How To Use Trailing Stop $ and % on Etrade

Protecting your gains in stocks and Options trading is a very powerful technique.

In this tutorial on how to Use Trailing Stop on E*TRADE, you will learn how to easily do that so that you can start growing your account consistently.

How To Use Trailing Stop On Etrade | What Is a Trailing Stop ?

A trailing Stop or more precisely a Trailing stop order is an order that will execute only when your predefined condition is met.

Many traders have contacted recently on this confusion topic.

It usually goes something like this.

Hey, Telex, I cannot close my position on E*TRADE because the platform is saying that I do not have it.

9 times out of 10, the reason for 10 is because there is a trailing stop order already in place.

Many traders seem to forget that a Trailing stop is a condition order.

Background Story on Trailing Stop YouTube Video

Therefore, once you put one in place, you cannot go and try to close the same position before canceling your previous (conditional) order.

How To Use Trailing Stop on E*TRADE - EMA8 yellow line on QQQ 15 minutes chart is a perfect Trail to the price action
EMA8 (Yellow Line) Is a Perfect Trailing Stop for QQQ 15-minute chart for Day Traders

If you are a beginner trader, this concept of Trailing stop may be tricky at first, but it is not.

True Story: A trader from Florida contacted me a few months ago after researching tutorial on Trailing Stop on YouTube.

He could not find anything satisfactory.

His request was for me to teach him how to use Trailing stop in general.

So, I showed him on ETRADE (that is the platform I use) how to use Trailing Stop% and Trailing Stop $.

At the end, the trader suggested that I make a video on this topic because there were not that many good ones.

I wish I would have recorded our Live session.

Nevertheless, I recorded a video on that day on YouTube title: How to Use ETRADE Trailing Stop percentage vs Trailing Stop $ on Power E*TRADE.

A week ago, another trader Mr. Charles from Texas joined our Discord group on his appreciation of that video alone!

Yet, I told him I still needed to write a full tutorial on blog.

Here we are ๐Ÿ™‚

How To Use a Trailing Stop Order to Close a Position

The concept of trailing stop means you are tracking the evolution of the price.

Imagine you are trading a stock you bought at $100.

Then the stock move bullishly in your favor to 110.

So now, you are making $10 profit per share.

If you want to be able to get as much profit as possible without risking some of the money to have already made, then you can use a Trailing Stop to track the price movement of that stock as it goes higher.

Below is a view that depicts the scenario of a Trailing Stop to help you protect your profit on this trade.

How To Use Trailing Stop on ETRADE - Trigger price and Trailing Stop indicator
Trailing Stop Concept: Trigger Price and Trailing Metric or Indicator

In our example of a stock purchase of $100, the trigger price would be $110 to start trailing.

You will trail with a metric or a technical indicator: Moving Averages are good trailing indicators as depicted on the first chart with the 15′-minute chart of QQQ.

How Does ETRADE Trailing Stop Work for stocks?

ETRADE allows you to use the ETRADE Trailing Stop percentage and ETRADE Trailing Stop $ for stocks.

This means that you can specify your Trailing Trigger (this can be a technical indicator if you are doing this manually) as a percentage or as a raw dollar amount.

In either case, the concept is fairly straightforward.

In the view below, I selected the ETRADE Trailing stop percentage for Roku Stock.

ETRADE Trailing Stop Percentage vs. ETRADE Trailing Stop $

Remember that the Trailing Trigger is dynamic which means that it is updated as the price changes.

How To Use Trailing Stop on  ETRADE - Trailing Stop Order Ticket for Roku Stock
ETRADE Trailing Stop Order for Roku Stock using ETRADE Trailing Stop Percentage

Here is how it is calculated.

  • The initial Trailing Stop Trigger is calculated as the [Current BID – Trailing amount (in % or $)]
  • We are always trailing in reference to this BID price
  • As the BID price goes higher or Lower, the Trailing Trigger is updated

Since the current BID is 231.50 and we are trailing 1% from it, that means that our Trigger for execution will be when the price reaches 231.50 – 1% of 231.50 = 231.5 – 2.315 = 229.185

Therefore, as long the price of the stock continues to go up from this starting point, you will be making more profit.

Should the stock price come down by 1% from the last BID price, you Trailing stop order will triger.

Your stock position will be sold at the Market price.

This is very important to know. We will address this in the subsequent paragraphs.

Some traders prefer the Trailing Stop$ because it does not require any other calculation like the Trailing% to convert into money.

How To Use ETRADE Trailing Stop on Options

In order to use the ETRADE Trailing stop on Options feature, you will have to choose Trailing Stop$.

ETRADE does not offer the Trailing Stop percentage on Options.

Not sure exactly why.

I can only suspect the fact that option prices are decimal number thus it can avoid confusion for some traders to deal with percentages.

In the above view, I am setting up a Trailing Stop for 2 Roku Puts contracts.

I want to trail 25 cents away from the BID.

At the start here, my trigger is: $1.27 – 025 = $1.02.

Therefore, if the price drops to $1.02 right after my setting the Trailing stop, it will trigger and my contracts will be sold at the market price.

Whatever that price is.

Yes, we do not know the execution price of a Trailing stop order.

It can be well above the trigger price just as much as it can be lower than the trigger price.

What I am looking for here is for the option contract to continue going higher such that the trigger price.

How To Use a Trailing Stop Order to Open a Position (Buying)

Some traders use the Trailing Stop for buying positions.

This is not common but can be done in a similar manner.

An example of scenario could be you want to go long on a stock.

You are waiting for it to confirm its bullish direction.

Hence, you will trail the price until the Ask price to become greater than a certain price level.

In such a case, the trail amount can be the difference between that price Level ( VWAP or EMA8 re good examples) and the current price.

When Can You Use the ETRADE Trailing Stop

Most traders employ the Trailing Stop to close (sell) positions they are already making some good profit on.

It is an easy way to manage a position once you have already taken some partial profit and looking to make more money.

Also, for traders who may not be in front of the screen to manage their positions live, Trailing Stop re a good way to track the action.

It should be noted that a Trailing stop can works just as a standard static Stop loss when the position goes against you.

What Is a Good Trailing Stop Percentage on Options

More and more traders have been asking me in my Discord Room how to implement Trailing stop percentage or Trailing stop amount in dollars ($).

In order to help options traders to find a good Trailing Stop percentage, I created the table below as a reference guide based on the Reference price of the option contract.

    you are telling the system to execute this order when a condition is met. Example> You bought 1000 Contracts of QQQ DEC31 408 Calls @ 0.50 then, contract went to 1.05 so you are making 0.55 of profit
    or 110%.
    You want to protect this profit but want to ride it for more
  2. You initiate a Trailing Stop with 25 cents as trailing amount.

BID =1.04 <<<====>>> Calculate the initial Trigger = Current bid – Trail_amount

ASK =1.10


Initial_Trigger= Initial_Bid ($1.04) – 0.25 = 79 cents

At some point: BID price is going to change and the TRigger
will automatically update !!
IF BID= $1.5 ===> then Our Trigger become $1.5 – 0.25 = $1.25

    it is excuted when the price retreat by 25 cents from the dynamic trail


As a reminder, the reference price is the initial bid price of you contract at the time you are activating the Trailing stop.

Example: If the contract is worth $1 Bid and 1.04 Ask price, you reference is that Bid price of $1.

That is the price you will be trailing from.

The table below gives you the % to trail by as a function of the reference Bid price of your option contract.

Reference Bid Price Suggested Trailing Stop%Suggested Trailing Stop Amount ($)
Less than 15 cents50%7 cents
Less than 30 cents 40%12 cents
Less than $125%25 cents
Between $1 and $220%30 cents
Over $315%40 cents
Over $410%45 cents
Over $55%50 cents
What Is a Good Trailing Stop Percentage

In conclusion, a good stop loss percentage if a function of your risk appetite. While it is okay in stock trading to use a percentage between 2% and 5%, in options trading, a good trailing stop percentage will vary between 5% and 50% depending on the cost of the contracts. I typically use a trailing stop percentage of 30% in trading weekly options.

Risks Of Trailing Stop Orders

Over the years, I have heard my share of horror stories with Trailing Stop Orders.

Quite often, these are due to lack of understanding about Trailing Stop orders.

Here are the few instances where you can be vulnerable to a Trailing Stop.

Stock Splits

If you happen to have a Trailing Stop on a long-term position, a stock split will definitely affect your Trailing Stop Trigger.

Here is how.

Using recent example of stock splits for AAPL and NVDA.

Both were 4:1 split meaning that the price was divided by 4 overnight.

The very next day, the new BID price – Trailing amount would have immediately triggered the execution of that order.

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When a Stock is Halted

Similarly, when a stock is halted for trading, there is a great uncertainty where it will open after the halt.

Hence, you should be carefully with Trailing stop in this scenario.

After a Stock Gap Up or Down Overnight

Overnight Gaps up and Gaps down can change the BID price significantly.

If you are holding a stock that gaps down, there is a very high probability your Trailing stop will trigger.

Of course, it makes sense for it to trigger.

The issue is the uncertainty of the sale price after the order is executed.

All Trailing Stop order are executed at market price which means that there is great uncertainty about the execution price every single time.

Very Volatile Stock Market

A very volatile market or stock is vulnerable to Trailing stop order.

Such is often the case for cheap stocks or penny stocks.

I try to reduce this possibility by trading stocks that are at least $15.

This should not be a deterrent for you to trade some affordable stocks out there but just be aware when setting up Trailing top order in those instances.

Lack of Liquidity

Lack of liquidity is when there is market for the stock you are trading meaning there is no bid.

Imagine then what can happen especially at the open for such stocks.

It will be very difficult to set a Trailing stop amount in this case.

Step By Step Video on How to Use ETRADE Trailing Stop

In this video, I showed you how to use ETRADE Trailing Stop percentage and Trailing Stop dollar amount from my trading platform ETRADE.

Hopefully, your feedback will be as positive as for the many who have enjoyed it so far.

Traders in my Discord Room have been leveraging this technique recently to make 10-Baggers profit trading options.

Good Alternatives to Trailing Stop Loss

If you do not want to setup a Trailing Stop order because of some of the limitations above, you can resort to setting up other conditional trades.

In ETRADE, you can setup a limit order that is triggered based on your predefined conditions on the price of the stock.

The advantage of this method over the Trailing Stop is that market makers do not get to see your order.

It is highly believed that market makers love hunting for Stop Loss so that they can stop traders and then move the price in their desired direction.

Best Trailing Stop Strategies

  • ATR Trailing Stop mt4
  • Binance Trailing Stop
  • Trailing Stop Loss – TBD

Webull Trailing Stop Loss

Webull Trailing stop feature is not fully complete yet.

TBD. Coming out soon.


Now that you have mastered how to protect your profit with trailing stop, allow me to introduce you a great way to consistently reach those profit you will need to protect.

Is FUNDED TRADER Program Right for You – 2022 Easy Guide

Trading with your own money in a live account can present many challenges for new traders. Some of these include lack of capital and high risk.

However, Trading with a prop firm like FUNDED Trader will give you the chance to make money without having to risk your own capital.

In this step-by-step tutorial, I will show you how you can benefit from Funded Trader to take your Trading to the next Level in 2022 and beyond.

Is Funded Trader Program Right for you in 2022? - Logo of Funded Trader


An individual who is qualified to trade on behalf of a company may open a funded trading account.

Investing in a funded account offers individuals flexibility and makes it easier for them to enter the trading world.

They offer many advantages.

Advantages of Funder Trader Account

First, they grant access to a real trading account on behalf of the company and permit individual traders to trade according to regulatory requirements using the corporate license.

In this way, they are avoiding the hassle of dealing with paperwork, getting the required funds and licenses, and so on.

Furthermore, you can start small by using trading accounts.

The capital available to individuals who qualify for a funded trading program is significantly greater than what they would normally have at their disposal to invest.

Thus, it doesn’t matter if a trader lacks the necessary capital if they have the right skills.

Is Funded Trader For You in 2022 ?  Keys to Success in Trading with Funded Trader
Keys To Success with Funder Trader Program

Who is Funded Trader For?

In contrast, trading companies look for the best traders through a specific program and take a subscription fee and/or a share of their profits in return.

Funded trading accounts provide benefits to all parties: the company that funds the account, as well as the individual who uses it.

The size and instruments traded to determine the type of funded trading account.

Stocks, futures, foreign exchange, options, and many more are possible, depending on the firm.


Founded in the UK in 2007, Funded Trader offers funds to traders worldwide (outside the US) and claims to be known to the FCA.

They provide a service that is beneficial to everybody as a prop firm set up by traders and for traders.

Type of accounts Offered at Funded Trader

Offering FX and Stocks account with a wide array of funding options, they offer a wide range of accounts.

You can choose from 10 forex accounts ranging from $10k to $300k, and 3 stock accounts between $50k and $100k. FX accounts are offered in five levels:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Professional 1
  • Professional 2
  • Professional 3

Accounts are classified into two types based on their level.

Trading Levels

No matter how large or small your capital may be, everyone is catered to and able to choose an account size that is right for them!

As soon as your account passes the initial evaluation phase, you will be required to deposit the minimum capital required and will be allowed to start trading.

In addition to the MT4 and MT5 platforms, they also offer charting tools that are trusted by many because of their user-friendliness.


Generally, an applicant to become a funded trader must enroll in an evaluation program and pass an exam indicating their skills and abilities.

Traders who meet the company’s requirements are offered a proprietary-funded trading account.

How To Get Funder with Funded Trader?

After that, they receive a particular account size.

With the funds in the account, the trader is free to trade as they see fit.

A trader, however, needs to comply with the rules set by the company in order to continue doing business.

