b. You can simply type the lowest price on the left box and the highest price in the right box

4. Click on Save then Save your Screener with an Easy to remember . I like to use the the price range in the case of penny stocks screeners.

How TO Use Webull Stock Screener - Webull Penny stocksScreener
Webull Penny Stock Screener from $2 to $10

Webull Screener for Swing Trading

For Swing trading, the filter to use on your Webull screener should be mostly technical.

Webull provide up to 9 technical indicators you can combine to get your desired screener.

I have used the three highlighted on the chart below with great success.

how To Use Webull Stock Screener - 3 easy filters for swing trading screener are MACD Golden Cross, MA5 Cross Over MA10 and Bullish engulfing
3 Powerful Filters For Webull Swing Trading Screener

These 3 filters happen to be for bullish setups.

  • MACD Golden Cross | This one is when the Moving Average convergence Divergence starts trending up s price is looking to go up
  • MA 5 Cross Over MA 10 | The moving average 5 period is the recent momentum and therefore a bullish indicator when it start leading the older momentum MA10
  • Bullish Engulfing | The name says it all – here the current green candle must absorb the previous day candle

Webull Stock Screener For Day Trading

Day trading is all about current momentum so the settings we gather for this Webull have to capture the up to the moment movement.

Here is a short video on how to create your Webull stock screener for day trading.


Alternative To Webull Stock Screener

One of the best alternative to Webull Stock Screener is the Finviz Screener.


I provided numerous filters to create Webull stocks screener depending on your type of trading.

Should you want to learn more about other screeners we use to generate big profits in our 10-Baggers trading system,

schedule a free 1 vs 1 Consultation today.

Options Trading Excel Template – Free Downloads

Looking for free Options Trading Excel Templates and spreadsheets, you have come to the right places.

You will be able to easily download our proven Option Excel spreadsheets and templates to help you with your options Trading.

Options Excel Spreadsheet #1 : ATR Excel

One of the most common question I get from traders I coach in my discord room is the following:

How To Calculate The Strike Price of an Option?

In order to answer that question, let’s me introduce the co ept of ATR.

After which you will be qble to effectively use my free options Excel sheet.

What Is ATR in Stock Trading?

ATR stands for Average True Range.

This means that how much does a stock move in average each day between its highest price and its lowest price.

Why is that important for trader ?

Because it helps measure the expected move each day.

Why is ATR important for Day Traders?

The average True range is a great indicator for Day traders because it helps us measure the amplitude of a move.

Hene we can determine if a stock a likely to move more in which case we can enter, stay or exit our day trades.

Some traders can use the average True Range as their main indicator for Trailing Stop in the Trailing Stop ATR technique.

ATR Options Excel Sheet to Calculate The Strike Price Of an Option

If you happen to be looking for the Answer to this question, then I have an easy method for you.

It involves using the Average True Range (ATR) of the stock or instrument you are trading.

This step-by-step short video will guide you through this process.

To follow along, please download the Option Trading Excel Sheet featured in the above video.

Options Trading Excel Sheet # 2: Trading Journal Download

If you are serious about trading or investing, a trading Journal is the ultimate way to measure your results.

What Is an Option Trading Spreadsheet Journal?

This is simply a trading diary where you record your options trades.

Some of the items I like to track are:

  • The specific stock I traded
  • The strategy that led to this trade | Very important!
  • The date I opened the trade
  • The date I closed the trade
  • How many contracts I traded? | Good to Know my Risk
  • How much % Gains or Loss I made on each trade

Free 2022 Options Excel Spreadsheet for Download

How To Use Options Excel Spreadsheet

My very useful options trading spreadsheet is already all built.

All you have to do is to record your daily trades using the drop-down menus.

My recommendation is to do this at the end of the trading day each night so that you do not have to remember later one what the trades were.

Then what I like to do is to do quarterly comparison of the different options strategies we trade in our 10-Baggers Trading System.

When you have enough entry (above 30 or so), you can create a pivot table to get great insights into your trading strategies performance.

