7 Must Read Options Trading Books For Beginners

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No matter how many books on Options trading you may have read, there has to be a few you keep coming back to.

In this article, I will share 7 Must read Options trading books for beginners and experienced ones.

What makes these option books unique is not just the great trading strategies.

You will discover that you need more than great option strategies to make it a a successful options trader.

Best Options Trading Books For Beginners | What Are you Looking For ?

If you are in the market for a good options trading book, you are likely to be in one of the following situations.

Maybe you are just starting your trading journey.

Thus you may be wondering where to start or how to go about laying down the foundation.

Should this be the case, basic knowledge about options trading is what you are looking for.

Most books on options trading will certainly provide enough such information.

Another possibility is that you have already started trading options.

Inspiration and Motivation

Yet you are a source of inspiration or motivation to help you take your options trading to the next level.

Or maybe you find yourself looking for options trading books on strategies and techniques in order to improve your success rate ?

No matter you current circumstances, these must read options trading books we are about to scrutinize are bound to help you greatly.

Books On Options Trading | Classic “For Dummies”

In the age of the internet, the phrase “for dummies” has become synonymous for beginners.

Though it may appear as such, our first book on options trading assumes a great deal about its readers.

Trading Options For Dummies by George Fontanills

This 2008 best seller by Georges Fontanills is devoted to teaching you one of the most importnat thing to focus on in options trading.

That is Risk Management.

And Why is Risk management so important in options Trading ?

Well, because if you can take care of that, the wins will come eassier.

Risk management in different market conditions will prevent you from being sidelined because you no longer have any money to trade with.

7 Must Read Options Trading Books For Beginners - Trading Options for Dummies by George Fontanills
George Fontanills Best Seller Options Trading For Dummies

With a Catchy subtitle “A reference for the rest of Us” , the book does not disappoint in that regard.

By the way, that is a potential reference to Seinfeld’s “Festivus for the Rest of US” classic episode.

Takeaway From Trading Options For Dummies Book

I really appreciate the structure of this book on trading options.

Beyond the main purpose of showing you how you can built a portfolio of options for your retirement, the side notes provides a higher level of knowledge that will increase your overall confidence.

You will also enjoy the breakdown of the economic sectors.

I have been recently coaching options beginners traders on this very topic using Finviz.com.

A lot have changed in options trading since the original publication of this book in 2008.

Options Identification

For instance, the options identification table below is completely obsolte nowadays.

7 Must Read Options Trading Book For Beginners - Options identification table
Options Identification Table inside Trading Options for Dummies Book

Such extra information is certainly what makes Trading Options for Dummies book a bit long with 388 pages.

However, that should not deter you from this Must Read Options Trading book.

You can easily skip to the chapter of interest to you without missing the continuity of this great content.

#6 Best Option Trading Book | Mastering The Trade By John F. Carter

The word to “Master” denotes something that you have the highest expertise on.

That is what I like about this book on Options Trading.

It is not just settling for common knowledge.

Au contraire, the bar is set to achieve Mastery level because only then will you be able to attain your desired results.

7 Must Read Options Trading Books for Beginners - Mastering the Trade by John F Carter
Best Seller Mastering the Trade by Veteran Trader John F. Carter

In each new edition, the author is refining the level of expertise in day trading and swing trading.

If this style of trading suits your personality, you will be in for a great treat for knowledge and excellence.

I took great please in the second chapter about the psychology of trading as I have been sharing ever since we started this blog.

#5 Options Trading The Bible

This Options Trading book is actually 4 books merged into 1.

Options Trading the Bible starts with a beginners’ guide and take you all the way to advanced techniques.

It can be overwhelming at first but with patience you will be glad to stick with this one.

7 Must Read Options Trading Books for Beginners - Options Trading the Bible by Carl J. Merrill
Options Trading The Bible 4:1 Audiobook by Carl J. Merrill

I like the fact that it is available in Audible Audiobook version as well.

Which makes it very practical to listen to when at the gym for instance.

#4 Options As A Strategic Investment

In the 5th edition of this encyclopedia (total page count is 1048) on options trading, you will learn more than you have ever done before.

Other than the book itself, you have the opportunity to purchase a study guide so that you can put into application the knowledge you are acquiring.

7 Must Read Options Trading Books for beginners - Options as a strategic investment by Lawrence G McMillan
Options as a Strategic Investment by Lawrence G. McMillan

I have always found it more rewarding to have a study guide when going through any type of book.