Is Funded Trader Right For You in 2022 ?
 result of simulation of Momentum Long and Short from 2017 to 2018
Simulated PnL of a Funded Trader Account

Abiding Rules For Funder Trader

These rules may, for example, stipulate a profit target at some companies.

There are also possible rules such as maximum drawdown rates, maximum losses per day, and maximum position sizes.


Several trading programs grant funded trading accounts upon completion. All of these programs, however, are not created equally.

Therefore, you should think about several things before making a decision.

To begin with, you should make sure to check their profit split.

How To Select a Good Proprietary Firm ?

Also, find out if you have to pay additional fees and if you get a special tax status.

If you have funded trading accounts with some companies, you may receive competitive rates.

Furthermore, you may be charged for licenses to access trading platforms, education courses, data fees, and so on. In the end, you will have a lot of fees to pay.

Further, try to find a company with a solid educational program.

If you have the choice, you should go through extensive screening. In this way, you can navigate the markets prepared and well-equipped.


Consistent Source of Income

You are paid every month based on your performance when you trade forex with a fully funded account.

You don’t need to worry so much about wins or losses since you’re not investing your own capital. Instead, you need to focus on doing well in the market.

Traders are free to just focus on their trades without the anxiety of trading with their own money.

When you trade on your own, withdrawals will reduce the buying power you have on the market.

You Can Trade anytime

This benefit is a nice change from most jobs that require you to work set hours regardless of whether you can work them or not.

If you are disciplined and have a rigid schedule you can work from, this benefit is a great option for you.

You set your own hours when you trade with a fully funded forex account.

Is Funded Trader Right for you in 2022 ? Stock market growth over last 10 years

The fund is always open for trades since the forex market is.

Trading after midnight is fine if you’re a night owl.

Your forex fund will work around your schedule so that it can work around your schedule.

Zero Investment Needed

The benefit of becoming a funded trader is that you won’t have to risk your own capital. As you are trading for the company, you do not have to worry about your own capital because you are operating with it.

To become a professional trader, you may need substantial starting capital.

As a funded trader, on the other hand, gets access to this capital and can trade it as they see fit.

No More Effort to Find Clients

Becoming a funded trader eliminates the stress of continually searching for clients.

When you manage a forex portfolio, you are always seeking capital to invest, as opposed to a trader.

Because you manage your account by yourself, you don’t need to worry about anyone but yourself when you work in the fund.

With no external distractions or headaches, you are completely free to fine-tune your trading style and strategy.


Funded traders generate profits from their dedicated accounts by making profitable trades. Suppose you make a profit of $1,000 from a series of winning trades.

A portion of that profit is kept for yourself.

How Much Money can you Make Trading with Funded Trader

In this case, what really matters is how much profit you end up with.

Your company may or may not give you any.

Many will take half the profits from you, which means that they are cut in half.

Trader SplitBankMarketDataUserFee*Earnings ReqBankMarketDataUserFee*Earnings Req
Example of a Profit Structure at a Prop Firm

The important thing is to find a proprietary trading firm that leaves you, the trader, the majority of the profits.

Profit Split Structure

For example, Earn2Trade and Helios Trading Partners allow you to keep 80% of your profits.

In the example above, that means only 20% of what you have earned (or $200) will go to the company that provides you with the account and capital that you trade with.


A wide range of people have their own experiences with a prop firm and are able to provide their own insight into the service and provide insight into how it works.

It’s always worth checking out what a lot of people have to say about a company.

Word on the Street about Funded Trader

According to Trustpilot, Funded Trader has an ‘Excellent’ rating with an average score of 4.7 out of 5.

Is Funded Trader Right For You in 2022 ?-How To Trade options on E*TRADE - Big Profit Day Trade with Successful Tradings Alerts
Example of Explosive Trades from

Many traders are praising the prop firm for its simple and smooth process with an opportunity for people to advance their trading careers and make good capital.

Until recently, we have been monitoring this company continuously to see if there are any trends in the reviews they receive.

The Trustpilot has not published any new reviews in the last month or so, which is somewhat concerning.


Our experience with Funded Trader has convinced us that you can achieve a funded account with 100% accuracy.

You have every reason to expect to get funding from them based on their simple process and fee-free evaluation of traders.

Free Trader Evaluation

Additionally, traders are allowed to participate in the evaluation without being constrained by any rules, which increases their chances of getting funded accounts.

FTMO, for example, often has strict rules that can restrict your ability to trade and force you to trade in a way that doesn’t suit your style.

When there are no rules to trade by, you can show your full potential.

Below is a video review that provides further insights.


A funded trader can trade a variety of assets, depending on the account type and the prop trading firm.

Many funded trading accounts can be used for trading stocks, FX, futures, and options.

Is Funded Trader Right For You in 2022 ? -How To Day Trade Options On E*TRADE- 1000% Day Trading on E*TRADE
Day Trading Options For Big Profits

It is important to realize that you may be restricted as to the types of instruments you can trade.

You may not be able to trade US-listed stocks on leading exchanges such as NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, etc.

Alternatives To Funded Trader

In this EPIC Trading Review, we shared how this platform can be a great alternative to Funded Trader.

We will be bringing you others in the near future.

Alternative to Funded TraderMARKET
Maverick FXStocks, Crypto, Options
Alternate# 3Options, Crypto, FX
TBDForex, Crypto, Stocks, Futures
Alternatives to Funded Trader Proprietary Firm


According to our and several other reviews of Funded Trader, they are a great option for traders looking for a funded account.

You can sign up with Funded Traders no matter how much capital you’re comfortable trading with, as they offer an amazing range of trading accounts for those looking to trade either FX or Stocks.

Furthermore, they offer some great benefits that you don’t see very often in other brokerage firms.

Such is the case for their free evaluation program that is an amazing feature for anyone looking to trade for a living.

40k a year is how much an hour

40k a year is how much an hour - average salary in the US

More and more young people are entering the job market each day.

Important questions on job offers such as 40k a year is how much an hour need to be answered for them.

In this series of tutorial for young investors, I will be tackling on the topics of hourly wages and how they translate into annual salary.

40k a year is how much an hour | The Context

The context of this crucial question to convert 40k annual salary into an hourly rate is veryimportant.

If you happen to be a salaried employee who works a 9 to 5 regular job or 8 hours per day that is one scenario.

Conversely, if you are an hourly employee, you can use the answer to this question to determine two things:

  • How many hours you will need to work to get to this salary
  • How to use the rest of your time away from this job to generate more income

Let’s breakdown our analysis on a case-by-case basis.

Salaried Employee hourly Rate

We will clearly assume that 40k a year is the base salary without any other incentives.

Typically, in corporation, there is a year-end bonus based on the financial achievement of your company.

For now, let’s assume you work 8 hours a week Monday through Friday.

therefore, the numbers of worked hours per week is 8 times 5 = 40 hours.

If we purely assume that in a standard year, there are 10 holidays for the simplicity of the calculation .

A standard year has 52 weeks.

Let’s then Subtract 2 weeks for holidays and 2 weeks at least of personal vacation.

We are left with 52 weeks – 2weeks – 2 weeks = 48 weeks.

We can then use this 48 week number as our baseline for the following table with calculation.

40k a year is how much per hourNumber of Hours You WorkedYour Hourly Salary
48 Weeks worked48×40 = 1920 hours40000/1920= $20.83
49 Weeks Worked49×40 = 1960 hours$20.4
50 Weeks Worked50×40 = 2000 hours$20
How Much you make an hour for 40000 yearly Salary

You will be making between $20 and $21 an hour to reach that 40k a year.

Hourly Employee Model

The main difference for some hourly employees is that they may not have any vacation hours.

Some contractors also fall into this category.

Therefore, the number of worked hours will be a bit higher than in the previous case of salaried employees.

The resulting hourly rate will be lower.

In the summary table below, we will show you 51 weeks and 52 weeks of worked hours.

40k /year Salary is how much per hourNumber of Hours You WorkedYour Hourly Salary
51 Weeks worked51×40 = 2040 hours40000/1920= $19.6
52 Weeks Worked52×40 = 2080 hours$19.2
How Much you make an hour for 40000 yearly Salary as an hourly employee

Benefits of Salary vs Hourly

Between $19.2 and $19.6 is the hourly rate for someone who makes 40k per year.

That is a 6% reduction compared to a salaried employee who works fewer hours due to vacation time.

Often, Salaried employees may also benefit from free money into their retirement.

Most corporations match the first 4-5% of the money you decide to invest into your retirement.

This is a great source young people should be taking advantage of as early as possible because this money will compound over the years.

$40,000 a Year IS How Much After Taxes?

On paper, $40000 a year may seem like a lot of money.

But int he table blow, we are going to break down a potential take home amount from a yearly salary of $40k.

Depending on where you live, if there is state tax to factor in or not, your paycheck will be greatly impacted.

For the first example, let’s assume no state tax like in Florida or Texas.

Tax CategoryCost of TaxesTake Home Amount $
Social Security (6.2%)$2480$35520
Medicare (1.45%)$580$34940
401(k) Retirement contribution (5%)$2000
Federal Tax (10%)$3800$30140

In the above table, we assume you are saving 5% of your yearly salary for retirement.

This means that you will be paying taxes on $38000 instead of the original $40000.

Your yearly take home goes down for each line item suggested above.

In this simple example, a person who makes $40000 a year ends up with about 75% of that money: precisely $30140 – after paying tax.

This will be even less should you live in a place with state tax.

Is 40k a Year a Good Salary to Live Comfortably?

The cost of living varies in great deal across the country.

Some cities may be more suitable for a given annual income.

Based on recently reported cost of living numbers in several states and cities, these are the ranking of places where 40k per year which equates $20 an hour may be enough to live decently.

Average Yearly Salary in the US

Let’s examine the average yearly salary per state according to 2021 ZipRecruiter data.

40k a year is how much an hour - yearly salaries in the US by map and histogram
Average Salaries in the US as of 2021

This is the analysis provided by ZipRecruiter per the state view.

Top 50 Highest Paying States for Average Jobs in the U.S.

Weโ€™ve identified 11 states where the typical salary for an Average job is above the national average. Topping the list is Massachusetts, with Hawaii and Rhode Island close behind in second and third.

Rhode Island beats the national average by 7.1%, and Massachusetts furthers that trend with another $7,523 (11.3%) above the $66,665.

Significantly, Massachusetts has a very active Average job market as there are several companies currently hiring for this type of role.

With these 11 states paying on average above the national average, the opportunities for economic advancement by changing locations as an Average appears to be exceedingly fruitful.

About Our DataZipRecruiter salary estimates, histograms, trends and comparisons are derived from both employer job postings and third party data sources.

Data used to develop this report includes ADP data. ADP is an exclusive provider of employee payroll data for ZipRecruiter.

Table View of Average Salary Per State

StateAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Pay
Rhode Island$71365$5,947$1,372$34.31
North Dakota$70067$5,839$1,347$33.69
South Dakota$68,022$5,668$1,308$32.70
New York$67,727$5,644$1,302$32.56
New Hampshire$65,421$5,452$1,258$31.45
South Carolina$63,020$5,252$1,212$30.30
West Virginia$58,867$4,906$1,132$28.30
New Jersey$58,149$4,846$1,118$27.96
North Carolina$53,703$4,475$1,033$25.82
New Mexico$53,675$4,473$1,032$25.81
Top 50 Highest States for Average Jobs in the US

The state with the lowest hourly rate is Florida around $25.

As such, 40k a year is 30% lower than the lowest state average.

It should be noted that the average number does not mean it is impossible to live decently in such a state.

The average median may be a better measure of how 40k a year can translate into a good living condition.

In fact, from the table above, we can derive that about 18% of the country live with less than an hourly salary of $20.

How Can You Make $40,000 per year?

There are many jobs out there where you can make $40,000 even if you do not have a big degree.

One of the least thought methods to make $40,000 in through investing.

What Jobs Pay $40,000 a year?

Especially, since many people consider that you need big money to start investing.

What if I told you that there is no need for big money to start?

Here is a short video on how you can start turning in big profits for as low as $10.

Alternative Ways to Make $40,000 a year

There is this recession proof method to make money you should know about.

It will open your mind to new opportunities many people are making money online today.

TikTok Stock Price 2022 - Turn $100 into $12000 in weeks

How To Make More Money Through Crypto?

Of course, by now you may have heard about the many crypto millionaires from early adopters of Bitcoin to recent Shiba inu investors.

But there is an even powerful method to profit from the boom of crypttocurrencies.

Check it out below.

Download My Free 2022 Excel Hourly Pay Calculator

With my Hourly Pay Calculator, you will be able to answer question like:

  • $25 an hour is how much a year
  • 25 dollars an hour is how much a year

FINAL THOUGHTS on 40k a year Is How Much an Hour

We showed you how 40k a year translates into an hourly rate.

State by state comparison shows which places may be the most fitting for young people to start building their financial independence.

2022 Best Day Trading Stock Alerts – Easy Free Tutorial

If you are looking for Day Trading Alerts to help you increase your trading profit in 2022 and beyond, then this step-buy-step tutorial will be very beneficial to you.

Traders have told me how difficult it is to find a reliable Day Trading Stock Alerts service online.

My intent is to introduce you to a highly consistent Day Trading Alerts System that will not only give you trades but also teach you how to find the best day trades for the rest of your life.

Day Trading Alerts | What Makes a Good Day Trading Stock System?

The majority of beginners Day traders spend their time hopping from one trading room to another without any idea where their next winning trade will come from.

How do I know this?

Answer 1: I used to be like that when I first start a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away ๐Ÿ™‚

Answer 2: They tell me when they finally find my Day Trading alerts system.

By then, they have blown up a few accounts and thus looking for a way to recover some of the (big) losses.

Why is the reason for this you may wonder?

Lack of Consistency.

Consistent Day Trading Alerts

Anybody (especially beginners) can be lucky with a big winner day trading that one stock for the day.

