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CALL vs PUT Option: Which is Best in 2021

Still not sure when to trade call vs put option in 20201 ? Look no further.

In this tutorial, I will take you through the process on how to make this determination once for all.

Through the many examples we have traded, you will discover our secret on how to trade puts vs call options and profit consistently.

CALL VS PUT Option | What Are Calls and Puts

Before I dive into this discussion on Puts vs Calls option, let me share my history with trading calls and puts.

Since 2016, I have been trading calls and puts every day on my trading accounts.

If we assume that in average I have taken five (5) trades a day, that makes it easily over one hundred (100) trades a month.

I took into account that the market is open an average of 20-22 days each month.

So for a given year, we are talking 100 x 12 =1200 trades each year.

Multiply that by six (6) years and you get a good perspective on what this article is sourcing from.

The Encyclopedia Definition of Puts and Calls

I am certain you are not looking for a simple definition from Encyclopedia of what Puts and calls are.

By now, you may have read from Investopedia or somewhere else than a call option gives you the right to purchase 100 shares of the underlying stock.

CAll vs Put Option : Example of Call purchase and Sale for Gild Stock
Calls For GILD Purchased on Feb 21 2020 for 10 cents and closed at 91 cents and $1.37

That is great and all but so what ?

Sure, you may be interested in buying share of a stock using calls but in my six (6) trading calls, I have never actually used that method to acquire shares.

On the other hand, a put option give you the right to sell the underlying stock at the chosen strike.

Before you trade a call or Put option, you need to have three (3) things.

First, the underlying stock you want to trade. That is the obvious one.

Then, you must select and Expiration date.

The lastly the strike Price.

Our Buy and Sell ticket above clearly illustrates this.

GILD : This is the underlying stock we traded call option on.

February 21 2020 : This is the Expiration Date of our Call option.

How To Easily Pick a strike Price of a call or Option ?

This question will occupy you for a while if you are an option beginner trader.

Thankfully for you, I created an 8 minutes video to easily answer it.

Solution: Watch our video below and then download the Excel spreadsheet we are using that video for free !

Practical Trading of Calls and Puts

Calls are Puts are derivatives that take their value from the movement of the underlying stock.

This a call of APPL stock or GILD stock as shown in the illustration above, you will make money when AAPL stock goes up or when GILD stock goes up.

If I were to stop there, then you may be thinking that I have left the most important part of trading Calls and Puts out.

Yes, I am fully aware that the Greeeks also do influence the price of call and put option.

However, I purposely do not want to make this a full blown discussion on the Greeks.

Therefore, I will only briefly touch on two important ones.

Call vs Put Option | The Greeks of Put and Calls

There are five variables known as the Greeks in call and put option trading.

They are called the Greeks because they carry their names from the Greek Alphabet.

As a side note, did you know that my first name has a Greek origin ? True Fact 🙂

But I digress.

What is Theta in Option Trading

You need to known about Theta (highlighted in blue) as the most important Greek variable in option trading.

Call vs Put Option : which is Best in 2021 - SPY Option Chain from Webull App
Call (Left) vs Put (right) for SPY Option Chain inside Webull App

Theta measures Time Decay of the Option. Each day that you are are holding the call or put option, it loses a value by Theta.

By definition, options are supposed to expire worthless at expiration if the underlying stock does not move.

Some bad news for options buyers like you and me.

In average, the market makers (people and institutions ) we buy calls and puts from win 66% of the time, meaning the options we buy expire worthless. That is a hard fact yet it is still worth trading them.

The second most important Greek is Delta (inside yellow rectangle) .

Even though I do not personally use it in my decision to trade call and put option, you have to know that it is the probability of stock price reaching the corresponding strike price at Expiration.

Different Meanings of Delta in Call and Put Option

Let’s break this Delta concept down a bit here.

On the above image, the current price (the market is closed as of the writing of this paper) for SPY is $394.06.

The left view depicts the SPY Calls expiring on March 15 2021 while the right hand side shows SPY Puts with same date Expiration.

If you did not know , please register that SPY has Expiration on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

It is the only stock (ETF actually) that features 3 weekly Expirations.

Meaning #1 : Probability of Being In the Money

Let’s pick the $390 row on the call side (left view).

The corresponding Delta reads 0.7833.

The unit is dollars. So that is 78 cents.

How should we read this ?

It simply means that SPY March 15 2021 390 Calls have a 78% probability of closing above 390.