In this regard, Options as a Strategic Investment will not disappoint at all.

#3 Top Options Trading Book

Investing Quick Start Guide earned its place in the Top 3 because of the in-depth information it brings to the table.

As a beginner, you will have a complete view of what investing is all about.

However, the strategy used by the author Ted D. Snow may not convince you to take a similar path.

Such was the case for this reader below.

Oh, boy. This was a good book overall, but I definitely have some Opinions on it.

First, the good.
1. This is truly an absolute beginner’s guide to investing. When many books say that they’re a beginning guide to fill-in-the-blank topic, a lot of times they’re only sort of right in that they expect you to know some definitions and some basic idea of the topic already. Not so with this book. Probably the book’s greatest strength is that it starts from the very beginning. In that vein…
2-3. I loved how the first few chapters had really great fundamentals of investing, including really great definitions and little story problem math examples on how the various items worked.
3. The chapter on various financial statement analysis metrics was another very good introduction to the topic.
4. He had a really good emphasis on not freaking out when your investments are down and selling off based on feelings. Buy low, sell high is a fundamental that you cannot go wrong on. It’s just figuring out the highs and lows that can get ya, as is the way that “traditional” investing works.

And the weaknesses. For the sake of full disclosure, many of these items I consider to be weaknesses because I do not agree with the author’s strategy of investing. I’ll explain as I go.

1. Throughout the book, I felt really confused as to whom this book was meant for. The beginning chapters had all the great definitions and story problems. There was another chapter where he talked about how he as a financial advisor wasn’t snobby enough not to want to advise middle class people (vs those advisors that only accept people with over a certain threshold to invest). Those things made me think that this was for the Average Joan like me who wants to save for retirement. But then, there was this whole long chapter on derivatives, futures, options, etc. His warning about how risky these instruments are was not as fear-inspiring as I felt it should have been had this truly been a book for the Average Joan like me. Which also leads into…


2. YOU CANNOT HAVE A DISCUSSION ABOUT ROTH IRAS WITHOUT DISCUSSING NOW VS FUTURE TAX RATES. I’M SORRY, BUT YOU CANNOT. Seriously. The author does not misstate the benefits of Roth IRAs in that their growth is not taxable, but you also have to take into account that if you’re waiting until retirement to pull from the Roth, you will PROBABLY have a lower tax rate by then (in which case you should think about putting the bulk of what you can into traditional IRA so that you pay less money in taxes OVERALL IN YOUR LIFETIME.

3. Here’s where we get into critiques because I do not agree with the author’s overall strategy. The author believes that “The mark of an excellent investor is to consistently outperform the market.” Over time, the total stock market average growth is 8%. Why shouldn’t I just come up with a good asset allocation and just invest my money in a total stock market index fund?? As the Average Joan investor, I don’t have time to perform fundamental analysis for every stock I pick, and I am certainly not going to have any sort of information that gives me any insight that people who actually do this for a living will have. The author briefly mentions indexes, but he doesn’t present a compelling case either for or against them. Which brings us to….

4. Fees. There is a short discussion of mutual funds/index funds, but there is NOT ENOUGH EMPHASIS on how actively traded funds include all sorts of micro fees and commissions and everything that absolutely DEVASTATE your investment growth over time. There is no discussion on the numbers behind why you want a fund that has 1% or less in fees as well as being a fund that doesn’t generate a high trading volume (back to point 3: as the Average Joan investor, I buy and hold because I’m literally investing in the ENTIRE stock market with my low-cost index fund. Unless the literal apocalypse comes, I’m betting with my money that the market will rally over the long term, and I’d rather have the stability of the entire stock market than have to make guesses about what’s going to go up and down in an attempt to beat the market).
5. The author overstates the benevolence/effectiveness of financial advisors. To be fair, he did mention that you should expect your advisor to have an ethics statement as well as to be fully transparent about their fees. However, he did not emphasize enough that they need to be EXPLICIT about whether they are legally required to act as your fiduciary or not. If they’re not your fiduciary, there is no incentive for them not to push you into riskier investments where they might have a commission you don’t know about. I do concede his point that advisors potentially help keep a client from selling off in times of panic, but you have to have the right advisor.
6. There is a cursory chapter on FIRE at the end of the book. Which is fine, but….due to his own interests of being a financial advisor (and therefore wanting your business to come to his company) there is no discussion on the actual fundamentals about how most FIRE people go about it. There’s no discussion of the benefits of index funds and no discussion on safe withdrawal rates (which I consider to be two of the most fundamental parts of most FIRE plans).