However, if you cannot duplicate that trade over and over then you will find yourself losing a great deal of money.

I had this trader once from New York who read a day trade on AMZN I depicted on this blog.

Then, he decided to test the argument I was raising in that tutorial by going against my recommendation.

As a result, he ended up making over $USD 15000 on just one Swing trade.

Two months later, he sent me an email explaining how that early success in his Day trading journey was the worst thing that could have happened to him.

Why ?

Because he got blindsided by the early profit and forgot to learn the basics of Day Trading.

2022 Best Day Trading Stock Alerts - Successful Tradings consistent ALerts over 24 weeks
24 weeks Consistent Day Trading Stock Alerts from

Consequently, he went on a very long losing streak due to lack of a consistent methodology.

Whatever Day Trading Alerts service you decide to follow, make sure that it provides consistent results in ALL types of market conditions.

Such is the case of the Day Trading Stock Alerts from as shown in the above picture.

From its inception in late May 2020 to the end of that year, the results over 24 weeks are very consistent.

Experts say that habits are typically developed over 21 days or 3 weeks.

Hence, you would agree with me that 24 weeks of great consistency in our Day Trading Stock Alerts is quite impressive.

Are your Trade Alerts Reliable ?

Another very important aspect of a good Day Trading Stock Alerts system is its reliability.

By this I mean are you able to take that trade each time without delay.

Many online Day Trading Alerts are delivered via mobile phones.

If you are familiar with mobile devices network, they are prone to have outages.

Therefore, you may be at the mercy of telecom services providers for your Trade Alerts.

2022 Best Day Trading Stock Alerts - Inside Successful Trading Discord Room
Successful Tradings Discord Server delivers Live Day Trading Alerts

In my case, I use a Discord channel to deliver the Live Day Trading Stocks picks.

Of course, you can argue that internet connectivity can be perturbed as well.

To which I will refer you to the next section when I reveal exactly how Trade alerts works.

What Is the Performance my Day Trading Alerts?

Lastly, you want a high performing Day Trade Alerts service.

After all, the reason you are paying for it is to be able to make money Day Trading.

Now, some traders out there do not believe in paying for such service.

I fully understand.

However, ask yourself this.

If a Day Trading Alerts Service is free, what is the obligation the owner of such system has towards you?

Absolutely none.

Hence you will be getting whatever you are paying for which most of them time does not amount to very much.

Instead, you will need to find one with these types of results.

Day Trading Alerts MetricsAchievement
Average Move Per Day Trading Stock Picks8%
Average Number of 10-Bagger (Options Trading) 2.1
Average Win Rate over 24-week period85%
Number of 10-Bagger (greater than 1000%) Winners50
Number of 50-Bagger (greater than 5000%) Winners4
Weekly Average number of Day Trading Alerts15 Day Trading Alerts Performance over 24-week

Day Trading Alerts Discord Channel Day Trading Alerts are delivered through my Discord Channel <Successful Tradings>.

I have 5 room each dedicated to a different Day Trading Alerts Strategy.

Over the next paragraphs, I will take you through a Tour of my Day Trading Alerts Discord Channel.

How Does My Day Trading Stock Alerts Work?

First, I use the Day Trading Stock Alerts to setup weekly Options for our traders.

The Options Alerts picks are provided each Thursday through a watchlist before the close of the market.

Which means that the Traders in my discord know in advance what we will be trading over the following week.

Hence, the system is highly reliable with very few points of failure.

Should you encounter internet disruption on Thursday, you can easily create your watchlist on Friday before the market opens.

2022 Best Day Trading Stock Alerts - Day Trading Roku Call Options on  Dec 8 from 2190% profit to 6000% in 4 hours
Day Trading Roku Call Alerts on Dec8 2021 all the way to 6000% Profits

How Easy It to Day Trade My Alerts

If you are a beginner trader and happen to be concerned about Day trading my Trade Alerts, rest assured to because everything is designed for you to succeed.

This is part that truly set this Day Trading Alerts Service apart from many out there.

I created a set of videos to help you every single step of the way.

Let’s use the example of the Roku outstanding Day Trade from December 8.

As depicted on the image above, Roku 2545 Calls started running at 941am EST.

This means 11 minutes after the market has opened, you got the signal for the entry based on the video tutorial below.

Here is the breakdown of the Roku Day Trade on Dec 8.

9:41AM EST 2190%
12:41PM EST 3672%
1:22PM EST 4345%
1:42PM EST 6009%
Day Trading Alert on Roku Stock Option on Dec 8 2021

In just a mere 4 hours Day Trading Roku Calls, traders made $1100 profit on just one contract as it went from $6.40 to $17.4.

Now, if you are thinking that the only way to make money Day trading Roku calls on this day was to invest $600 then we need to talk.

You see, I will teach you in my 1 vs 1 Coaching session that you do not need to trade in the money (ITM) or expensive contracts to make big money.

In fact, you will learn that my day Trading Trade alerts specialize in out of the money contracts.

The reason for this is because of the reliability of the signal that trigger these Day Trading Alerts.

In average, we saw earlier that the move per stock is about 8%.

When you combine that with the fact that we trade weekly options, then you can understand the so many 10-Baggers winners.

Gang$Ta Strategy Day Trading Trade Alerts

This Day Trading Alerts Strategy is leveraging pre-market analysis gap to determine the trades.

Here is a summary of the Guidelines to take advantage of the huge profits from this one.

3 Limit BUY Orders for CAlls and Puts Typically for Between 1 cent and 25 cents : 6 Orders Total in Pre-MArket

IF Filled with One Side, Forced Limit Entry for other Side even if it is furthwer Out of the money.

Strikes Price and Expiration Are Given in Pre-MArket in GANG$TA Trade Channel

For Independent Trades, Use ATR Technique to Derive Adequate Strike Prices

How To Pick Easily Pick a Strike Price


Live Day Trading Alerts inside Telex Updates Discord Channel

Inside the Telex Updates Discord Cahnnel, I provide Live Day Trading Alerts based on momentum from our options watchlist or any other stock.

As an example, we day traded TGT 227.5 Puts on Dec16 from 19 cents to $3.20.

This momentum trade was shared during the 4-hour run as depicted on the diagram below.

2022Best Day Trading Stock Alerts - TGT Day Trade paid over 1400% on Dec 16 2021
TGT DayTrade Alert Paid over 1400% on Dec 16 2021

Just like many traders in our Discord room, you would have been able to just follow the trend by taking partial profits along the way or adding more contracts using a trailing stop.

Truth be told, TGT was the third 10-Baggers Day Trade Alerts to go for 1000% on this week.

It started with ADBE on December 14, then JD followed up the next day before the aforementioned TGT 227.5 Puts.

Below are the highlights of this full week of Day Trade Alerts.

Swing Trading Trade Alerts

We have shared with you on this blog how profitable Swing trading can be.

Therefore, my Day Trading Alerts have a swing strategy technique as well.

One can enter a swing trader after completing a Day Trade on our DayTrade Alerts for moemntum continuation or reversal.

The other approach to swing trading is provided below by leveraging an easy scanner we have setup on Finviz.

Friday No Wahala Alerts

Before we can get you to that setup, Let’s share a multiyear study that has led to this Alert technique.

Within its own Discord channel, I provide 3 swing trades on Thursday all with expiration the following day.

Further details on the awesome success of this easy to trade yet very lucrative strategy can be found in this tutorial.

Overnight Swing Trade from Finviz

My approach to overnight swing trading is to recognize that a stock with momentum (notice I do not care about the direction – bullish or bearish is fine) will either continue or reverse.

Hence, by setting up a strangle (call + Put), I stand a great probability to make money the following day(s).

I provide these trades to our trade on as opportunities present themselves.

Since I teach all these strategies in my 1 vs 1 Coaching session with traders, some traders have been keen to take advantage of them.

Recently, a couple of traders scored a 30-bagger on Roku overnight swing trading the stock.

Here are the details of their trade from Dec 8 on the view below.

2022 Best day Trading Alerts - Roku Options paid 3000% in overnight swing Trading
3000% Swing Options Trading Roku Calls on Dec 8, 2021

The following week, another trader scored 1000% winner on QCOM Call in another Swing trade.

I believe it is worth These contracts cost was 20 cents and became $2 the next day.

As you can attest, you can make a lot of money day trading options in my Day Trading Alerts System.

2022Best Day Trading Alerts - Trader Made 1000% Swing Trading QCOM clals on Dec 16 2021
1000% Swing Trading QCOM Calls on Dec16, 2021

Day Trade Ideas Inside Successful Tradings Discord

The trade ideas channel is actually free Day Trading Alerts for anyone within my Discord.

I do not focus on this channel as much as on the Subscribers ones above.

Best Day Trading Alerts for 2022

As I mentioned in the introduction of this tutorial, I provide coaching to all the subscribers to my Day Trading Alerts.

These 1 vs 1 coaching session took place over Zoom meeting.

They are recorded each time and a copy is given to traders so that they can go over the content of the training at their own time as much as they need.

Live Options Day Trading Service

One of the most popular Day Trading Alert strategies is SPY.

In fact, I know very successful traders who trade SPY Options for a Living.

You can do that too.

However, since May 2021, I published a research and video on how QQQ is a better Day Trade instrument that SPY.

Here is the video depicting how to day Trade QQQ for big profit.

Day Trading Indices

Day trading indices is definitely part of my Day Trading Alerts.

SPY is still a great index for Day trading.

It is very liquid in the sense that the Bid and Ask on its option chain are very close no matter the strike price you are trading.

Day Trading QQQ For Big Profit

If you want to take advantage of QQQ Day Trade Alerts, then Successful Tradings Discord is the right place for you.

Day Trading IWM on expiration Day is now a great opportunity as well.

Because in the last quarter of 2021, market makers introduced Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays expiration just like its counterpart SPY and QQQ.

F.A.Q On My Live Day Trading Stocks Picks

  1. Can I get the Successful Tradings Live Day Trading Stocks Alerts for free?

Not really.

but from time to time, I share them on my Live Day Trading Morning Show on YouTube.

2. How Much money do you need to Day Trade my Alert System?

I have shown that how we can make money Day Trading options from as little as $1.

So, I guess that clearly addresses any concern you may have about needing a big account.

3. How To Subscribe to my Day Trading Alerts System?

Here is the Link for the 2022 Offer.


I shared the many Day Trading Alerts methodologies I have in my Discord room.

The performance of these Day Trading Stock Picks has been nothing less of outstanding since its inception in May 2020.

We have been able to make money when the markets are bearish as well as bullish as it does not matter.

Are you going to join us in 2022 and Beyond to Take your Trading to the Next Level or ill you continue to go from system to system without any consistency?

2022 TikTok Stock Price – Where to Buy TikTok Shares?

TikTok popularity over the last couple of years is second to none among social media.

As an investor, if you are still wondering if you can buy TikTok shares, this article is right for you.

TiTTok Stock Price in 2022 | What Is TikTok

I am pretty sure by now you have heard about the frenzy over TikTok.

In order to give you some perspective about TikTok popularity, here is the worldwide trends from Google trends over the last 5 years.

TikTok Worldwide Searches over Last 5 Years

From 2020 to the end of 2021, Searches on Google of the work “TikTok” have gone up almost 400%.

One cannot help to wonder what makes this yet another social media so captivating.

If we scrutinize the spike in popularity of this platform, once can see that it was a perfect storm.

People (should I say teenagers) were locked down during the pandemic and needed some entertainment.

TikTok came at the perfect time to serve that need to escape the daily reality.

Where Is TikTok Most Popular in the World? ?

Google trends provides a breakdown of the interest for Tiktok and the Top 5 regions are all in Asia.

I summarized them in the table below from highest interest at 100.

Position Based on Number of Online SearchesGeographical region
1 Score = 100Indonesia
2 Score = 55Philippines
3 Score =50Nepal
4 Score = 32Myanmar (Burma)
5 Score =29Cambodia

Who Is the Owner of TikTok?

The parent company for TikTok is Byte Dance.

ByteDance is based in Beijing, China.

ByteDance corporate headquarters are in located in Haidan district in Beijing as shown on the map below.

In fact, Tiktok is the international rendering of a Chinese based App from 2016 Called Douyin.

The largest shareholder of ByteDance in the holding empire SoftBank.

Where is TikTok Head Office in The US?

To date, the company has offices in 4 US cities: Mountain View, San Francisco, Austin and Chicago.

It US headquarters are in the Culver City near Los Angeles as depicted on the map below.

TikTok came under heavy scrutiny in 2019 in the US as it tries to launch its IPO.

That ambition was met with a mandate by US regulators.

Trending Items Searches for TikTok Query
#1Watermark TikTok
#2Downloader TikTok
#3Tiktok Videos
#4TikTok Tanpa Watermark
#5Download TikTok Tanpa Watermark

In order for Tiktok to operate freely in the US, it needed to be under the umbrella of a publicly traded US firm.

Microsoft (Ticker: MSFT) and Oracle (Ticker: ORCL) were to two US based companies to vie for that honor.

This agreement has not reached a resolution stage yet so time will tell.

TikTok Stock Price 2022 - Turn $100 into $12000 in weeks

Is TikTok Legit?

Despite some negative publicity regarding inappropriate content for minors on its platform, Tiktok remains as legit as it can be.

The simple fact that its main competitor in the video arena, none other that YouTube started to position itself on the short videos segment says a great deal.

Indeed, in the alst quarter of 2020, YouTube launched a new video type called #shorts.

The length is to be less than 1 minute.

This new standard aim to compete with TikTok directly since the latter has been growing so much.

I can share a personal story here.

My YouTube channel benefited from this in November 2020 in order to reach monetization status.

Here is my first ever Short video on YouTube. Maybe it was even an initial TikTok video ?