Free Options Trading Spreadsheet For Download

If like me, you want to know which strategies perform the best so that you can invest more into those, then this automated options trading Excel Template is right for you.

Download My Options Trading Journal Excel Spreadsheet below.

How To find Great Trades For your Option Excel Sheet

In 2022 and beyond, you should leverage consistent proven options trading strategies like my 10-Baggers Trading System to use on your Spreadsheet.

Do not just take my work for it.

Check out my YouTube channel and the 10-Baggers Playlist traders in my Discord room have regarded since 2002.

Slideshow of Recent 1000% Profit Trades in My Options Trading Discord Room

Can You Paper Trade Options On Webull in 2022

Paper Trading Options is a great Way to build confidence in your strategies.

Either you are a beginner options trader or a veteran who is testing to validate a brand-new trading strategy,

You will need to learn how to paper trade Options before going Live with real money.

In this discussion, we will show you the best place to Paper trade Options as an alternative to Webull.

Can you Paper Trade Options on Webull?

Webull recently introduced the Beta version of Options Paper trading on the Webull App.

This means that for the time being, you will not be able to paper trade options on the Webull Desktop platform.

I know how of an inconvenience this may be for some traders but given that the majority of users really use their Mobile devices nowadays to trade, the impact should not be that bad.

The Webull Options Paper Trading Account comes with a nice feature which enables you the trader the reset the account to any amount you would like as depicted on my step-by-step video below.

Why Is Paper Trading Options So Important?

The first reason you should paper trade options as an experienced traders is to test and validate brand new trading strategies.

With the goal to see how effective a specific trading methodology is – traders can avoid loss of time and time while pursuing a new way to make money trading options.

The second reason to paper trade options is for beginner traders to build their confidence even on already proven options strategies.

Recently, a new trader joined our Discord room and started learning about out our 10-Baggers trading System.

My advice to her was to spend a few weeks at least getting familiar with the ordering process and the nuances of trading options.

We agreed that she would be doing so without risking really money.

Trader in Our Discord Room made over $400 Day Trading BABA Options after Paper Account Trading Boost

Therefore, she started Paper trading options with 10-Baggers Trading system.

She traded #AFRM options on her paper account for so much profit that the next day, she decided to trade with really money.

Just to give you an idea about our system, here are the last few weeks summary results.

Great confidence in the strategy led this trader to make over $500 the very next day on BABA and #AFRM on her live account

Just like this trader, you can easily emulate our successful trading strategies first on Paper trading account which Webull does not provide for options but from the alternatives to Webull Options Paper Trading below.

Webull Paper Trading Options is Only on Webull app

Some traders are not yet able to access the beta version of Webull paper trading.

Here are the steps to contact Webull for options paper trading and other inquiries:

  1. Goto Help Center
  2. If your question is not listed as shown below, click on Contact us
  3. A New Window will come up where you can type you message

Can you paper trade Options on Webull - Webull paper trading options contact
How To Contact Webull for Paper Trading Options

Alternative # 1 To Paper Trading Options on Webull

The easiest options Trading Paper account you can start today is E*Trade.

It comes with $100000 for Paper trading Options and stocks.

You will be able to reset it anytime for an unlimited funding so that you can practice and refine your options trading strategies.

How to Paper Trade Options On E*TRADE

A trader recently on my Discord channel asked me if I could recommend him a good paper trading options platform.

Without hesitation, I said: sure, E*TRADE is the best place for that.

Then he said to me, but it is not realistic because he would not start with that much money in his real trading account.

Eventually, I got to explain to the trader that the amount of money provided by the paper trading account does not matter that much.

His focus and yours should be on mastering the skills of options trading within the paper options trading account.

Can you Paper Trade Options on Webull - How to Launch Paper Trading Options on ETRADE
How to Launch Options Paper Trading on ETRADE

Power ETRADE Paper Trading Contact

Once you create an options trading account on ETRADE, it automatically comes with your paper trading for stock and options.

The above screen shows how you will launch the Options paper trading account on Power ETRADE.

For that first that, you will have to activate it and that is it.

In case you need Power ETRADE Paper trading contact, customer service is available 7 days a week 24 hours per day.