So there you have it. As a “traditional” investment book (i.e. pick your specific stocks, use an advisor, etc.) this is a good book. But when there’s so much data out there on how likely it is that you will consistently beat the market with your individual investments (view spoiler) I’m just not convinced that my total stock market index fund will be any worse than the alternative. In the words of John Bogle in The Little Book of Common Sense Investing, “Don’t look for the needle in the haystack. Just buy the haystack!”

#2 Best Options Trading Book For Beginners

Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager is an entertaining series of interviews by top traders in Wall street.

They share great insights that are certain to trigger awareness.

Awareness will spotlight opportunity.

And the opportunity engaged with your preparation shall create the desired results.

#1 Must Read Option Trading Book in 2021 and Beyond

Three bid for Ten. Three bid for Ten. Three bid for ten.

These are the opening words in the first chapter “Trade or Fade” of Pit Bull by Martin “Buzzy” Schwartz.

From the opening page, you will be captivated by the story of this Options Trading book also tiltled Lessons from Wall Street ‘s Champion Trader.

From that alone, we can infer that a great deal of knowledge is shared inside.

So what are those lessons ?

What Will You Learn in Pitbull by Martin Schwartz

The biggest lesson for me is the inspiration that it is possible to achieve great success in options trading despite the many struggles.

In this autobiography, the author shared how he resented the thought of going back to his 9 year old job.

I can tell you by my personal experience and the many traders I have been coaching.

Most people come to trading because they want to change their current lifestyle and circumstances.

7 Must Read Options Trading Books for Beginners - Pit Bull By Martin Schwartz
Pit Bull | Lessons From Wall Street Champion Day Trader

This reason alone can act as a motivation for you or instill so much fear you cannot perform.

Hence the pep talk to himself on that that trade on Mesa Petroleum.

You may have your own internal fear as you read this article.

Should that be the case, I encourage you today to pick a copy of Pit Bull to help you overcome that obstacle.

Other Lessons I Learned From Pit Bull

Having A Methodology Gave Me Strength

The secret in winning in Options trading as well as the stock market in general is to have an edge.

Such edge is developped over time.

It come from a proven methodology that will bring you the confidence in knowing where your winners will be coming from.

Such confidence will be your best asset in trading the market.

Your strength will come from your set of strategies.

I tell traders in our Discord room that one day does not define a strategy or even one single week.

Consistency is developped over a long period of time.

Below is a chart that illustrates the consistency of one of my Successful Tradings /Methodology.

7 Must Read Options Trading Books for Beginners - Successful Tradings Methodology weekly Average Move per stock
Successful Trading Options Trading Strategy has a weekly average move per stock of 8%

Rather than relying on providence or just luck each and everyday.

You will find it quite rewarding and satisfying to spend the time needed to work on this crucial step of your options trading career.

Learn To Divorce Your Ego From The Trade

I have made this my personal mantra to the point where my viewers YouTube have caught on to the phrase: I am not Married To any stock.

Your success rate in Trading Options will skyrocket the moment you master how to leave your emotions out of your trades.

As human beings, that task is not as easy as it sounds.

However, giving that you are now aware of the many snares emotions bring to options trading, you are less likely to repeat this pitfall.

Stern Discipline of Stop Losses

This concept is often neglected in many options trading courses.

I recently had a trader contact me on how to setup trailing stop orders.

Immediately after we finished our discussion, I felt the urge to create this short video

Have Your Priorities In Order

Options trading can get traders into very bad spiral.

Even when you are winning, it is very important to allow yourself breaks.

What this menas is that taking time off to enjoy what matters the msot in your life is perfectly okay.

The market is not going away – at least not anytime soon but we all have an expiration date.

The sad part is that we can be busy making all the money we can trading options.

But if we do not have the health to enjoy the fruits of our Labor, all that work will be in vain.


We shared our 7 Must Read Options Trading Books for nay beginner trader.

The next step after acquiring the knowledge from these books is to put it in practice.

Should you need a coach to further enhance your skills, Successful Tradings is an education service to consider.

We have our proven strategies we will help you Master in order to grow your account and achieve financial independence.

How To Read Stock Charts For Beginners

The ability to read stock charts is a fundamental skill you need to acquire to trade the stock market.