How Does TikTok Make Money?

The concept of video sharing App is not new.

Main other companies have tackled on this without the level of success TikTok has displayed in such a short period of time.

However, it is the ecosystem TikTok has been able to create that makes it so appealing for investors.

What initially started as dancing platform has morphed into a great business tool.

Instead of just providing entertainment, many businesses jumped on-board TikTok to market their products to this growing audience.

These businesses pay TikTok money in order for their ads to display on TikTok videos.

Therefore, TikTok revenue is mainly from advertisers.

TikTok relies on video creators for content just like its main competitor YouTube.

It has stamped a watermark on all TikTok videos in order to prevent videos creators from re-using these videos elsewhere.

Here is a clever solution for that.

Best Stock Prediction Website – 5-Day Stock Forecast

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Bank of America Stock Predictions – Bac Stock Forecast 2022

Like most banks in 2021, bank of America stock has been quite bullish in the past year. What are the current bank of America stock predictions for the years to come? Plus, find out how I use my short-term bac stock forecast to generate some high profits. Bank of America Stock Predictions | Price History Bank of America is one of the oldest financial institutions in the Unites States. It provides banking services to 66 million retail and small businesses …

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2022 Qualcomm Stock Price Predictions – Big QCOM Stock Forecast

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How To Use Webull Stock Screener – Easy Step by Step guide

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What Is TikTok Price In The Stock Market

Since the US regulators did not facilitate Tiktok entry into the US stock market, there is not yet a stock price for TikTok.

The IPO is still in gestation phase.

Tiktok Stock Price Forecast

Given the amount of traffic and the growing User engagement on Tiktok, the stock price forecast for its IPO is bound to set all records.

Many investors would want to have the privilege to be the original owners of such a dynamic company.

I would dare to stay that TikTok stock price will soar at its IPO above the one of Tencent.

TikTok Stock Price 2022 - Turn $100 into $12000 in weeks

Is TikTok a Buy After Its IPO?

Would that make Tiktok Stock a must buy ?

History is not on the side of the optimist.

Let me tell you why ?

In recent years, even the most promising stocks from China have struggled in the US listing.

I can provide you example of Alibaba (Ticker: BABA), NIO (Ticker: NIO) or Pinduodouo Inc (Ticker: PDD) just to name a few.

Here is the chart for PDD since its IPO in July 2018.

TikTok Stock Price 2022 - PDD chart from Inception to Dec 2021
PDD Weekly Stock Chart from its IPO to Dec 2021

The recent context has taken PDD stock price fromthe highs of $200 to $50 to close 2021.

Should you invest in TikTok shares, one can only hope to avoid a similar roller-coaster.

How To Buy Tiktok Stock

Maybe the best way to buy Tiktok stock is through a listing in Hon-Kong should the company decide to pursue that safer route.

JD, Baba finally listed in Hong Kong Stock market to alleviate the scrutiny in the US.

Alternatives To Buying TikTok Shares in 2022

Going into 2022 and beyond, there are quite a few stocks from China which have shown great potential over the years.

Other than the afford mentioned ones, here is a short video (see what I did there ๐Ÿ™‚ that provides an easy guide to buy good stock from China.

A recent competitor to TikTok is OnlyFans which is looking to go public.

How To Safely Invest Money

Since you are looking to invest and make money in TikTok stock, what if I told you there is a recession proof method to earn money.

Check it out below.

TikTok Stock price - Make Moeny during recession

How To Trade Options on E*TRADE – Trade Options E*TRADE 2022

If you want to learn How to Trade Options on E*TRADE in 2022 and beyond, then this tutorial is right for you.

I have been trading Options on E*TRADE since 2016 and know every single feature to help you take your Trading to the NExt LEvel.

How To Trade Options on E*TRADE

The user interface for trading Options on E*TRADE is PowerE*TRADE.

It is very intuitive and easy to use thus making it a perfect platform for options trading beginners.

I created this detailed video to introduce the main features of E*TRADE for Options trading.

Learn How To Trade Options On E*TRADE

The first time you are trading options on E*TRADE, I hope it is through paper account trading.

I explain the reasons why in this recent discussion on tiled: Can you Paper Trade Options on Webull.

Valuable resources you will need as an options trading beginner are provided in the summary table below.

Paper Options Trading SkillsResources
Can You Paper Trade Options On Webull - How To pick a Strike PriceHow To Pick an Option Strike Price
Paper Trading Options On Webull -How To Buy OptionsHow To Place an Option Order on Paper Account
Can you Paper Trade Options on Webull - Day Trading on Power EtradeAdvanced Features of Power E*TRADE
Paper Trading Options On Webull - ETrade is a good laternativeHow To Setup Your Option Chart
Paper Trading Options on Webull - How to USe Etrade ScannersHow To Use E*Trade Scanners

How To Buy Options on E*TRADE

In order to make money trading Options on E*Trade, you will need to learn how to buy options

The options chain is divided into two sides: the calls and the Puts.

I prefer to switch the middle toggle in order to only see what side at a time.

How To Trade Options On ETRADE - QQQ options Chain
QQQ Option Chain inside E*TRADE

This short video below will take you through the steps to buy options on Power E*TRADE.

Day Trading Options on E*TRADE on Expiration Day

My favorite options trading strategy to make money trading options on E*TRADE is day trading on Expiration Day.

Since My 2021, I get to do so three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) on this very volatile ETF QQQ.

In case you may be wondering why QQQ and not SPY, here is the full study I published recently on SPY vs QQQ to support my decision.

Some of the outstanding results of this strategies are captured in the following slideshow.

Impressive Gains Trading Options On E*TRADE

My YouTube channel has a long list of great options trades on Expiration Day using E*TRADE.

Check out some of the selected highlights below.

Successful Options Trade on E*TRADEResources
How To Trade options on E*TRADE - Big Profit Day TradeHow to Increase Profit on QQQ Options
How ToDay Trde Options On E*TRADE- 1000% Day Trading on E*TRADE1000% Profit Day Trading on E*TRADE
How To Trade Options on E*TRADDE - Multiple 1000% Profit1000% Profit Trading Options on E*TRADE
Day Trading Options On E*TRADE on Expiration Day9700% Day Trading Options on Earnings
Day Trading Options on E*TRADE for 5000% Profit on FB5000% Trading FB Options on E*TRADE

As you can see from the dates on these above videos, these are not some old trades from 10 years ago.

I have been able to consistently take advantage of my 10-Baggers trading system to make money trading Options on E*TRADE.

And you can do it as well. Jsut like the many traders who are joining my Discord community this year.

Trading Options on E*TRADE After Hours

E*TRADE enables you to trade Options after hours on the ETFS that are setup for that.

Those are as follows:

ETFs Stocks You Can Trade After HoursAfter Hours Time
SPY4:00PM EST to 4:15PM EST Everyday
QQQ4:00PM EST to 4:15PM EST Everyday
IWM4:00PM EST to 4:15PM EST Everyday

You do not have to do anything for you to trade after hours.

You can take options positions on SPY, QQQ an IWM with the intend to close them as late as 4:15PM EST.

However, your broker may close those options trades if they happen to be in the money and you do not have enough funds to exercise.

Here is an example of such trade depicted in this short video.

FINAL THOUGHTS on Trading Options on E*TRADE

I shared my methodology on how to trade Options on E*TRADE with consistent great results.

Should you be serious about learning how trade in 2022 and beyond, I strongly recommend you create an E*TRDE account today.

Then join my Discord channel and I will help you leverage my best stock prediction system to take your Trading account to new highs.

Nio Stock Forecast 2025 – NIO Price Prediction Reactions

NIO Stock Forecast for 2025 and years to come presents an intriguing proposition for many investors.

Given the tremendous growth in the automakers industry and the scale of China population, one cannot help to wonder if NIO stock will emulate its famous predecessor TSLA.

In this analysis for NIO price prediction for 2025 and beyond, I will break down all the projections while priding an alternate method to benefit from the short-term NIO price forecast.

2025 NIO Stock Forecast | Price History

NIO operates in the auto and truck manufacturers industries.

The company designs and sells autonomous driving electric vehicles, batteries and electric powertrains to consumers.

Its primary market is China where NIO has its corporate headquarters.

NIO stock launched its IPO in the US stock market in September 2018 with an offer of 6 $USD for one ADR share.

NIO Stock Price Forecast 2025 - NIO weekly Stock price Chart from IPO to December 2021
NIO Weekly Stock Price Chart from IPO (Sept 2018) to December 2021

In the 3 years since NIO stock Initial Public Offering, early investors have gone through quite an exhilarating ride.

I am not sure how many of them may have predicted the massive 1500%u in the middle of this short period.

NIO Stock Price Analysis

Looking at NIO stock price through the above weekly chart, I can dissect five (5) main phases for this stock.

By doing so, this will help understand NIO Stock Forecast for 2025 many investors are raving about.

Here is a summary of NIO Stock price action into the table below.

NIO Stock Price Key DatesLowest PriceHighest PriceAction type
September 2018 to March 20195.6 ($USD) 10.6 ($USD)Bullish
April 2019 to June 20202.3 ($USD)7.4 ($USD)Bearish
July 2020 to January 2021$10.5 ($USD)67 ($USD)Very Bullish
February 2021 to March 202132 ($USD)64 ($USD) Very Bearish
April 2021 to December 202130.7 ($USD)55 ($USD)Range Bound
NIO Stock Price Variations from Sept 2018 to End of2021

In the first six months of NIO stock, the action was mostly bullish buoyed by the enthusiasm of early investors.

Phase 2 saw a sharp price decline after the financials results did not live up to early high expectations.

To be frank, the competition from the leader in this industry (Tesla) did not help either.

I vividly remember this timeframe as many traders on my daily YouTube Pre-Market analysis show would ask me to review NIO stock chart.

NIO Stock Price Early Investors Glory

I have this rule of not trading in my Options trading watchlist stocks below $$20.

Therefore, at this time, NIO Stock was definitely not in any one of my scanners.

Then, from July 2020 to January 2021, NIO went on an unprecedented Bullish run.

In this 6-month phase, the stock went from $10.5 to $67 posting consistent Weekly higher highs.

So, it took NIO stock almost 2 years to start delivering satisfactory performance results to its early investors.

In today’s market, two years seems like an eternity for bag holders to stick around.

NIO Stock Price Recent Performance

As it is usually the case with the stock market, after the burst of very high prices for a stock like NIO, the momentum tends to fade.

This is exactly what took place in the space of one single month, NIO stock lost over 50%of in value from February to Early March 2021.

I was live day trading with traders from my Discord room on Friday March 5, 2021.

We all caught that bearish action on NIO stock and made substantial gains on the Puts side.

Truth be told, it was not my first trade on NIO stock.

2021 Year-To-Date-34%
1 Month-25%
6 Months-23%
1 Year-25%
3 Years+353%

Remember how I said earlier that my day trading scanners setup is for stock above $20?

Well NIO stock price crossed that price threshold during the summer of 2020.

Consequently, it became a regular stock in my watchlist and stock prediction strategy.

For those who invested in NIO stock in 2021, the story is quite different.

At best, we can describe the recent performance of NIO stock as in a range oscillating between $32 and mid 40’s.

With the above recent observation in mind, let’s scrutinize analysts’ ratings for NIO stock.

NIO Stock Forecast 2025 | Analysts Ratings

Out of the 26 analysts who currently have ratings for NIO stock, 83% have a BUY rating or higher.

This is quite bullish for a stock that have been bearish at best over the last 12 months.

NIO Stock Ratings

Below is the full summary of NIO stock price forecast as analysts see it.

NIO Stock Forecast 2025 - Over 83% of analysts Are Bullish on NIO stock
83% Of NIO Stock Analysts Have at least a Buy Rating

The fact that NIO stock price is trading at previous support may provide a hope for current stock holders.

However, from a technical point of view, NIO stock chart is bearish on multiple timeframes: daily, weekly and monthly.

The stock is looking to potential break below that strong support albeit.

Should that happen, the next big support area is $20.

Dare I even mention the next one after?

Just in case you are curious, the weekly chart I shared earlier shows that level around $12.

We are not there yet but that but that will be a 62% drop from the current price.

Amid the recent delisting headlines of China stock after the Didi news, one cannot help to be cautious about NIO Stock forecast for 2025 and years to follow.

NIO Stock Price Target

NIO stock target price range is extremely wide.

In fact, with a distance of 335% between the lowest price and the highest target price, one cannot not help to wonder where exactly the truth lies.

Highest Forecasted Price $USD                                                                                         86.8
Average $USD                                                     58.4
Lowest Forecasted Price $USD                     20
NIO Stock Price Predictions has a 125% Range

For a deeper analysis of NIO Stock Forecast 2025, let’s take a look at the price stock price positions cost distribution.

NIO Stock Positions Cost Distribution

What exactly can we learn from NIO stock position cost distribution?

At first, the average price it around $39, which is 22% above the current market price for NIO stock.

NIO Stock Forecast 2025 - Position cost Distribution for NIO stock
NIO Stock Position Cost Distribution

If that observation does not deter you from investing in NIO stock, how about this next one ?

Less than 2% of the NIO shares are profitable.

This means that 98% of the current NIO stockholders are losing money.

Earlier, I mentioned that NIO is sitting at previous strong support so maybe you can start building a small position at this level with a very tight stop loss.

5-Day Forecast for NIO Stock

Do you have money that you would like to invest in NIO stock based on the hype of its 2025 forecast?

What if I told you that I can teach you a way to safely grow your money on the short term while waiting on NIO stock growth to resume?

Better yet, I have a multi-year proven methodology that provide great short-term results on NIO stock and many others.

5-Day NIO Stock Price Predictions

With my proven short-term stock forecast methodology, I have been able to take advantage of NIO stock super high volatility.