You can either chat Live or be super patient to reach Power contact though one of the numbers below.

Call ETRADE 24/7Employee Stock plansRegular MailOvernight Mail
1-800-ETRADE-1 (1-800-387-2331)1-800-838-0908E*TRADE Securities LLC
PO Box 484
Jersey City, NJ 07303-0484
E*TRADE Securities LLC
Harborside 2
200 Hudson Street, Suite 501
Jersey City, NJ 07311
From outside the U.S. +1 678 624 6210From outside the U.S. + 1 650-599-0125
12:00 a.m. Monday – 11:59 p.m. Friday ET
Power ETRADE Customer Service including Paper Trading Contact

Advantages of Paper Trading Options on Power ETRADE

In the case of ETRADE, both the real account and the paper trading one are exactly the same.

Better yet, the watchlist you create in your real account are also visible on the paper trading account.

Here is my Full tutorial on how to Trade Options on E*TRADE from your Paper account.

Lessons From Paper Options Trading on E*Trade

As an options trader beginner, there are some basic skills you will get out of paper trading options.

The main one is really the confidence of doing something new.

Then, the practical aspect of entering your trades: where should you click to buy calls and puts.

Paper Options Trading SkillsResources
Can You Paper Trade Options On Webull - How To pick a Strike PriceHow To Pick an Option Strike Price
Paper Trading Options On Webull -How To Buy OptionsHow To Place an Option Order on Paper Account
Can you Paper Trade Options on Webull - Day Trading on Power EtradeAdvanced Features of Power E*TRADE
Paper Trading Options On Webull - ETrade is a good laternativeHow To Setup Your Option Chart
Paper Trading Options on Webull - How to USe Etrade ScannersHow To Use E*Trade Scanners

To View the Full PlayList on How TO Trade Options on E*TRADE, click here

Alternative #2 to Webull Options Paper Trading

I was undecided on which options trading platform to recommend as number 2 for paper trading.

But after a few second, I opted for the newcomer FUTU MOOMOO App.

This one is as progressive as Webull but It offer $1 Million dollars for Options Paper trading.

Can you Paper Trade Options On Webull - Futu Moomoo account comes with $1Million for Options Paper Trading
Futu MooMoo $1Million Options Paper Trading Account

Wait until I tell you that this amount is separate from the Stocks Trading paper account which coems with its own $1 Million.

Futu MooMoo App is gaining popularity in a great of countries around the globe as described in our Futu MooMoo Review.

How To Use Webull Stock Screener – Easy Step by Step guide

Webull App and Desktop provide a stock screener to help traders find suitable stocks. From long term investing through swing trading and stock or options day trading, Webull stock screener is well positioned to help you take your trading to the next level. Webull Stock Screener on Mobile App One of the biggest challenge aspiring and veteran traders share with me in my Discord room is how to pick stock to trade. Often, I discover that a lack of a …

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How to use Webull Level 2

How To Read Level 2 Market Data on Webull

Webull Level 2 Market data provides an intuitive view of the battle between buyers and sellers. In this tutorial, you will learn how to leverage Level 2 data from Webull to take your trading to the next level. What Is Level 2 Data On Webull ? Level 2 market data in trading is a view of buyers and sellers intend through their respective orders. It provides the depth of how many shares traders are buying and selling as well as …

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How To Read Webull Charts – Easy 2021 Step by Step Guide

If you are new to stocks or options trading, reading stock charts is one of the most intimidating skills to master. Hopefully, Webull platform introduces very intuitive stock charts. This easy step by step guide will bring you an in depth view into how to read Webull charts so that you can easily focus on growing your account. How To Read Webull Charts | Webull Charts Overview Whether you are using the Webull App or its desktop version, setting up …

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How To Use Webull Volume Analysis

How To Use Webull Volume Analysis

The new Webull Trading App offers plenty on new tools and features to help stocks and options traders. In this discussion, we will be focusing on How to Use the Webull Volume Analysis feature. With the intended goal to incorporate this tool into your trading strategy to help grow your account. How To Use Webull Volume Analysis | What Is Volume in Stock Trading Volume in stock trading is the sum of the number of shares sold plus the number …