Often, many beginners view this as too big of an obstacle to their success in trading.

It does not have to be that way.

In this tutorial, I will show a step by step process on how to read stock charts as a beginner and thus be well on you way to better under the stock market.

How To Read Stock Chart For Beginners | What Is It ?

Since you are reading this tutorial on how to read stock chart for beginners, chances are you have had a limited experience doing it.

Rest assured, many traders out there have still not mastered this essential skill.

How do I know ?

Firstly, I started like you at the beginning of my trading journey.

Secondly, When I visit stock forums, I see many requests from beginners traders asking more experienced ones about their analysis of specific stocks.

I myself have been providing such stock charts analysis in my Live Day Trading YouTube channel often called options trading for beginners.

Is Reading Stock charts Easy ?

A few years ago when I was started my trading journey, I did not know how to read a stock chart.

I would say I am more than an average student.

At the time, I could only witness other traders do it so effortlessly.

How To read Stock Charts For Beginners - Side by side view of two stock charts
Side by Side View of BIDU and FB stock Charts

Then I put in a time, the effort and passion.

Now here we are : I am about to take you through the path I have taken to master stock charts reading.

If I have done it, I sincerely think you can do it too.

In fact, compared to other skills you have acquired so far in your life, I would not rank reading a stock chart as the most difficult one.

In order to put you mind at ease in this endeavour, how about this simple fact.

Once you know how to read one stock chart, you will be able to read them all.

By that I mean that the knowledge is not different per stock.

A lot like when one knows how to drive, the car model does not make any big difference.

Is Stock Chart Reading Reliable ?

The art of reading stock charts is called technical analysis.

There are those who consider it full rubbish and those who cannot live without it.

Before we dive into the knots and bolts of stock charts reading, let’s tackle on the one question you may still be on the fence with.

That is the stock chart reading really reliable ?

Many still thinks that either the market is completely random and thus cannot be read, analyzed or predicted.

There is no denying thee market can be quite noisy with many contradicting signals.

However, one can definitely decipher trends despite this noise.

We know there are powerful AI Algorithms out there capable of filtering such noise.

But even regular human beings like you and I can certainly reach a level of expertise to achieve that same goal.

How Long does it Take to Learn How to read stock charts ?

The time it will take you depends on your level of effort.

I have been coaching this new trader now for less than 1 full month.

His name is Mr. Ocean.

He has committed himself to two weekly coaching session Live on zoom with me.

We were analyzing BYND stock chart earlier today.

A bullish run that start May 25 from 106 to $153 on May 28 as depicted on the graph below.

How TO Read Stock charts for beginners - BYND stock bullish run posting higher highs
Beyond Meat (Ticker BYND) Daily Chart depicting Recent Bullish Run

Mr. Ocean asked that could we see on the May 25 that the momentum of BYND stock has turned bullish.

All this to show you that Mr Ocean has had its Aha moment with stock chart analysis.

It took him about two months to go from beginner trader to this level.

Why Is Reading Stock Charts Important For Beginners ?

In keeping with the analogy of car driving from earlier, imaging trying to drive a car on the road without knowing the rules.

You can think of stock chart reading as the set of rules to help you in your trading or investing.

Of course, these are not hard set rules like the ones you learned in driving school.

However, they are important enough for you and I to know so that we can establish a solid foundation to our trading.

Getting A Solid Foundation For Trading

Without this knowledge, you will be unable to determine when a stock is likely to go up or down.

Whereas this skill will bring you the extra edge and needed confidence to take trades other may not even yet envision.

You do not want to built your trading career on getting fed trades by others.

Just because you did not realize the power the knowledge of stock charts reading would bring you.

Reading The Stock Markets

For those traders in other markets than stocks, guess what ?

You will be able to use the same skills for Forex, commodities , cryptocurrencies, interest rates.

Whatever is chartable or can be put on a graph is something you can analyze with this skill.

Understanding Stock Charts

The primary goal in understanding stock charts is to translate that knowledge into making money.

You can either trade the stock or one of its popular derivative: stock option.

That is what I specialize in and teach many other traders.

Here is an example of how I used my understanding of stock charts to make money trading options.

How To Master Reading Stock Charts

I am not sure what type of student you are.

But as for me, when I commit to learning a skill, I do not rest until I have achieved mastery level.

There is this saying I used to hear taken from a sport analogy.