If you are not familiar with NIO stock wild swings, here is a summary table depicting exactly that fact.

NIO Stock Price Volatility vs. timeline  % Voaltility
1 Month 74%
3 Years                                                                                          91%
Nvidia Stock Price Predictions has a 125% Range

When stocks like NIO moves this much over a 5-day forecast period, you and I can make great profit.

Such was the case in the following short videos on successful trades on NIO stock.

Should you be wondering how often you can take advantage of these opportunities on NIO stock weekly forecast, the answer is at least 25 times in a year.

To prove that, check out this other NIO stock great profit trade a few days apart from the previous one.

To really drive home my point about these massive opportunities to profit for NIO stock short-term forecast, see below a summary of our best trades this past week.

NIO stock enabled a rookie trader from Brussels to make her first ever 10-Baggers trading NIO Options from as low as 23 cents entry.

NIO Stock Forecast 2025 - Trader made 950% profit on NIO stock options on Dec 3 2021
Rookie Trader Made 950% Profit Leveraging NIO Stock 5-DayForecast in Successful Tradings Discord

Alternatives To NIO Stock Forecast

I can easily show you how to find other alternatives to NIO stock within the automakers industry.

The data below reveals that over the last year, NIO stock performance lags its direct competitors by quite a margin.

Other Automakers Stocks Forecasts

LCID | TTM | TSLA | GM |HMC|LI | XPEVE| provided higher returns than NIO stock.

RIVN stock does not yet have a yearly performance because its IPO was as recent as last month.

In this very competitive sector, it will be quite interesting to see which stocks forecasts are going to come alive by 2025.

I am not sure about what you will be doing between now and then.

But as for me, I certainly will be taking advantage of my 5-Day Stock Forecast for NIO and its competitors to take my trading to the next Level.


I shared how the NIO stock price predictions remain very bullish despite recent bearish trend over the last year.

Should you decide to invest in NIO stock but lack the high required capital, I offer my short-term stock forecast to help you leverage weekly volatility.

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Best Stock Prediction Website – 5-Day Stock Forecast

For over two years now, this website has been providing the best stock predictions.

Do not take my word for it, rather spend the next five minutes on our 5-day stock forecast results since 2020.

Better yet, I can provide you multi-year studies and back testing that corroborate my claim that is the best stock prediction website.

Best Stock Prediction Website | My Results

Anybody can make stock predictions or forecasts, but the challenge is to achieve consistent results.

The 5-Day stock forecast system I have enabled many traders to leverage options trading to achieve fantastic results.

I have captured and shared these results on my YouTube Cahnnel and some of the Social media.

Stock Predictions for Next WeekHow Does It Work ?

My system gives traders a watchlist ahead of time what we will be trading over the next five days.

So, it is not as many do out there where they front run a trade then sent an alert which may or may not pan out for their subscribers.

Here is the video describing exactly how my 5-day stock forecast works.

Take Advantage of My Best Stock Predictions

You can start leveraging our best stock predictions today even if you have not traded before.

I believe in providing education to beginners traders.

Therefore, I provide unlimited education to those who want to learn and take their trading to the next level.

Here is the short video on How to Join:

Daily Stock Predictions | Weekly Performance Results

I have stored the performance results for you on my YouTube channel so that you can check them out for yourself.

Today, you can take advantage of this system wherever you are in the world though our 10-baggers trading system.

Check out the Full YouTube playlist named 10-Baggers.

Successful Tradings SPY vs QQQ YouTube Video

Best Stock Prediction Website | Supporting Articles

Here are some of the content supporting this argument that you should try out the best stock Prediction website today.

Before the links, here are the highlights of what some our traders achieved this past bearish week.

You see, our system does not just know how to make money when the market is bullish.

Best Stock Prediction Website - Week of Dec 3 2022 Performance highlights
Week of December 3 Stock Prediction Performance Highlights

This really sets it apart from many out there you may have already tried.

A recent trader Mr. Rod told me he has been looking for me for over 6 months while trying and failing with many other systems.

Article # 1: Anatomy of a Gangsta Trader | Confessions of Day Trading Gangsta Trader

Article #2 : How To Make Big Profit on QQQ | SPY vs QQQ

Article #3: Trade Alerts success Stories

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NVDA Stock Prediction – Easy NVDA Stock Projection

Over the last five 5 years, NVDA has been one of the hottest stocks in the US stock market.

In this NVDA Stock prediction discussion, we will share the projections for NVDA stock price after the recent stock split.

As a bonus, you will discover a clever way to take advantage of NVDA stock price volatility using our 5-day stock forecast system.

NVDA Stock Projections | Price History

NVIDIA is an American Corporation based in Santa Clara California.

It was founded in 1993 and manufactures products for computer gaming, professional visualization, datacenter and automotive markets.

My first ever trade on NVDA was on May 16 2016.

I took some 45 Calls expiring May20.

This was right I read a piece on Marketbeat about the growth in data centers revenue, machine learning and how AI was going to transform the way we visualize displays.

NVidia beat Earnings by a wide margin that quarter and went on to be named stock of year in December of that year.

If you ever want to see a bullish momentum in a stock, find the replay of the last trading day for that year.

NVDA stock price closed exactly at $100 on that last trading session of 2016.

NVDA Stock Prediction - NVDA Monthly chart shows growth from $5 in July 2015 to $315 in Nov 2021
NVDA Stock Price | From $5 in July 2015 to $315 in November 2021 | 6200% Gain

I do not recall what trading room I was in but everyone was in awe of the performance that day and for its entire 2016 year for that matter.

After all, it is not every day one witness a stock go from $39 to $100 in just 6 months.

NVidia (Ticker: NVDA) Stock Price Analysis

NVDA stock has gone through a 4:1 split in 2021 so you may not fully grasp the exceptional growth this stock has experienced recently.

To help you in that regard, here is a summary table with the explosive gains at different timelines.

NVDA Stock Price Growth Performance
2021 Year-To-Date141%
1 Month26%
6 Months93%
3 Years+ 687%
5 Years + 1238%
NVDA Stock Price Exceptional Growth

Some may say that some of this performance was aided by the recent outburst of Crypto.

Sure, that is correct but Nvidia competitors in the sphere of crypto mining did not all perform similarly.

Hence, a great deal of these formidable results is solely due to NVDA technology.

NVDA Shareholders

Who are the investors who have benefited from NVDA stock price appreciation?

Here is the view of NVDA stock main shareholders as it stands at the end of 2021.

NVDA Stock Main Shareholders%NVDA Stock Owned
FreeFloat (Available for Trading)74.5%
The Vanguard Group, Inc7.7%
BlackRock, Inc7.2%
Jen-Hsun Huang (CEO)3.7%

May I bring your attention to two prominent institutions we in this qualcomm stock price forecast namely The Vanguard Group and Blackrock.

NVDA Stock Forecast | Analysts Ratings

NVDA stocks has 45 analysts who have provided ratings for it recently.

The overall consensus recommendation is a buy despite one sole underperform projection.

NVidia Stock Ratings

Below is the full summary of NVDA stock price forecast as analysts see it.

NVDA Stock Price Prediction - 85% of analysts are bullish on NVDA Stock Price
38 out of 45 analysts Are Bullish on NVDA Stock Price

11 out of the 45 analysts for NVDA stock have a very bullish rating with a strong buy.

60% or 27 of them have a Buy recommendation which leaves 15% on the fence with a hold or underperform.

The fact that the monthly chart of NVDA since 2015 is strictly a parabolic trajectory does not deter NVDA followers from seeing further upside in the stock.

NVDA Stock Price Target

NVDA stock target price range is extremely wide.

In fact, with a distance of 125% between the lowest price and the highest target price, one cannot not help to wonder where exactly the truth lies.

Highest Forecasted Price $                                                                                         400.0
Average $                                                                                        351.5
Lowest Forecasted Price $                                                                                         177.5
Nvidia Stock Price Predictions has a 125% Range

At the current price of $315 which is very near the 52-week high of $346, I may just be prudent to before buying the mighty NVDA stock at these levels.

For further scrutiny, let’s take a look at the NVDA stock price positions cost distribution.

NVDA Stock Positions Cost Distribution

What does the NVDA postions cost distribution tell us ?

At first glance, the average price is at $331 or5% higher than the current price.

That is not bad in common circumstances but NVDA stock price has gained so much in just one year.

NVDA stock Price Prediction - Positions Cost Distribution for NVDA stock
Positions cost Distribution for NVDA Stock

How about we consider taking advantage of shorter timeframes price forecast for NVDA stock ?

Short-Term NVDA Stock Price Forecast

NVDA is a very volatile stock albeit mostly on the upside over the recent years.

I have been able to use my “patented” short-term stocks forecast on NVDA to generate substantial profits with great constency.

5-Day NVDA Stock Price Predictions

In my 5-day NVDA stock price forecast, I know the probability that NVDA stock will go up or down over the short period.

Thus, I am able to leverage that knowledge through options trading to make money regularly.

On such a recent trade, traders in our Discord room were able to enjoy these explosive options gains in just 4 hours.

NVDA Stock Price Prediction - MAssive short term gains up to 2800%
Up to 2800% Profit on NVDA Stock From 5-day stock Forecast

I use the forecasted move over ta 5-day period to come up with a strike price for NVDA stock options.

On November 4 2021, NVDA stock showcased a very bullish pattern over the course of 4 hours.

Here is the summary of this awesome trade:

  • 7:18 AM PST – The market has been open for 48 mins. NVDA 270 Calls at 964%
  • 9:06AM PST- Same NVDA Calls further moved up to 1700%
  • 11:24AM PST – 5 hours into the session, NVDA Calls have reached 2394% Gain
  • 11:52AM PST – 2842% is what the payout on this trade!

These types of Momentum trades are the very essence of my 10-baggers Trading System as depicted on the numerous videos on my YouTube channel.

Alternatives to NVDA Stock Predictions

NVDA is not the only stock I can trade from my short-term stock forecast system.

The likes of AMD, MU, WDC, or INTC stocks have done quite well over the years.

In fact, you can give me any stock of your liking to provide a weekly projection on so that you can take advantage of the short-term volatility with a sound options trading strategy.

The video below captures the performance of my stock forecast system and how you too can leverage it starting today.

Other Semiconductors Stocks Predictions

Here is a slideshow of recent successful stocks forecasts that have yielded very big gains for options traders in my Discord room.


I shared how the NVDA stock price predictions remain very bullish despite massive growth over the last few years.

Should you decide to invest in NVDA stock but lack the high required capital, I offer my short-term stock forecast to help you leverage weekly volatility.

Bank of America Stock Predictions – Bac Stock Forecast 2022

Like most banks in 2021, bank of America stock has been quite bullish in the past year.

What are the current bank of America stock predictions for the years to come?

Plus, find out how I use my short-term bac stock forecast to generate some high profits.

Bank of America Stock Predictions | Price History

Bank of America is one of the oldest financial institutions in the Unites States.

It provides banking services to 66 million retail and small businesses across 4300 centers.

Should you ask many investors about Bank of America stock, I am pretty sure the first thing you will learn is that this stock provide a steady consistent income.

Here is a table summary of Bank of America increasing dividend payout.

YEARDividend per Share
20200.72 USD (2.38%)
20190.66 USD ( 1.87%)
20180.54 USD ( 2.19%)
20170.39USD ( 1.32%)
20160.25 USD ( 1.13%)
Bank of America 5-year Dividend Payout

Bank of America Stock Price Analysis

Between 2016 and2021, Bank of America stock price has gone from $11 to $45.

That is an impressive 300% return over this short period.

With the increase in Dividend provided earlier, shareholders of bank of America stocks donot have much to complaint about.

Bank of America stock predictions - the 5-year growth of BAC is over 300%
BAC Stock price gained 300% between 2016 and 2021

In fact, with such an enticing return on investment, many BAC investors may wonder what in store for Bank of America future forecast.

Bank of America Shareholders

Aside from small retail investors like you and me, BAC stock is held by the biggest institutions out there.

Granted, the free float still represents the Lionshare with 72.5 % of the stocks in circulation today.

However, if you are holding a stock MR Warren Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway Inc deem worthy of investing in, you ought to be feeling quite good about your decision.

Here is a quick summary of Bank of America main Shareholders as of end of 2021.

Institutions%Bank Of America Shares Owned
Freefloat 72.5%
Warren Buffet / Berkshire Hathaway 12%
The Vanguard Group 7.1%
BlackRock, Inc6%
Bank of America Corporation2.4%
Bank of America Stock Main Shareholders as of January 2022

If you are not familiar with BlackRock, Inc on the above list of big institutions, you should check it out further because this is the single biggest holder of world fortune today!

BAC Stock Forecast | Analysts Ratings

Bank of America stock has 28 analysts who have provided ratings for this company recently.

Even though the overall rating is a buy, their opinions tend to differ a bit.

Bank of America Stock Ratings

Below is the full summary of BAC stock ratings:

Bank of America Stock Predictions -28 analysts ratings sumamry
60% of BAC Rating is a Buy according to Analysts

The overall recommendation of a Buy should not undermine the fact that some analysts of Bank of America stock are forecasting it as an under performer.

Even at 10% that number is certainly worth paying attention to.

Bank of America Stock Price Target

The forecasted price target of Bank of America stock has a range of 71%.

This is quite large from a low of $35 to a high of $60.

Highest Forecasted Price $                                                                                         60.0
Average $                                                                                         47.7
Lowest Forecasted Price $                                                                                         35.0
Bank of America Stock Price Predictions has a 71% Range

With a current price of $45 which is very close to the 52-week high for BAC stock price, it may be quite risky to start building a heavy position on this stock.

Let’s take a further scrutiny to these BAC stock predictions through the lenses of the positions cost distribution.