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How To Trade Options on Webull : 2021 Step-by-Step Guide

Webull Options trading has been lacking for a long time. Finally, the platform has decided to step up to its many customers requests and introduce a slew of features in 2021 including Options Tradings. By the end of this tutorial on How to Trade Options on Webull App or Desktop, you will be equipped with the knowledge to set up your Webull options trading App or the Dashboard, access the training course offered on the App version of Webull, take …

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FINAL THOUGHTS On Webull Paper Trading Options

Webull Paper Trading for options is finally here as many traders have been waiting for this feature for ages.

For the time being, Webull Paper Trading is only offered on the Webull App.

I highlighted the importance to spend time to learn how to paper trade options especially for options trader beginners.

I will update the readers once it become available on the Desktop platform.

Also, as requested by many traders on my YouTube channel, I will create a similar tutorial video to this one we shared for the Mobile App.

How To Read Level 2 Market Data on Webull

How to use Webull Level 2

Webull Level 2 Market data provides an intuitive view of the battle between buyers and sellers.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to leverage Level 2 data from Webull to take your trading to the next level.

What Is Level 2 Data On Webull ?

Level 2 market data in trading is a view of buyers and sellers intend through their respective orders.

It provides the depth of how many shares traders are buying and selling as well as their corresponding prices.

This means that if you are able to correctly read Level data, then you can infer the direction of the trade on any stock, commodity or instrument you are trading.

Therefore, you can turn this Webull Level 2 market data into an edge since it provides you an advice view of price levels.

How To Get Webull Level 2 Market Data

Webull Level2 market data features Level2 Advance, a premium data feed from Nasdaq Total View.

The easiest way to get the Webull Level 2 Subscription is to go to “Help Center”.

  1. Then you click on “Subscribe to Level” as shown on the Screen below.

How To UseLEvel2 Market data on Webull - Hubsciption to Level 2 from The Help Center
How To Subscribe to Webull Level 2 From the Help Center

2. The following screen shows up and you can Choose Level 2 Subscription at the bottom of the page.

How To Use Level 2 Market Data on Webull - Features of Level 1 vs Level 2 Market Data on Webull
Difference between Level 1 and Level 2 Market Data on Webull

Level 2 market data from Webull provides further in-depth view of orders.

Up to 30 bid and ask prices are used to generate orders distribution chart we will be dissecting in the next section.

How Much Does Webull Level 2 Cost ?

If you are a new trader on Webull, there is a 3-month free access to Webull Level 2 Advanced market data.

After which, your monthly recurring cost for Webull Level 2 will be $2.95.

I really think this extra Webull Level2 cost is worth the price for traders who want to get an edge in their trading.

For the price of this Webull Level 2 information, it is a no-brainer that each trader must have.

I know of other trading platforms where you cannot get to have access to this feature.

Therefore, my recommendation is to ignore the Webull Level 2 cost as you will make it up and then some with your first winning trade.

What To Look For In Webull Level 2 Data

Webull representation of Level data is meant to further help traders compared to other providers.

Let’s break down the different insights you need to look for when studying Webull Level 2 market data.

Buyers vs Sellers Orders Volume on Webull Level 2

The originality of Webull Level 2 Advance market data is from the Top chart of the orders Level.

It looks as shown in the image below.

How To Use Level 2 MArket Data on Webull - Sellers Orders volume vs Buyers Orders volume
QQQ Level 2 Market Data on Webull | October 6 2021 Pre-Market

On the right hand side in red, the sellers orders (30 orders are used to summaries this view) volume is what is represented on the vertical axis.

The horizontal axis describes the price of the stock, in this case, QQQ was trading at $352.06.

The left hand side column captures the volume of all buying orders.

In the above view, the red shaded area (volume of selling orders) is much higher than the left green area.

This means that there is more selling volume that buying volume.

Therefore, the current momentum in bearish.

Price for QQQ is then expected to slide lower to the left should the bearish momentum continues.