Amateurs do it until they get it right while professionals do it until they cannot get it wrong.

The nuance is subtle enough I hope.

The Tools You Need to read Stock Charts

With that aim in mind, all the tools i am about to unveil are certain to get you to that goal.

How can I be so sure ?

Because they did it for me and the many traders I am currently coaching on how to read stock charts.

This activity has the first course on our On-boarding series of classes for beginner traders at Successfultradings.

Which are the best sites to do technical analysis for stock trading

During my many years of trading the stock market, I have always used the following two sites for technical analysis.

First there is Finviz which comes with a plethora of features for both fundamental and technical analysis.

It is a must have if you are serious about stock trading in general and more importantly day trading as we will reveal in the next section.

What makes Finviz a tool of reference for technical analysis is its ease of use.

Our Finviz.com review will guide you through step by step setup of the multiple scanners you can employ.

Free stock charts

Tradingview is the other free site to where you can learn how to read stock charts.

any technical indicator you can think of, someone has most likely shared it before on this platform.

You see, Tradingview has a very strong communities of traders not only for stock trading but all markets spanning from currencies, crypto, commodities, indices, futures and bonds.

Just like its counterpart Finviz, TradingView comes with a free version that is enough to get any beginner rolling on stock chart analysis.

You will need to set it up with the basic three indicators as described in this short video.

How I Use Baha App | Formerly Teletrader

Baha App exists for both Android and iOs even though the functionalities may be slightly different.

I have ben using the Android version for several years now.

This is my most convenient way to read stock charts especially on the Go.

Whether I am waiting in line at a grocery store ( yeah, that happen a lot in 2020 and 2021 Pandemic times) or at a doctor office, I can quickly pull out this App and start analyzing stock graphs.

How To Access the Chart View on Baha App ?

The first thing you will do after downloading the free Baha App on your device is to create watchlsits.

I have set up my Watchlist per economic sectors.

For instance , here are some of my Watchlists with the corresponding stocks.

  • Banks | MS, WFC, GS, C, BAC, JPM, XLF
  • Bio Pharma | Amgen, MDT, Moderna, ABBV, BHC, GILD, JNJ, Pfizer , Teva, Biogen
  • Oil and Energy | Vale, FCX, MPC, OXY, HAL, XOP, HESS, MOS, LNG, WPC, COP, CVX, XOM

I usually include the corresponding ETFs for the sector as well like XOP for the Oil and Energy.

Why you may wonder ?

Because it is of a great help in learning how to recognize stock chart patterns.

Stocks in a given sector usually have similar trends.

Performance View Vs. Chart View in Baha App

Therefore by going through a watchlist you will get a chance to see whatever pattern they may have multiple times.

That is my secret routine I used to master stock charts patterns.

Spending time analyzing stock charts is the best advice I can give you on this.

How To read stock charts for beginners - How to Go from Performance View to Chart View inside BAHA App (Teletrader App)
How To Go From Performance View to stock Chart View Inside BAHA App (Formerly Teletrader App)

There is not a better way to analyze stock graphs than with BAHA app.

The above view shows you how to easily switch from the Performance view to the stock chart view.

The three ittle dots circled in pink do not exist on the iOs version.

Instead click on the Eye icon just below the “Edit pencil” icon.

A menu wil lshow up eactly as shown and select Chart view to obtain the view on the right.

From there you can select any stock chart and begin your analysis.

I have created a full in depth video on how to setup the BAHA App on my YouTube channel Successfultradings.

How to Use BAHA App ( Formerly Teletrader App) Video Tutorial

Three Easy Indicators To read Stock Charts

In my attempt to keep things simple and to the point for beginner traders, we have selected three indicators you must have on your charts or graphs.

These are:

  • Bollinger Bands
  • Volume weighted Average Price known as VWAP
  • Exponential Moving Average or EMA

I use both the EMA8 and EMA20 as part of the Pro version of Tradingview.

The reason for that is that EMA8 provide the most recent momentum and EMA20 is treated as a long term momentum.

When EMA8 crosses below or above EMA20, that is a strong conviction of the immediate future direction.

A cross below is bearish and a cross above is bullish.

Other Basic Indicators

The next key indicator you can learn about are volume obviously.

This recent article on Volume analysis on webull details its importance in stock charts reading.

I do not have a trading strategy strictly based on volume right now but that may be coming in the near future.

Earlier, we introduced the EMAs.