Bank of America Stock Positions Cost Distribution

The volume distribution for Bank of America stock shows that the average price is just shy of $42.

This means that BAC stock is currently trading about 10% higher than its average volume price.

Bank of America Stock Predictions -  Positions cost Distribution chart
BAC Positions Cost Distribution

One could argue that after its most recent earnings, BAC stock traded above $48 for a short while.

However, the stock could not sustain that post Earnings rally and came back down below major moving averages mainly daily EMA8 and EMA20.

The recommendation for Bank of America stock price based on its current forecasts is to wait for the stock to re-test the average cost distribution price.

Short-Term Bank of America Stock Forecast

In the meantime, one can find a way to take advantage of shorter terms forecast.

Better known as volatility, you can generate decent profit by trading BAC options.

One major advantage is the low cost of BAC options.

A 3-4% move on the underlying BAC stock can easily yield profit of 300%-400%.

Big Profit Forecast on BAC Stock

Here a view of BAC options chain for this past week with Dec 3 expiration.

At the close of the Friday November 27 trading session, BAC stock price was down -3.9%.

The following week option expiration paid quite nicely as shown below for several out of the money contracts.

Bank of America Stock Predictions - Big profit on weekly Options
Big Profits on BAC Options

If you are new to options trading, I can teach you how to take advantage of these short-term volatility in BAC stock and many others.

Alternatives to Bank of America Stock Predictions

Bank of America stock is part of the Bank ETF: XLF.

why is this significant?

Because these are Always multiple DarkPool prints on this financial Exchange Traded fund.

You and I have a great opportunity to benefit from this knowledge quite regularly.

By the way, Darkpool prints are a very good way to forecast price movement for many stocks.

If not BAC, other banks stocks trade similar to BAC stock price.

Other Banks Stocks Forecasts

The first alternative to BAC stock price short term movement that Darkpool prints can forecast is Citibank stock (Ticker: C).

Here is a recent video how we leveraged that information to generate massive profit.

Another example within the XLF ETF is Well Fargo stock(Ticker: WFC).

We have traded BAC stock and WFC stock options for 1000% profit from 10 cents to$1.0

BAC Stock Price Predictions - Taking advantage of short term forecast for big profit in options trading
Short Term Forecast on BAC and WFC led to 1000% Profit

You too can leverage my short-term forecasts on BAC, WFC, Citi and many others stocks for big profits as depicted in the slide below.

This is part of my 10-Baggers Trading System you can start enjoying today.

FINAL THOUGHTS on BAC Stock Analysis

I shared Bank of America stock price predictions using analysts’ ratings as well as the current positions cost distribution.

Though BAC is a sold performing company with an increasing dividend, it may be a bit too premature at its current price to start building a long-term position.

One attractive alternative is to leverage our short-term forecast of BAC Stock price for big profit.

2022 Qualcomm Stock Price Predictions – Big QCOM Stock Forecast

Looking to invest into Qualcomm stock to take advantage of future growth ?

This analysis of Qualcomm stock price predictions will help you leverage what most analysts

are forecasting for QCOM stock in the years ahead.

Additionally, I will share my short-term forecast of Qualcomm stock price so that you can take advantage of the occasional spike in volatility as well.

Qualcomm Stock Price Prediction | Overview

Qualcomm is a wireless technology company located in San Diego, California.

It main business is the development and sales of wireless modems mainly used in cellphones, data centers and other related semiconductors industries.

With the recent advances in 5G technologies, many believes Qualcomm stock is set to grow more than ever before its split in 1999.

After all, the company holds multiple patents in use by the biggest technologies companies such as Apple just to name that one.

QCOM stock price history

Over the last 10 years, QUALCOMM stock has gone from $50 to a recent spike to $188 as shown on the chart below.

Qualcomm stock price prediction -qCOM price history over last 10 years
QCOM Stock has gained 276% over last 10 years

That represents a 276% growth albeit most of this surge has taken place between early 2020 and end of 2021.

Certainly one can argue that QUALCOMM stock price returns in this period are not all that impressive.

However, the company provide a nice quarterly dividend to its shareholders to help offset the timid rise.

At 68 cents per quarter, you as an investor get to receive $2.72 per share each year.

You can decide to re-invest that money in for more shares of QCOM stock.

Who Are Qualcomm Shareholders

The main shareholders for Qualcomm stock are big institutions.

As an investor it is very re-assuring to see such vote of confidence is an established company.

The table below summarizes the big holders of the company stock.

Entity% QUALCOMM Shares Owned
Corporation Itself0.03%
Qualcomm Shareholders as of December 2021

Qualcomm Stock Price Forecast | Analysts Ratings

Out of 36 analysts who have provided ratings for Qualcomm stock price, none of them is recommending to sell this stock.

In fact, here are the bullish view distribution:

  • 31% of analysts have a Strong buy Rating
  • 42% Have a Buy Rating
  • 27% recommend Holding the Stock

Analysts Price Target for Qualcomm Stock

The current price range for QCOM stock price is quite large.

As shown below, the lowest price is at $160 while the highest forecast price is around $393.

Qualcomm stock price prediction - Analyst price target for QCOM stock
Large Range for Qualcomm Price Target | $160 to $393

What we can infer from this wide range of price is simple the potential that exits for sustained growth.

My recommendation is to use the positions cost distribution for QUALCOMM stock to get a better idea about the volume distribution.

In this Webull volume Analysis discussion, I shared how you can make usage of this data to gauge the true value of a stock.

Positions Cost Distribution for Qualcomm Stock

The volume distribution for QCOM stock shows that the average cost is around $154.

With that number, we can derive that the distance to the current price of $180 is just shy of 17%.

Qualcomm stock price prediction - positions cost distribution shows 87% of total profited shares
QCOM Average cost is 17% lower than the current price

In all fairness, the price at of this writing of $180 is the result of a recent strong Earnings.

May I suggest to wait for QCOM price to come closer to the average cost of $150 range before you start building your long term position based on the forecasted price we shared earlier.

Typically, Qualcomm stock tends to be more volatile following quarterly results as depicted in the video below.

You can take advantage of this volatility by trading options as we did in the video above.

Let me share my Qualcomm stock price forecast around Earnings that enables our traders in our Discord room to generate big profits four times a year.

Qualcomm Stock Price Earnings Forecast

I have studied a basket of about 100 stocks around Earnings each year.

This study includes stocks such as Qualcomm (Ticker: QCOM), AAPL, NVDA, AMD, WDC, MU jsut to name a few.

The output of the research I call Quantitative Earnings Analysis enables me to forecast Qualcomm stock price (and others) on the three days after Earnings.

Multi Years Forecast Study

With the goal to determine if Qualcomm stock make a significant move on the 3 days following each quarterly Earnings, I have studied the pattern of Qualcomm stock on these days since 2017.

Qualcomm Stock Price Predictions - Qualcomm Quantitative Earnings Analysis by Successful Tradings
Qualcomm Earnings Quantitative Analysis From 2017 to 2021

Before we get to dissect the data, let me give you an overview of what the content is about.

For each Earnings date on the far left, I tracked the qualcomm stock closing price on the 3 days following the release of the company Earnings.

The columns in the above table are described below:

  • ER DATE:        The date of the ER.
  • CLOSE (P1):    The closing price of a stock before ER.
  • OPEN:             The opening price of a stock after ER.
  • DELTA:           The gap between the Close(P1) and OPEN
  • TIME:              AMC (After Market Close) or BMO (Before Market Open)
  • BMO :              Before Market Open
  • AMC:               After Market Close
  • DMH:              During Market Hours

What does the Qualcomm Earnings Quantitative research tell us?

First thing that jump straight to us is the accelaration of the price since May 2017 Earnings.

QCOM stock price grew from the 50’s to the 80’s in just one Earnings release.

Since then, it has continued to grow with great consistency reaching a recent high of $180 after November 2021 Earnings.

How To Use Qualcomm Stock Price Earnings Forecast

The most important information on the data chart are the cells in green and red.

The color coding is as follows.

Green if the cell is greater than positive 2%

Red if the value of the cell is less than -2%.

The forecast for this Qualcomm stock price is derived from this simple observation.

11 out of 16 Earnings have yielded a green cell on day following Earnings. That is 70% accuracy.

I can add the most recent data point for November 2021 and that qualcomm stock price Earnings volatility forecast increase to 71%.

This forecast is mostly bullish because the red side only has an occurrence of 7times out of 17.

You may be thinking that the average bullish move is 3-4% which may not be much for an average stock buyer.

However, we use this qualcomm stock price forecast to trade options.

As you may know, the advantage of options is that it cost us way less money than the price of the underlying qualcomm stock.

Furthermore, a 3-4% move on the qualcomm stock will yield 200-300% profit trading weekly qualcomm options.

Below is a recent qualcomm options trade win for 478% using the QUALCOMM Earnings Forecast research we just described.

Qualcomm stock price prediction - QCOM Earnings forecast  research led to 478% profit trading options.
478% Trading Qualcomm Options using Earnings Forecast Research

You too can leverage our 10-baggers trading system to get profit on Qualcomm stock such as the one above and on many others stock as shown below.

Qualcomm Stock Price Weekly Forecasts

It is quite nice to find stock such as Qualcomm that have long terms prospects.

One can then buy and hold such stocks with great confidence as stock price predictions continue to go higher and higher.

However, for those not with a great starting capital, there is another an alternative that consists of taking advantage of short-term stock price forecasts.

Qualcomm Stock price short-term Forecasts

In 2017, I was looking for a consistent way to make money in the stock market.

I discovered that over the short-term such a sone week of 2 weeks, I can accurately predict stock price variations.

Using short-term options trading on stocks such as qualcomm, we can consistently generate big profits.

How Does My Weekly Qualcomm stock price Forecast work?

My AI computer program looks for specific stock patterns each week on stock like qualcomm, NVDA, MU, BAC, AAPL.

In total, I feed the machine about 100 blue chips stocks each and in return, it forecasts which ones will be making a big move over the next 6 days.

Then, I use the empirical data for each stock to determine options strike price in both bullish and bearish directions.

I store these options in a weekly watchlist and wait for the stock to make the forecasted move and trade that direction accordingly.

Here is the chart of the accuracy of the forecast along with the weekly average moves per stock.

Qualcomm stock price predictions - Successful Tradings weekly stock price forecast oerformance
Successful Tradings Weekly Stock Price Forecast Performance

How To Use Qualcomm Stock price weekly predictions ?

For each stock that my computer forecast a big price movement for the upcoming week, I set up a watchlist of options.

I will take the trade on Qualcomm stock only when either the Calls or Puts option I am tracking on the watchlist starts moving.

The forecasted stock price move is about 8% in average over the next upcoming week.

When this happens, the weekly options are bound to pay upwards of 500% gain depending on how many days are left before expiration.

Weekly Stock Price Predictions Accuracy

In case you may be wondering about the accuracy of my weekly forecast on QCOM stock price and others, I recorded weekly videos on my YouTube channel with the results.

From May 2200 to November 2020 which spans 24 weeks, here is a quick summary of the overall forecasted results.

Weekly stock Price Forecast Performance
Average # Forecasted Stock Price15
Average % Move Per Stock Price8.2%
Number of 900% Profit Trades50 in 24 weeks
Number of 5000% Profit Trades4 in 24 weeks
Average # 10-Baggers per week 2.1
Short-Term Stock Price Predictions Performance by Successful Tradings

As you can see from the above table of results of the weekly forecasts, there is a great deal of consistency in our stock price forecast results.

Because all the stock price that my AI chine forecasts do not make the same move, I decided that we only consider those making at least a 4% move in either direction as winners.

Just for our options trading beginners, a 4% move on the underlying stock over the course of a week can easily produce 200% profit in options.

With this criterion, I can then generate the so-called win rate that many traders are so focused on.

Qualcomm stock price prediction - Successful Tradings Stock price forecast summary performance
Winning % of Successful Tradings Stock Price Forecast

The alt column of the graph above reveals an average accuracy of over 85%. That is not bad if I may say myself.

However, may I leave you with this question.

Would you rather trade a strategy that have a 90% accuracy and giving you 30% gains or one that only has 50% accuracy but when the forecast is correct, your gains are 500%, 600% or above?

FINAL THOUGHTS ON Qualcomm Stock Price Prediction

Qualcomm stock maybe at the beginning of a massive breakout following a very bullish Earnings.

Based on the current cost distribution of the QCOM stock, it may be astute to hold off a bit before jumping on these bullish predictions so that your entry can be closer to the average cost in the $150 range.

In the meantime, come learn how to take advantage of short-term volatility in qualcomm stock price by leveraging my Earnings Quant Analysis on QCOM as well as on multiple other stocks.

Best Indicator For Options Trading – 2022 Easy Guide

Best Indicator for Day Trading

Feeling lost in the sea of options trading indicators ?

I know it can be very confusing for options trading beginners to choose the best trading indicator for your Options trading.

In this tutorial, I will reveal the best options trading indicator I have been using to generate big options trading profits.

By the end of your reading, I will take your through an easy step by step guide on how to use my 2022 best Options trading indicators.

Options Trading Indicators | What Is An Indicator ?

If you are new to stock and options trading, chances are you in the midst of learning various options trading indicators.

Before we delve into this tutorial, let’s take some time to define what is a technical indicator in options trading.

Options derived their value from the underlying stock they are based on.

Therefore, when you refer indicator for options trading, we really imply indicator the the underlying stocks.

Options trading indicators are signals that help options traders enter and exit option trades.

This means that in order to take a trade on AAPL options, a trader will wait for his/her indicator of choice to satisfy a specific criteria.

Are All Options Trading Indicators Worth It?

Many options traders often combine several indicators in order to make a decision on a trade.

How many indicators are out there for options trading ?

I am not sure I know the full exact count.