This makes sense intuitively because the current price is $394 , over $4 higher.

Conversely for the Put option side on the left image, the $390 Put expiring on March 15 Delta is at -0.2032.

This means that there is only a 20% chance that SPY will close below 390 on its expiration day.

Some traders heavily rely on the Delta to pick their strike price.

Here is the main Take away for you .

The higher the Delta of a call or Put option, the higher you will pay to buy that option.

Meaning #2 for Delta in Calls and Puts Options

The other way you will be using Delta while trading Calls and Puts is to predict the appreciation of your contract when the underlying stock moves by a certain amount of dollars.

The Rule is as follows.

if the underlying stock moves by “N” dullards, multiply Delta by N and add the result to the previous price of the option before that N dollar move.

This will give you a good approximation of your contract.

This knowledge is useful for stock gaping in pre-market for profit taking or when ones wants to enter a position following an overnight gap.

Implied Volatility in Call and Put Option Trading

Though not an official Greek, The Implied Volatility (IV) in my eyes is even more important than all the Greeks combined !

Why ?

Because this is the market makers love to manipulate to get make money off of undisciplined traders.

CAll vs Put Option : which is Better in 2021 - Implied Volatility of NFLX outside of Earnings
Netflix (NFLX) Implied Volatility outside of Earnings

I said earlier than the price of Call and Put option is mainly derived from the movement of the underlying.

The reason for mainly is because of the Greeks but even more so due to Implied Volatitltiy.

This happens mostly around Earnings or any type of pending news.

For that, we have devoted a full strategy on how to go about avoiding the massacre and trading Earnings in a unique and very efficient manner.

Now that you are a little more familiar with call and put option, let’s discuss if this is for you.

Call vs Put Option | Who Should be Trading Calls and Puts

At the origin call and puts were not meant to be traded as stand alone instruments.

More recently, calls and puts have become a quick way for investors with very little capital to trade some of the high prices stocks.

They provide a good way to grow a small account.

Beware of Calls Obsession

Here is my piece of advice to beginner traders.

Call Vs Put Option : My trades in First half of 2017 mostly Calls
My 2017 First Half Mostly Calls and very Few Puts

I have traded with over 100 traders over the last year.

During the 1 vs 1 coaching sessions, high was my shock to discover than a great deal of traders have never traded Put options.

Then I remembered my own path in the early stages of my trading journey.

It is very easy to get enamored with the idea that the market can only go up.

I charted my trades on 22 stocks.

On every single one of them, over 90% of the positions were Calls as shown on the picture above.

The moral of the story is that you cannot simply pick to trade call options alone.

Why Trade Put Options ?

If you decide to go that route as many do, you will be missing on a great deal of opportunities.

Stocks are meant to fluctuate up and down and as a trader, we ought to be open minded to these fluctuations.

Put options actually serve as a good way to hedge on the stocks that we own.

Imagine you hold a stock for long term.

Call vs Put Option - Quick Put Trade on QCOM yielded 260% Profit in less than 2 hours
Quick Profit of Put Option of QCOM on Jan 10 2020

While it may take that stock a few months to reach your desired target sale price, you can benefit from the small fluctuations by risking very little.

NFLX, NVDA or TSLA are trading over $500.

It may be difficult to trade these on a small Portfolio.

Anybody can trade call and Put options on these and make enough money to be able to afford these high price stocks.

How Much Money Can You Make Trading Calls and Puts

I have seen some return in trading Calls and Puts options that are right to imagine.

One of the most famous example in 2020 is this NFLX 5000% gains .

NFLX Call Option Returning over 5000% in August of 2020

There is one hidden secret than may change your mind on trading Calls vs puts options.

Did you know that Puts pay more than calls ?

Put Options Pay More Than Call Options

The reason why Put Options pay more than call options is because when a stock is doing down is goes faster than when it is going up.

Hence it takes less time for Put option to appreciate.

Since we have already established the importance of time in option trading, now we understand why Puts often provide bigger profit than calls.

A great way to keep track of the performance of your Calls vs. Puts option trades is to track them through a trading journal.

You are in luck because you can download our pre-populated free options trading spreadsheet for download.

Call vs Puts | Which is better in 2021

It may just be me but whenever the market is selling off or a stock is going down, I find it easier to trade.

Mainly because the resistance levels are fully known through the main moving averages.

Whereas in the bullish direction, resistance is not as easily defined once the price get passed those mving averages.