I want you to think of them along with upper and lower Bollinger bands as natural support and resistance.

Support and resistance can also be identified through reading the stock graph on the past behavior of the stock at a given price.

Here is our full detailed video to help you understand what support and resistance are in stock trading.

More importantly, you will learn how to use support and resistance to make money trading.

Reading The Stock Market Creates Lifestyle Opportunities

By now, I hope you are beginning to see all the benefits of mastering how to read stock charts.

Next I will introduce some insights in reading the stock market .

How To read Stock Chart for Day Trading

When it comes to day trading, all the same indicators are still valid.

The only thing that traders usually modify is the timeframe.

It is usually referred to as the frequency of the chart.

The choice range from 1 minute to 1 month.

Day traders often settle for 3, 5 or 15 minutes interval.

The difference is that the charts may show a great deal of noise in lower timeframes.

I prefer to use 15-minute frequency because it enables me to avoid false positive.

Since I use Tradingview during day trading, I am able to use a split-screen with 5 minute on one side 15-minte interval on the other side.

I created this video below to help traders with trend identification for day trading using VWAP indicator.

It is worth to mention that there is the reciprocal video for bearish trend trading as well.

Which one of the two video do you think has the most views on my YouTube channel ?

Read Stock Charts Patterns

As your confidence in reading stock charts grow, your next step will be to be able to analyze stock patterns.

Stock are visible on charts for trained eyes.

Why do they happen so often ?

Because most of the volume ( over 65%) traded in nowadays stocks is generated by computers.

Here are some of the most effective Stock chart patterns I have come accross.

U, V, W are pattern you will learnt o recognize on daily and weekly charts mostly.

Here is one such example of the daily chart of BYND stock.

How To read stock charts for beginners - U shaped stock patterns on BYND daily chart
U shaped stock patterns (in blue) on BYND daily chart

From Upper Bollinger to Lower Bollinger

A trader once told me that he was researching AMD traders and found our Discord Channel.

Later on, he told me that he specialize in day trading AMD from lower Bollinger band to upper Bollinger band and vice versa.

That is a strategy right there for you to test and add to your repertoire.

This trader told me that his goal was to get 20% profit in this strategy.

Is that good enough for you ?

I can confirm the Bollinger band strategy as I recently make money on VUZI daily stock.

How To read stock charts for beginners  - Bollinger bands acting as resistance for VUZI stock on the daily chart
VUZI stock Upper Bollinger Rejection Pattern | 5 times in the graph

I was able to recognize the pattern in the yellow circles above.

I setup some puts when the stock hit resistance on the upper Bollinger bands.

within a couple of days (VUZI only has monthly options), the stock started moving down as it has done 5 times on the above view.

Reading Chart Patterns Led Me to Life Changing Opportunity

I was able to take my knowledge about reading stock charts and turn it into a successful strategy.

Back in 2017, once I became really confident about stock chart patterns, i came across a famous one.

I created a computer code for it and I have been trading it ever since.

The result are just amazing over the short and semi long term.

We used this as one of the strategies in the Successful Tradings 10-baggers trading system.

Below is a snapshot view of our weekly results measured by average move per stock.

How to read stock charts for beginners - stock chart pattern based AI trading system has an 8% average weekly move per stock
Stock Chart Patterns Based AI Algorithm has an 8% average weekly move per stock


In this How to read Stock chart for beginners tutorial, I hared how important this skill can be for you as it was for me.

Then we took you through the steps you need to become fully comfortable with reading the stock market.

As you continue your progress, I strongly suggest you complement your know by joining our 10-Baggers Trading Education System to take your Trading to the NExt Level.

7 Best Stock Research Websites You Must Know

Whether you are a beginner investor in the stock market or an astute veteran, you need resources to study your potential investments.

The stock research websites we scrutinize in this article will help you take your trading or investing to the Next Level.

What Is a Good Stock Research Website

The number of investors looking to make money in the stock market keeps increasing.

All the newcomers are looking for good stock research websites to guide the.

However, the choices are really not that many.

The astute investors know the importance of getting an edge in the stock market.

If you just happen to be doing what everyone is doing then you will end up settling for mediocre performance.

Stock Picking websites vs Stock trading websites

Therefore, the importance of the quality of the stock research website you choose is even greater nowadays.

7 Best Stock Research Websites - I Know First Introduction of Machine Learning Research
I Know First Research | Launch of Swing Trading Based on Machine Learning

What should you look for in a stock picking website ?