However, I can tell you that in the large communities of TradingView, there are over 100 indicators for option trading.

Best Indicator for Options Trading- List of 100 Built-ins Indicators from TradingView
TradingView List of Built-ins Indicator for Options Trading

Which bring the question: How does one know which one(s) to use especially when one is a beginner options trader ?

I guess the simple answer is why you are reading this very tutorial by leveraging my many years of experience with options trading indicators.

How Many Indicators Do You Really Need ?

My philosophy in options trading is to keep things simple and successful.

The Famous K.I.S.S. rule

You see what I did there ? Successful and Successful Tradings.

The smaller the number of indicators you are checking the easier it will be for you to avoid analysis parlysis.

Many of these indicators can contradict each others at times thus leaving you the option trader more confused than you should be.

We will learn in the upcoming section sections which ones I use and will give you a step-by-step guideline on how and when to rely on them.

Best Indicators For Intraday Options Trading

Most indicators for options trading are valid for different timeframes.

By that I mean, you can use them at any time granularity that you decide on.

I know traders who use 1 minute chart for options trading.

I am not one of them.

I prefer the 15-minute intervals because the charts have less noise.

Granted at the beginning of trading days, I often use 5-minute charts until there are enough candles to switch tothe 15-minute view.

Best Indicator For Options Trading - AAPL 5 and 15 minutes chart for November 24 2022 with Successful Trading Indicators
5-minute (left) vs. 15-minute Charts of AAPL with Technical Indicators

In the view above, one can see the 5- and 15-minute chart for AAPL stock.

The 15-minute chart has 26 candles for an entire day of trading vs 78 candles for the 5 minute chart to capture the entire 6.5 hours.

Bollinger Bands

The Bollinger Bands indicators are not that well known.

One way to give importance to the Bollinger Bands indicator is to consider them as natural support and resistance levels.

First, there are 2 of them.

The Upper Bollinger Band is the top one in red on the BBY stock daily chart below.

Lower Bollinger Band is the lower one in purple.

Best Indicator for Options Trading - BBY dailyChart riding the Upper Bollinger Bands for over 30 days
BBY Daily Chart riding the Upper Bollinger Bands From October to November 2022

Together, they form an envelope within which the stock price oscillates most of the time.

The Lower Bollinger band serves and natural support meaning the price will tend to bounce off it.

Whereas the Upper Bollinger Band is a resistance level the price usually have a hard time going above.

I say “usually” because it is not rare for stocks with strong momentum to trade higher (outside) than the Upper Bollinger Band.

As an illustration, check out the above daily chart for BBY stock moving along between the Upper Bollinger Band (red dots) and the EMA8 Yellow line.

Best Indicator for Options Trading - Bollinger Bands Settings on TradingView charts
Bollinger Bands Indicator Settings

After Earnings on November 23, the BBY stock felt below the lower Bollinger Band (purple crosses) and was able to bounce off it on that day.

Moving Average Indicators

Moving average are by far the most popular indicators for options traders.

There are calculated by averaging the price over a given number of candles.

You would hear trader ssay MA8, MA9, MA15 or MA20.

These refer to Simple moving Average 8, 9 , 15 and 20 respectively.

The numbers are the number of candles the average is considering.

Therefore , if you happen to be looking at a daily chart (each candle represent one trading day), these moving average consolidte price price over as many days : 8 days , 9 days, 15 days and 20days.

Should you use 15-minute interval, 8 candles will account for 2 hours.

What Is The difference between Simple and Exponential Moving Averages

If you happen to attend a Coaching session with me or watch one of of my technical analysis Videos on my YouTube channel, you will hear me say EMA8 and EMA20 .

Tha tis because I use the Exponential Mobving Average 8 and 20 period.

Why Exponential in lieu of simple ?

Because the Exponential moving average gives more weight to the most recent candles.

For instance, in the MA8, all candles have the same weighting whereas the EMA8 will give 33% more weighting to the last 3 candles.

Think of tit this way: If someone want to predict your future and you are telling that what you did the last 8 months.

Chances are the actions you have taken over the last 3 months are more indicative of the potential direction you are going.

How To Use Moving Average For Options Trading Exit

Either you are using MA or EMA options trading indicator, you need to know that in a bullish trend, the moving average become a support line.

This means that if the price start falling because your EMA8 for instance, then the trend is changing and it is time too exit or at least start scaling out of that bullish trade.

Best Indicator for Options Trading - EMA8 acting as Support on 15 minute chart
EMA8 indicator acting as Support on 15-minute chart of AAPL Stock

On the chart above, the first arrow point to a time when the EMA8 stopped being support for the stock before a bearish trends begins.

The second arrow(in yellow) depicts a scenario where the price bounced off of the EMa8 before continuing higher.

In such instance, options traders can confidently stay in their call options and enjoy further gains later simply by applying the concept of support from EMA.

On the other hand, when the price of a stock is going down, EMA8 will act as resistance.

Below is a good illustration on a recent trade we traded on Roku with Puts while the stock was going down while EMA8 is behaving a great resistance.

Best indicator for Options Trading - EMA8 is acting as resistance in a bearish downtrend
EMA8 is acting as Resistance in bearish Trend for Roku

Why I Use Two Moving Averages Indicator

I use two Moving averages because the shorter term one (EMA8) tracts the most recent momentum whereas the longer term one (EMA20 , green in my chart) depicts a slighter longer term momentum.

Consequently, the crossing of the EMA8 over or below the EMA20 is a good indicator of the strength of the recent momentum.

Best Indicator for Options Trading - EMA8 crossing below EMA20 for Bearish Momentum
Crossover of EMA8 below EMA20 for bearish Trend for 7 days

You can use these strategies on EMA8 crossing over EMA20 to set up bullish trades or EMA8 crossing below EMA20 to setup bearish trades.

Moving Average Convergence Divergence | MACD

The moving average convergence Divergence (MACD) is another classic indicator of options trader.

I do not use it as often as the other one to enter or exit mytrades.

However, it is good to check it for trend reversal from bullish to bearish and vice versa.

Relative Strength Indicator | RSI

The Relative Strength Index is a bottom chart indicator.

Most traders will set this one up with an upper threshold value of 70 to 80 to trigger overbought condition..

This means that the stocks is extended and may have a hard time going higher.

The opposite of overbouhgt is when the RSI indicator is below 30.

Such condition is known as oversold. Often, dip buyers are eager to point this out as a trigger for bullish reversal.

In my experience, the RSI does not consistently provide options traders with a clear signal on what tto do.

Why ? You may ask.

Stocks can stay oversold or overbought over a long period depending on the strength of whichever side (bullish or bearish) is dictating the direction.

VWAP Is The Best Indicator For Options Trading in 2022

The best indicator I use for options trading is the VWAP or volume weighted Average price.

In the next section will prove why it is a must have if you are serious about trading options.

What is VWAP Indicator?

VWAP takes into account how much volume is traded at each price level.

You can think of VWAP as the value price in the sense that if more traders are willing to buy a stock below VWAP, that means it is cheap.

Though some trader use the VWAP for daily charts, the most common use of it is for intraday trading.

Meaning when the market is open, you can use the VWAP on any time interval: it is the same value.

I do not se the envelope for VWAP as is the case for the Bollinger Bands.

Best Indicator for Options Trading- VWAP Entry on Bearish momentum
VWAP Indicator helped Entry on Bearish Momentum

Why Should You Learn This VWAP Options Trading Indicator

VWAP Indicator for options trading will help you easily identify when to enter a bullish or a bearish trade.

Therefore it takes the guess out of your options trading entries.

So many times I get the question from beginners traders: how do I know when to enter?

How To Use VWAP For Option Trading Entries

For each bullish or bearish scenario, the VWAP indicator clearly helps for entry because it is close to the price at the beginning of the day.

Unlike the Moving averages that can be far apart from the current price (think about gaps situation), the VWAP always tells which direction the stock in going after a reasonable number of candles.

On Bullish Entries with Calls Options

For a bullish entry, on the 5-minute or 15-minute chart, we need to see the price above the VWAP indicator and positing higher highs.

Then it is okay to take a bullish trade and ride momentum.

Here is the short video explaining how to trade a bullish setup using the VWAP indicator.

On Bearish Entries with Puts

You will recognize a bearish setup thanks to VWAP indicator when the price is below VWAP and the stock is posting lower lows.

As long as the price remains below the EMA8 which in this case will act as resistance as seen earlier, you can confidently stay on the trade to get bigger profit.

Bonus | My Best Option Trading Exit Strategy

Now after you successfully entered your bullish or bearish option trade using the our favorite indicator VWAP, the next question you may have is : When do I exit the position.

The huge advantage of the Scale Exit Strategy I use is that you get to take profits gradually.

At some point you end up playing with “the house money” without any stress.

This is how we have been able to generate multiple 10-Baggers like the ones below.

Download My Scale Exit Strategy today for Free.


I shared my best options trading indicator in this step-by-step tutorial so that you can take your trading to the next level in 2022 and beyond.

If you are serious about options trading, I strongly recommend investing in your education so that you can Master Options Trading Skills that will last you for a lifetime.

TradingView Pro vs Pro+ vs Premium – Which Is Best For You

Are you looking to get a Subscription on TradingView charting platforms.

TradingView Pro vs Pro+ is the usual debate for many traders.

This quick guide will help you select between TradingView 3 mains subscriptions: TradingView pro vs pro+ vs premium so that you can start enjoying superior charting tools.

TradingView Pro vs Pro+

I have been using Tradingview charting tool for almost a decade.

My experience is that this world class charting tool is second to none in its ability to help you with your trading.

Nowadays, It supports all types of markets not jsut the usual stocks and commodities.

You can use TradingView pro or Pro+ or premium for the following assets: Forex, Cryptocurrencies, international markets.

Whatever you want to doin charting based on your trading style, one of the TradingView pro, pro+ or premium can help you achieve that.

TradingView Pro vs Pro+ vs Premium - Pro give 2 charts per window
2 Charts Window from TradingView Pro

How Do You Choose between TradingView Pro, Pro+, Premium

The most important thing for me is that once you have a subscription plan, you no longer will be dealing with the annoying pop-up ads.

Just that time wasting is enough to invest in at least the TradingView pro.

From there, the beauty is that you can upgrade from Pro to TradingView Pro+ or TradingView Premium without paying any extra money !

Isn’t that a great feature?

Yes, at anytime, TradingView will take the time left on your current subscription plan and translate it into the higher Subscription Plan.

That way, you get to enjoy the benefit of more features without the worry of spending extra money.

Should you then decide to keep you upgraded plan, you will just renew the original subscription when the due date comes.

Difference between TradingView Pro Pro+ and Premium

The initial choice of a TradingView pro vs pro+ vs Premium Subscription plan depends on what you want to do.

If you are a beginner trader, the TradingView pro version will suit your needs just fine.

As you expand your trading skills, you will have the luxury to access more features in the TradingView pro+ and premium like scripting with dynamic and intraday exotic charts.

To help highlights some of the main difference between TradingView Pro, Pro+ and premium here is my suggested Summary table.

TradingView ProTradingView Pro+TradingView Premium
# Charts per Window248
Indicators per Charts51025
# Server side Alerts20100400
Bar ReplayYesYesYes
Formula Based Dynamic ChartsNoYesYes
Volume ProfileYesYesYes
TradingView Pro vs Pro +vs Premium Features Differences

Can you Get TradingView Pro for Free?

I am sure if you may have seen content out there on YouTube suggesting how you can install a piece of code to get TradingView pro for free.

I do not recommend following any of those recommendations.

Do not get me wrong, I understand that money can be tight sometimes.

However, if you are serious about trading, chances are you will make enough money so that a TradingView pro or pro+ membership is not too much of a challenge.

Especially given the sales that TradingView offers all year on the pro, pro+ and premium plans.

Number of Charts per Window on TradingView Pro vs Pro+

When you are trading on one monitor, it can be difficult to follow multiple stocks simultaneously.

This is solved via the multi window feature on the TradingView pro, pro+ and premium.

Each TradingView subscription plans offers a number of charts per window.

The TradingView pro+ offers up to 4 charts per window vs 8 for the premium version.

Indicators per chart on TradingView Pro vs Pro+

The free version on TradingView only offers 3 indicators on each chart.

With TradingView Pro and Pro+, you will be able to add 5 and 10 indicators respectively.

This number grows all the way to 25 in the Premium plan.

Now, I am not sure what type of trader needs 25 indicators on a chart but should you be that person, then the TradingView premium will satisfy that requirement.

My Favorite Feature of TradingView Pro/ Pro+

I coach Options traders in our Discord Room.

So technical analysis on TradingView Pro or Pro+ is something I use regularly.

The feature that comes in handy for this work is the Replay Bar.

It enables traders to easily get familiar with the various indicators.

Here is the video explaining this feature and the others we have been using to get great results you have seen on my YouTube channel.

How Much Does TradingView Pro Cost?

With the current sale on TradingView Pro, Pro+ and premium, it will cost you least than 50cents per day to get all the above feature of TradingView Pro.

I am not sure if you are a coffee drinker at some of the fancy place.

But may I suggest you find a way to fund your yearly TradingView Subscription of less than $155 by altering just that one small habit.

The price of the TradingView Pro+ still comes down to less than $1 per day at $199 USD per year.

This year, you will Get an Extra Month Free on your yearly Plan.

This is a no brainer even if you are a current subscriber.

TradingView will add more time to your Membership.

In my scenario, I have 65 days left on my current Subscription.

I will extend my current subscription for one year = 365 days + 1 month + 65 days = 465 days after my purchase.

Here is the offer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

How To Use TradingView ?

Now that you have decided on which TradingView subscription plan best fits your needs, you are eager to setup your TradingView Pro or Pro+ charts.