The bottom line is that we need to accept that it is very possible to trade the same stock on both directions and sometimes we make money in both direction.

Such was the case On March 3 2021 on this trade example out of our Gang$ta Strategy.

CAll vs Put Option _ Target Trade making money in both direction from the Gang$ta Strategy at Successful Tradings
Successful Tradings Gang$ta Strategy Made Money on both Calls and Puts Options on March 2 2021

How and When To Trade Call Option

Within our Strategy at Successful Tradings, we teach how to recognize a bullish trend which leads to trading call options.

Our method simply rely on a single indicator for entry.

Here is its Full description on this brief video.

We have a full page dedicated to Call Option Examples.

The call examples supporting videos are always more popular than their Puts counterpart.

How and When To trade Put Options

We enjoy trading Puts so much we could not leave you without a similar step-by-step guideline on how to trade a bearish trend.

That is provided on this video below using again a simple simple indicator known as VWAP.

Put options examples are treated in details on a series of videos posted on this very blog.

Best Way To Trade Call and Put Options

A great deal of times, traders do not know the directions of the stock they would like to trade.

The best way in this situation is to combine both calls and puts.

When you do this, you form a strangle assuming you are using different strike price forthe same expiration.

If you are using the same strike price, that is a straddle and it cost more than the afford mentioned strangle.

The advantage of the straddle over the straggle is that you are almost guarantee that one side of the trade will be making money very quickly.

Here is a very short video on BABA that illustrates the power of this technique.

The subsequent video describes the broad approach into Swing trades.

The ones that we carry overnight for a continuation or reversal trade the next day.

The profit on the BYND Swing trade reached 2000%.


Trading Call vs Put option should not be like picking one against the other.

Instead, our ptions strategies ought to be flexible enough to allow to maximize gains in either direction.

We believe we have the perfect strategy for that known as the Gang$ta Trade and would like to extend the invitation for you to Master it today so that You Can take Your trading to The NExt Level in 2021 and beyond.

How To Use Webull Volume Analysis

The new Webull Trading App offers plenty on new tools and features to help stocks and options traders.

In this discussion, we will be focusing on How to Use The Webull Volume Analysis feature.

With the intended goal to incorporate this tool into your trading strategy to help grow your account.

How To Use Webull Volume Analysis | What Is Volume in Stock Trading

Volume is stock trading is the sum of the number of shares sold plus the number of shares bought.

Traders keep in keen eye on this indicator because it can help determine the conviction in either the bullish or bearish direction.

For instance, a stock selling up with high volume will likely attract more sellers and thus the price will likely continue going down.

How To Use Webull Volume analysis - Example of Volume spike indicating a bullish breakout on WDC daily Chart
WDC breakout out of $5-$55 Range following Spike in Daily Volume

The above chart is a very good illustration of how you can use volume as a confirmation of a bullish breakout.

What is Good /Strong Volume

The stock broke out of a two-month range the day after huge volume spike took the out of its previous box.

The following days,WDC kept posting higher highs on the daily chart.

In the case of WDC above chart, this coincided with Earnings Release.

However, a volume spike can occur on any type of news. May it be good or bad.

Traders often use Volume in pre-market analysis to help determine the interest in a given stock.

How To Analyze Stock Volume

Relative Volume indicator is a quick way to find out if a stock attracting higher volume.

A strategy can then be establish using relative volume which is defined as the current volume divided by the average ddaily volume.

Values above 0.5 are a good starting point.

How To Use Webull Volume Analysis | How To Read Webull Chart

For a stock or options trader, setting up your chart is one of the most important task.

Beause you want to have you enough indicators to make a decision of the direction of the stock.

Yet, in my experience, too many indicators can lead to decision paralysis.

Therefore, we created the video below to help traders create and read Webull trading charts without too many useless indicators.

Four to five indicators should be enough on your Webull chart.

Anything higher and you set yourself up for many dilemmas especially if you are a beginner trader.

Webull Volume Analysis | What is Webull Analysis Tab

When you select a stock on the Webull App, the top view is the chart with your desired indicators as described in the above video.

Then comes a menu from left to right reading | Quotes| News| Comments | Analysis |Press Release | Financials.

Let’s spent some time dissecting the content of the Analysis section.

The Usual Analysts Ratings

The Webull Analysis feature starts with the classic Analyst ratings and price targets.

Just like many trading or investing tools, it provides a summary of how analysts think the stock may performing in the near future.