The most important thing you need you need to understand from a stock research website is how that research is conducted.

Does the timeline of investment match your investment timelines and goals ?

Otherwise, you can end up putting money on recomemndations that are not suited to you.

Are you looking for steady returns for your stock investments ?

Or rather, you can afford to speculate a little by taking chances because your investment time horizon allows you to do so ?

Best Website For Stock Tips | I Know First AI

I Know First is the very embodiment of a stock research website.

Over the last decade, this stock picking website has increased their offering by introduction Artificial Intelligence based research.

Whatever type of investment you are looking for, I know First has it.

The motto of this company is “Daily MArket Forecast”.

They generate Forecasts on short and long term for stocks, commodities, gold and currencies.

I know First service sis not just limited to US equities as you will find out with the multiple international offerings depicted later on below.

Is I Know First AI Algorithm Reliable

I know First publishes a weekly newsletter where it reports its weekly performance.

The winning percentages are tracked for the multiple packages.

Here is a recent updates pertaining to the breakout of MOXC stock.

This week’s newsletter showcases the best performances of the I Know First Predictive Algorithm this week. Just yesterday, MOXC had an incredible 30% jump in value! Luckily for our subscribers, this was foreseen by the Predictive Algorithm. MOXC was the strongest signal in the seven-day forecast for the Tech Stocks Forecast package, where MOXC, WISA, and SGMS all had returns of 92.73%, 29.59%, and 20.15%, respectively. The total average return of the forecast was 18.10%, outperforming the S&P 500 index by a total of seven times! In the 14-day forecast for the same package, MOXC, SGMS, and TWIN all had returns of 135.93%, 16.24%, and 13.98%, respectively. The total average return of the forecast was 16.07%, outperforming the S&P 500 index which gave a -0.20% during the same time period! In the three-day forecast for the Stocks Under $5 package, ARPO, PDSB, and WRN all had returns of 76.72%, 52.73%, and 26.83%, respectively. The total average return of the forecast was 19.85%, outperforming the S&P 500 index which gave a -0.35% during the same time period! In the one-month forecast for the same package, SB, WRN, and GALT all had returns of 70.12%, 58.91%, and 57.41%, respectively. The total average return of the forecast was 26.46%, outperforming the S&P 500 index by a total of 51 times!

I Know First Commodities Research Package

In case you happen to specialize in commodities trading, I Know first have you covered.

Here is the package you will need to subscribe to.

7 Best Stock Research Websites You Must Know - I Know First commodities Subscription Package
I Know First provides investing Package for Commodities, Crypto, Forex and Interest Rates

For $199 per month, you will enjoy either the currencies picks , the commodities, Bitcoin and major cryptocurrencies or even interest rates.

Given the in depth research I Know First is known for, one cannot help to wonder if it is not the most reliable crypto price prediction website.

I Know First offers six different investment time ranges for each one of their stocks predictions.

Those time ranges span from 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 90 days and 1 year.

I Know First European Stock Market Research Package

Traders often ask me if Successful Tradings analyze non US equities.

We do not not but I Know First does.

Select European countries in Europe such as Germany, Turkey

7 Best Stock Research websites - I know First European stocks Package
German, Italian, Spanish and Turkish Stocks are available in these I Know First Package

For each country, the prices range from $169 to $269 if you are ordering the Top 5, Top 10 or Top 20 Stocks for that country.

I know First International Package

In this era, investing has become more international than ever.

companies themselves can be listed on multiple stock exchanges across s the globe.

As a result, many investors are looking to take advantage of these growing opportunities.

For traders looking to trade Asian stocks, there are at least a couple of Packages offered by AI Trading Algorithm.

7 Best Stock Research websites - Chinese stocks , Singapore Stocks South Korean Stocks are forecasted by I Know First Algorithm
China and Singapore Stocks are featured in this I Know First Package

The rest of the world is accounted for as well .

This is done with not one but two international packages with similar price ranges.

From the view below, you can see stocks featuring Hong Kong, India, Australia and Brazil.

Forecast Stock Picks for Hong Kong, India , Australia and Brazil | I know First Prediction Algorithm

In case you are looking for other international stocks, here is the second international offer.

7 Best Stock Research websites - I Know First Forecast Algorithm cater to Saudi Arabia, South Africa ,Thailand stocks
International Stocks Picks from I know First

Top 10, Top 20 and Top 40 US Equities Packages

For the US stock markets, the choice are many depending on your budget.