This graphical representation of Level 2 Market data on Webull is dynamic as buyers and sellers orders come in.

As an example, later on, I capture this similar view when buyers took control and the price moved up from $352 to $353.6.

How To Use Level 2 MArket Data on Webull - View of QQQ Level 2 data when Bulls orders volume is greater than Sellers
Buyers in Control on QQQ Level 2 Market Data from Webull

Dynamic of Webull Level 2 Market Data

Unlike Level 1 where you can only see the best Bid and Ask prices and the corresponding shares, Level 2 Advance on Webull provides a deeper view of the market.

What I like to pay attention is the dynamic movement of the orders.

Typically, when there is a strong momentum on either side (buying pressure or selling pressure), the chart updates very quickly.

This is a sign for traders to know that the stock or instrument they are trading is attracting a great deal of traders.

Thus, we can expect bigger moves compared to a stock where the movement of the orders is not as rapid.

Here is short video depicting this phenomenon on QQQ towards the closing.

How Many Orders Can You See on Webull Level 2 Market Data

We know that Webull Level 2 Advance orders are ranked 1 through 30.

How many a trader need to display is a matter of personal preference.

I personally prefer to show only the first 10 orders on the Webull Level 2 view below as you saw in the video.

Webull Level 2 gives you the choice to decide how much depth of the order book to display.

How To Use Level 2 Market Data On Webull - How to change the numbers of Orders Displayed on Webull Level 2 Advance
How To Change The Number of Orders displayed on Webull Level 2

Here is how you can modify how many orders on both sides as depicted on the above image.

  1. Click on the blue number to the right of shares – current numbers of orders
  2. A Small window popup that offers multiple choices menu: 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30
  3. Select one of the 6 choices above – I Always Use 10

How To Spot a Bullish Momentum on Webull Level 2

Whenever I am analyzing Webull Level 2 Advance market data on a stock I would Like to trade on the bullish side, my focus is on the bottom right hand side.

So a bullish momentum with great strength is confirmed when order number 9 and 10 start flashing higher and higher prices.

This means that the Ask prices are getting accepted and the stock is likely to sustain a great buying pressure.

In this scenario, the left hand slope (green line volume) needs to be higher than the red line slope as depicted on the second image above for QQQ.

How to Recognize Bearish Momentum On Webull Level 2

For the bearish momentum or selling pressure, the slope of the red line must be above the slope of the green line.

Such is the case on the first image.

Now, using the same technique as above, I am looking at orders 9 and 10 and need to see lower prices flashing in there.

Then we can anticipate that the price is likely to reach those lower prices should the selling pressure continue.

How To Use Level 2 Market data on Webull - Importance of Orders # 9 and 10 at the bottom
Orders 9 and 10 Help Anticipate Future Price Levels

It also must be noted that the higher the size of the shares at this lower prices the more conviction is in the bearish momentum.

Last but not least, in both the bullish and bearish momentum, the range difference between Order # 1 and the bottom orders 9 and 10 is also forthtelling of the amplitude of the move.

How To Use Webull Level 2 Market Data In Options Trading

Since I mostly trade options through our proven 10-Baggers Trading System, I usually find myself scrutinizing Level 2 to help determine of I need to scale into a position further.

Let’s say I am trading Calls/Puts on QQQ or SPY in the middle of the Expiration day , Level 2 market data on Webull can quickly help me confirm whether I should buy more contracts in that winning direction.

Alternatives to Webull Level 2 Data

I have seen other level 2 market data with as few as five market orders depth view.

Such most prominent example is Power Etrade.

As a trader, you are basically left to guess what may be coming price wise.

I do not know about you but that makes me feel very vulnerable if I can not see the full depth of the market I am trading.

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Webull calls its Level 2 market Data Level 2 Advanced and deserves this appellation.

You will be able to get great insights in tot he depth of the orders for any instrument you are trading.

This feature is of a great help in opening a position or providing a confirmation to further scale into an already existing position.

IF you are serious about taking you trading to the next level, I can coach you master technical analysis like Level 2 breakdown we described in this article. Click on the Link below to get started Today.