We are all too familiar with this information as depicted in the image below.

How To Use Webull Volume Analysis - Analysts Rating and Target Price for WDC stock
Analysts Ratings And Price Target for WDC stock from Webull Trading App

What Is Webull Positions Cost Distribution

Positions Cost Distribution Analysis is fairly new and its provides traders with a way to determine the potential direction of a stock.

Here is the best readout on the concept of Positions Cost Distribution to help understand this new indicator.

How To Use Webull Volume analysis - Description of Positions Cost Distribution Indicator
What Is Positions Cost Distribution | New Indicator from Webull Trading App

As part of positions cost analysis, two other metrics are introduced: namely Cost concentration and profited shares at market close.

How To Use Webull Volume Analysis - Cost Concnetration definition
Cost Concentration Metric Definition

What does Webull Positions Cost Distribution Indicator tell You

At the end of the day, as trader or investors, we need tools and indicators to help make investment decision.

Such is the case for the positions Cost distribution Indicator.

Below is the readout with a clear and easy example how you can use Positions Cost Distribution in your trading.

How To Use Webull Volume Analysis - Example of Position Cost Distribution Indicator Usage
Position Cost Distribution Indicator Illustrated through an Example

How To Use Webull Volume Analysis in Day Trading

In addition to the Level-2 data provided in the Quotes section inside the Webull App, there is a Volume analysis chart I started using recently.

How To Read Volume Analysis on Webull

The aim of the volume analysis chart below is to help you as a trader understand how and where the money is distributed on the stock you are trading relative to the current price.

How To Use Webull Volume analysis - Volume analysis Graph next to Time and Sales Profile on Webull
Webull Volume Analysis Chart for WDC as of March 5 2021

Why is Volume analysis important you may ask ?

Because once again, that will help you in determining the direction of the stock.

I used a short and simple video to show exactly how you can use the Webull Volume Analysis feature as part of your day trading.

I was able to read the SPY Volume Analysis on my Webull trading App to set up a very profitable option trade😁.

I mostly trade options so time is always a very important element to consider.

Especially when trading a very volatile instrument such as SPY on Expiration Day.

CONCLUSION | How To Take Your Trading To The NExt LEvel

Speaking of SPY strategies, I strongly encourage you to consider checking out proven 10-baggers trading System to help Take your Trading to the Next Level in 2021 and beyond.

How To Trade Options on Webull : 2021 Step-by-Step Guide

Webull Options trading has been lacking for a long time.

Finally, the platform has decided to step up to its many customers requests and introduce a slew of features in 2021 including Options Tradings.

By the end of this tutorial on How to Trade Options on Webull, you will be equipped with the knowledge to set up your Webull options trading Dashboard, access the the training course offered on the App version of Webull, take advantage of the Community and most importantly how to make money by leveraging some of the new advanced features of this growing trading platform.

How To Trade Options On Webull | Mobile App, Desktop or Desktop App ?

For years, Webull traders have been asking for Options trading to be included on the trading platform.

It took Webull until 2020 to make this possible.

How to Trade Options on Webull : Webull Current Available Global Markets
Webull Global Markets from its Mobile Trading App

The main reason I can think of is to stay competitive in the battle of the Millennials it is engaged with Robinhood.

Currently, Webull only provides trading in a few countries and I know that most of European countries do not have access to Webull.

Nonetheless, Options Trading on Webull is now available and it comes with a great deal of bells and whistles.

Which Webull Platform is Best For You ?

The first action you must take during the signup process is to determine what type of account you will be setting up.

By that I mean a Cash account vs. Margin account.

I published a short recent short video that explain the benefits of each so that you are fully educated to pick the one that fits your current needs.

I recommend that options trading beginners start with Cash Only account and later on can switch to a Margin account.

The second decision you will need to make in trading Options on Webull is to choose your platform.

Webull offers 3 choices for that.

You can trade from your mobile phone through the App.

This option is very advantageous for traders on the GO who require limited data or information to enter and exit trades.

The app version of Webull is intuitive enough with minimal learning curve.

Within a full week of playing with it, you will be able to trade options on Webull quite comfortably.

Webull Desktop vs Webull Desktop app

The most recent version of Webull Desktop is version 4.

You can download it on your PC in lieu of using the more direct browser based trading platform.

In my most recent research, I settled for the browser version since I can pin its window alongside the other application I routinely access.

By making this choice, you will need to setup your Dashboards once at the beginning and save them so that you are ready to trade each day with jsut a few clicks.