Daily picks use the AI decision based algorithm based on smart money movement for bullish and bearish direction.

With the six time ranges, you are more than likely to find your suitable time strategy.

The price of each package is very much a function of how many stock picks you desire.

7 Best Stock Research Websites - US Top 5, 10, 20 , 40 stocks Packages prices range from $169 to $349
I know First Top 5, 10, 20, 40 US Stock Picks Price Range from $169 to $349

The nice thing about these offers is that you can try them for free for 30 days before settling for the one that works best for you.

Based on your investment capital, you can decide that maybe low cost stocks are more suitable.

Should that be the case, here are the potential choices you have.

7 Best Stock Research Websites - I know First Low cost Packages
Low Cost High Volume Package | I Know First Daily Forecast Algorithm

Best Investing Websites

For long term investors, the next set of websites provide research data for a longer time horizon.

This means at least a few years.

Such research is often based on the fundamental financial results.

Simply Wall St

Simply Wall St is a relatively newcomer as a stock research website.

However, whatever they lack in years of experience, they make it up with a great deal of innovations.

The attraction with Simply Wall St approach is they visualization of the standard financial data.

At the end of the end, you still have to make you pick based on your set of criterias.

Below is our full detailed video describing its major features.

Simply Wall Street Video Review

Simply Wall St New Price Plans


Morningstar is one of the oldest stock research website by far.

Their dedication to provide financial information is second to none.

On there, you can research any publicly traded company based on their quarterly financial results.

A rating system with Stars is what help investors determine which stocks have the highest ratings.

We have reviewed Morningstar offering in a recent article.


With Investing.com, you will get the website along with a vey practical App.

The App is very practical because its gives traders and investors to up to the minute stock quotes, news, financial information to help with their decision making.

This is a complete stock website tool as it will enable you to gain access to commodities, currencies, interest rates across the world.

Investing.com App Review - Features of Investing.com
Features of Investing.com highlighting the Tools section

Best Stock Research Tools

The next categories of stock research websites are more like tools.

Each one can with a specific function in your investment or trading decision.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance has gone through facelift after change of ownership.

Nowadays, it is promoting its Premium service with a lot of new content.

The hiring of prominent staff members can certainly help.

The type of Research Yahoo Finance Premium currently provides may not be as in depth as others.

Therefore, one can really wonder if the Cost of Yahoo Finance Premium is worth it.


TradingView is the stock research website you want if you are into technical analysis.

Its charting tool is integrated in a great deal of of trading paltforms.

That means that this is the standard by which others are measured.

The popularity of the charting tools somehow overshadows the fundamental side of this website.

For options trading beginners, I have made videos on how to set up technical indicators.

TradingView Technical Indicators Setup Video

Webinars are available to help teach new investors.

Should you want to specialize on specific stocks.

I recommend setting up alerts for those so that you are always aware of their movement.

You can set up Alerts in both directions (bullish and bearish) using percentage moves for instance.


With Finviz Elite Features, you will get access to both fundaments research and technical analysis .

Futures and Forex traders can also take advantage of this tool.

I often get the question about the value of the ELite version membership.

My answer is that the Finviz Elite Subscription will more that pay for itself given the quality of the information you get.

How To Use Finviz for Long Term Investing

Long term Investors can easily trend stocks Financial results on Finviz.com.

Inside Trade are another example of insights available on Finviz that can help you in your investment decision making.

Below is our full video on how to use Finviz as a screener for this purpose.

How To Use Finviz.com for Short Term Investing

The scanners of Finviz are very intuitive for anyone who in new to investing.

You will be able to save your settings such that new stocks are automatically added when they meet your predefined conditions.

How To Make Money Trading Options Right - Over 1000 optionable Stocks aabove $20 to trading options from each day
Over 1100 Optionable Stocks above $20 with Good Liquidity to Trade Options From

Day Trading and Swing Trading Using Finviz Elite

My preferred method of using Finviz stock research website is for Day Trading and Swing Trading.

As part of your pre-market routine, you can define set scanners for Earnings or other events that will lead you to trading moving stocks.

Another application for Finviz is for those who specialize in the penny stocks.

Here is our full video on how to use Finviz for Penny Stocks.


We showcased 7 Best Stock Research websites to help you in your investing.

May that be for short or long term, you will find great value in each one of these helpful research tools .

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