Now, you may be wondering why go through the trouble ?

The most obvious answer is the picture below. It looks nice, doesn’t it 🙂 ?

How to Trade Options on Webull : Setting Up your Dashboards
Example of Options Trading Dashboard on Webull

Second reason is that you get to choose what you need for options trading on Webull in a single view.

This is done by selecting widgets and arranging them in a manner that is suitable to your liking.

Think of it as your self customized Options trading platform.

Because it is not obvious to Options trading beginners what they may need, I created this video tutorial below as a guide to setting up Webull Desktop 4.0.

If you take the time to invest 40 minutes of your time watching the full video, you will come out with the most needed education in your trading journey.

How To Trade Options On Webull | Does Webull Have Level 2

The one thing that is still lacking in Webull Options Trading platform is the absence of a Paper trading account.

Yes Webull account comes with a $1 Million Paper/Demo Account but that is only for stocks trading.

Many Option traders still need practice and back testing of their strategies before they go Live with real money.

Webull Option Trading Restrictions

Apart of the above mentioned demo account, do not expect to options on webull right after your first initial deposit.

In fact, it may take of to 5 business days for your account to settle and it is only after that delay when Webull will allow you to trade options.

Trade Options on Webull : Limitations and Restrictions
Example of Restrictions on Trading options on Webull

Also, you will have to wait a couple of days after a winning trades for your funds to settle.

Hence, do not be surprised by the message displayed in the above image in case you find yourself too eager to place your first option trade on Webull.

Level-2 Subscriptions

Ask any experienced stock and Options trader about one of the most important tools is trading and you will likely get the answer Level-2 data.

What is Level-2 Data ?

In trading, Level -2 data provides a view of the depth view of the outstanding orders (buy and sell) on the instrument you seek to trade.

How To Trade Options on Webull: Level 2 Data from Nasdaq TotalView provides 30 levels of bids and Asks
Difference between Level 1 and Level 2 Data

Why is Level-2 data important ?

Because it helps traders determine the availability and demand of a stock for a given price.

This information is then used to provide confirmation about the potential direction of the stock.

Example, if a stock is in high demand for higher prices, traders can confidently enter bullish trades.

How Much Does Level-2 Data cost ?

As an introductory offer, Webull offers 3-month free Subscription to LEvel 2 Advance Data.

Then it costs $1.99 per month. You will need to Subscribe manually at the end of the 3-month.

How To Subscribe to Level-2 Data on webull ?

From your mobile App, go to Menu > Select Advanced Quotes and the list of available products is displayed.

The image below provides a view of my current Subscriptions to Level-2 data on Webull.

How To Trade Options On Webull: Level-2 Data Subscriptions
Webull Level-2 Subscriptions Plans

Webull Options Trading | Education Resources for Beginners

Most traders on Webull are beginners thus they seeking education not only on the platform itself but basic Options trading knowledge.

To help address this increasing need, Webull offers on tits mobile App trading platform a feature called Community.

Webull Community Benefits

The following sections or categories are available inside the Webull community.

  • Streams
  • Competition
  • Top News
  • 24/7
  • Watchlist

Inside the Streams section is where you will find the most value.

Recently, Webull provides an incentive to go through the education to familiarize yourself with trading options and other instruments on their platform.

It is called “Complete the Beginners’ Course. It is a series of 7 courses.

One of them is an FAQ on Options Trading.

Webull Top Lists

The objective of the Top 10 Lists is to provides traders with the most active stocks and options.

Practically, you can use these lists as research to figure out which stocks to trade.

My best advice to join a proven system that will teach you consistent winning strategy so that your learning curve does not take multiple years.

Webull Paper Trading Competition

For the purpose of Learning how to trade on Webull, you can participate in the free Paper trading challenge to help confirm your skills and flatter your ego.

The main idea of the community is to provide chat rooms where traders can post their ideas, ask questions and grow toghether while learning the necessary skills to become successful traders.


Webull Options trading is a nice addition to the platform.

You can trade options on Webull App if you are on the GO or you can trade options on Webull desktop.

However, for many beginners it is still a daunting task to figure out the application while acquiring the basic trading skills.

The one constant complaint in the multiple Webull chat rooms is the lack of customer service.

Should you find yourself in this situation, I strongly encourage you today to check out our 10-baggers education trading system.

This is the closest thing to a guarantee to Take your Trading To the NExt Level.

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