I have created this easy video to help you do just that in very simple steps.

Should you have any questions on how to best use TradingView as part of your trading, you can contact me directly on this website or write me an email or leave your comment on our multiple educational videos.

Best Bitcoin Wallet For Android in 2022

Best Bitcoin Wallet For Android in 2022-best bitcoin wallet
choosing the best Bitcoin Wallet is the most difficult step

Want to learn about the best bitcoin wallet for android in 2022? Technology has progressed throughout time, and today things that appeared impossible a few years ago are now a reality. You can now get meals, services, and just much anything else online and pay for it without ever leaving your house.

What Is Bitcoin Wallet?

It should come as no surprise that cash payments are becoming obsolete. Along with wireless payments such as Google or Apple Pay (which still require a banking account or card, i.e. real cash), cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are becoming increasingly popular.

The fundamental advantage of cryptocurrency is that it does not rely on banks to authenticate transactions, instead of relying on blockchain technology, which employs a peer-to-peer system in which money is sent directly from a sender to a recipient.

The term “crypto” refers to the use of encryption to safeguard transactional data and ensure the transaction’s authenticity. Because there is no centralized location for keeping the data and it is encrypted, it is considered tough to hack.

In this article i will tell you about the Best Bitcoin Wallet For Android in 2022

A Bitcoin wallet is a digital wallet that allows you to send and receive Bitcoins.

This is similar to having a real wallet. Rather than keeping real money, the wallet saves the cryptographic information needed to access Bitcoin addresses and send transactions.

Other cryptocurrencies can be stored in certain Bitcoin wallets.

How do Bitcoin Wallet works?

A Bitcoin wallet is an application software or device that can connect with the Bitcoin blockchain. Although many people conceive of Bitcoin wallets as “storage” devices, they reflect the cryptographic control of a blockchain address.

Each Bitcoin wallet has a set of private keys, or secret numbers, that correlate to the user’s blockchain address book.

These keys are used to sign Bitcoin transactions, giving the user authority over the bitcoins in the address.

If an attacker obtains the private keys of a wallet, they can transfer the Bitcoins from that address to their own wallet.

List of recognizable android wallets:

This is the list of some of the android bitcoin wallets used:

  • Bitcoin Wallet
  • Coinbase
  • Coinomi Wallet
  • Eclair Mobile
  • Electrum Boitcoin Wallet
  • Exodus
  • Gemini
  • Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet
  • Trust
  • Some brokerage apps like SoFi
  • Hardware crypto wallets
  • Bitcoin.orgโ€™s Choose you Wallet tool

Coinomi, The Best Bitcoin Wallet for Android :

Coinomi is a mobile and desktop wallet that allows you to transfer and receive over 1,770 different cryptocurrency assets.

Coinami Wallet is a good cryptocurrency wallet with a lot of options. Every coin based on ERC20/223/723, Omnilayer, NEM, BEP2, and TRC10 is supported. As a result, it’s a fantastic wallet for anyone who wants to hold a variety of coins.

The app also has a nice UI, good security, multi-seed support, a DApp browser, and other features.

Founder of Coinomi:

George Kimionis launched Coinomi in 2014 to develop safe blockchain application solutions. Moreover, the firm currently employs less than 20 people and has not received any outside investment.

Why choose Coinomi:

Coinomi provides its, users, a range of features including:

  • Your private keys are never sent outside of your device. Strong wallet encryption and cryptography ensure that your funds are kept safe and under your control.
  • Coinomi’s mobile app has expanded to fully support both iOS and Android, and now a desktop version has been added, wallet access and control are even more accessible.
  • Bitcoin, as well as the majority of significant cryptocurrencies and tokens, is supported natively. Integration of major cryptocurrencies and tokens continuously. When it comes to coin selection and adding, the utmost care is taken.
  • Coinomi has been in existence since 2014, has never been hacked, and has never caused a user to lose money.
  • There are no costs for transmitting or receiving transactions; the transaction fees are paid straight to the miners.
  • Transaction costs are determined dynamically, ensuring that you always get the best deal. You may also set up and utilize your own fees in any of the supported currencies.
  • Through our strategic partners and multiple DEXes, you may immediately swap between hundreds of assets and thousands of pairings. Transaction speeds are faster than industry standards, ensuring privacy.
  • You may pay directly with altcoins to bitcoin addresses, and vice versa, thanks to advanced technology. There are no more steps or sign-ins to complete. The procedure of making a cross-chain payment is as simple as clicking a button.
  • Coinomi is available in a variety of languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, and others, with more translations on the way.

SegWit Supported:

Coinomi supports Segwit, which means that if you’re transferring Bitcoin or Litecoin, you’ll get faster confirmations and reduced costs.

Change between Bech32, P2SH, and legacy modes dynamically.

Integrated with Built-in Exchange:

An in-wallet exchange facility is something that a few multicurrency cryptocurrency wallets provide. This allows you to trade currencies without removing them from the device. Coinomi is no exception, as the company has teamed with ShapeShift and Changelly to allow customers to trade their cryptocurrencies on the go, straight from their Coinomi wallet.

This saves money on exchange fees as well as the time and effort involved in sending coins to an exchange.

Furthermore, because you do not need to transfer your coins to an exchange to convert them, you avoid the costly and privacy-invading KYC regulations that certain exchanges impose.

Supported Coins:

Coinomi supports over 125 distinct blockchains (according to its website, the most for non-custodial wallets) and over 1,770 total crypto assets, including tokens.

The most popular coins Coinomi supports are: 

  • Bitcoin 
  • Ethereum 
  • Ripple 
  • Litecoin 
  • Bitcoin 
  • Cash 
  • Monero 
  • Dash 
  • Zcash 
  • Tether 
  • USDC 
  • GUSD

Overall Customer Review:

Best Bitcoin Wallet For Android in 2022-coinomi customer review
coinomi has received overall 4-5 star review from the community

Coinomi employees, according to Reddit threads, are quite responsive. Coinomi claims to have “millions of satisfied users” and that “none of their phone-based wallets have been hacked or otherwise compromised” since 2014.

This appears to be the case, according to users, as there aren’t many complaints regarding their service. Most online reviews appear to support this, with the Coinomi wallet receiving a rating of 4-5 stars.

Setting up Coinomi Wallet:

The Coinomi wallet is available for Android and iOS phones, as well as Windows, Linux, and also on OSX computers. It’s simple to download, install, and use the wallet on any device.

Here’s a quick guide on setting up your Coinomi wallet:

Help & Support :

Although Coinomi is a free option, it does provide help to its users through a variety of channels. To begin, they provide an official help portal with a range of user manuals and some of the most frequently asked questions.

You may always file a ticket through the portal if you have a more specific question that has not been answered. You will be issued a ticket number after your ticket has been filed. This is helpful since you may use it to follow up with the team via their other channels of communication.

Coinomi has active accounts on Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook, where they communicate with their followers daily. They keep an official blog for some of the most major news and releases.

Is Coinomi a safe option:

Coinomi claims itself as a wallet that prioritizes security. The security of the assets cannot be underestimated, hence it is a reasonable concern for bitcoin wallet creators. What security features does Coinomi have to provide its users?

To begin with, Coinomi users have access to their private keys, which they may share with no one else. Users’ private keys are also encrypted, so Coinomi staff cannot access them. Private keys are only kept on the devices of the users.

What makes it so crucial? It’s critical because even if the Coinomi network is hacked, the cash will remain in the hands of the users, and hackers will be unable to access funds.

Having your private keys is, of course, a benefit that comes with more responsibility. If you lose your password and/or seed phrase, for example, you won’t be able to access your account again no matter what you do.

Want to know about Top 5 Coinbase Alternatives?


Finally, Coinomi is the best bitcoin wallet for android in 2022 and is a wonderful choice for desktop or mobile because of its user-friendliness, security, and a large selection of supported cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, because new users are sometimes hesitant to trade on exchanges where figures swing about on both the ask and sell sides, trading using the Coinomi wallet makes the procedure much simpler. The Coinomi wallet is likely to appeal to anybody, including advanced users.

6 Best Altcoins Wallets to Use in 2022

$50,000 per year is how much an hour

Wallets for alternative cryptocurrencies are critical to the development and operation of cryptocurrencies. This kind of best altcoin wallets offer both security and convenience in terms of sending and receiving payments.ย 

Wallets for cryptocurrencies operate in the same manner as Bitcoin wallets. In reality, a vast majority of alternative cryptocurrency wallets support the world’s biggest cryptocurrency.ย 

We’ll go through what makes one Altcoin wallet superior to another, and why. In addition, we will give you a selection of the best Altcoin wallets for you to choose from.

What is the significance of selecting the best Altcoin wallets?

Altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies) began to rise throughout the globe shortly after Bitcoin was created. The success of each currency was predicated on the fact that it made improvements to the Bitcoin protocol. 

For example, Ethereum took the Blockchain idea and turned it into a decentralized platform. Now, it provides a platform where anybody may create unique applications for the network. 

For its part, Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that is comparable to Bitcoin in many aspects. However, it has quicker transaction times, making it more convenient to use for payments.

6 Best Altcoins Wallet to USe in 2022 - Most popular Altcoins in 2022 Dogecoin, Shiba, Etherum
Popular Altcoins in 2022

While many Altcoins were developed with the intention of being superior to Bitcoin, others were merely made as a joke or, worse, as a hoax to defraud investors. 

In a similar way, there are hundreds of best Altcoin wallets accessible. Although many of them are reputable and legitimate, some are amateurish. There are yet others that are just a front for criminals to hide behind. 

The finest Altcoin wallets will guarantee that you do not fall prey to a criminal’s trap. In addition, it provides you with better functionality and support for alternative cryptocurrencies.

Which cryptocurrency wallets are the most reliable?

Choosing the Best Altcoin Wallet

It is crucial to note at this moment that there is no one wallet that can meet the demands, skill levels, and coin support requirements of every person. 

While some users may be seeking a wallet to keep the rare Altcoin, others may be hoping to make a profit on a regular basis via frequent trades and transactions.

Various Types of Bitcoin Wallets

Because there are so many various types of Altcoin wallets accessible, it is a good idea to categorize them in a number of ways. 

One of the most common methods of doing this is by dividing Altcoin wallets into two categories: cold and hot. Cold wallets are physical devices that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but not necessarily. 

They are not free. However, they do offer improved security by being unplugged from the Internet for the majority of the time. On the other hand, a hot wallet is often free. However, this also implies that it is less safe than a cold wallet.

Hot wallets may be divided into the following categories:

Desktop Wallet

It is a type of bitcoin wallet that can be installed on your PC. Such wallets may be compatible with a variety of operating systems. Some may restrict to Windows, Mac, or Linux only.

Mobile Wallet

With the help of a simple Wi-Fi connection, you may transfer and receive coins using your mobile wallet. It is simply loaded on your smartphone. The best cryptocurrency wallets for mobile devices are those that function on both iOS and Android smartphones.

Browser Wallet

This wallet allows you to access your money and make transactions straight from your web browser, eliminating the need to download any software or other software-based solutions.


Another crucial factor to consider is the cost of the wallet. With a few exceptions, the vast majority of hot wallets are free, but the vast majority of cold wallets are not. 

The decision on which choice to choose is mostly influenced by the level of security necessary. It’s possible that a hot wallet will be sufficient if you’re just going to hold a tiny amount of Altcoins. 

In contrast, if you want to invest in the finest Altcoins and hold on to them, a safe cold wallet (also known as a hardware wallet) is preferable.

Currency Exchange 

One feature that some of the best Altcoin wallets provide is integrated solutions that allow you to swap currencies quickly and easily. 

The end result would be that you’d be able to purchase and sell multiple supported currencies through an exchange, with cash immediately leaving and entering your wallet as needed. 

As an added convenience, certain wallet providers may also handle cryptocurrency exchanges, making the whole transaction easier and sometimes more cost-effective.

6 Best Altcoins Wallets

WalletTypeNumber of CurrenciesRecovery OptionPrivate Key AccessStorage TypeSecurity Level
Ledger Nano SHardware1100YesNoColdHigh
GuardaDesktop Mobile Web49YesYesHotMedium
CoinbaseDesktop Mobile100YesNoHotMedium
ExodusDesktop Mobile103YesYesHotMedium
Crypto Wallets Comparison

Ledger Nano S

Because of its elegant look and robust functionality, the Ledger Nano S is one of the most recognizable cryptocurrency wallets on the market. 

With the ability to accept more than 1,100 different Altcoins and ICO tokens, it is very user-friendly and suitable for both novice and expert users. The Nano S is a hardware wallet that features tamper-alert software to detect unauthorized access.

The wallet retails for a fairly reasonable price considering the features it offers. For reasons of security, you must have the device with you at all times in order to authorize transactions. 

However, in order to increase convenience, Ledger offers a mobile application that makes browsing and execution of transactions more straightforward.


  • User-friendly
  • Supports more than 1100 coins and tokens
  • Provides an excellent value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Portable


  • Doesnโ€™t provide any private key access
  • Difficult navigation


Guarda is a popular digital wallet that has the particular feature of being compatible with a wide range of devices and browsers. 

Additionally, Guarda offers a Chrome extension, as well as Ubuntu, Mac, and Linux software, in addition to functioning on iOS and Android devices as well as Windows computers. 

This free worldwide Altcoin wallet may link to partner exchanges to give a quick method to purchase and sell currencies. It is simple to set up and literally anybody can use it.

Guarda is undoubtedly one of the top best Altcoin wallets for beginners due to its ease of use and simplicity. Due to the fact that it is an online wallet, it is not as secure as a hardware wallet. The total experience, however, may be had for a far lower investment of money. 

Please bear in mind that Guarda is a non-custodial wallet.

It means that users are completely responsible for keeping their passwords and recovery phrases private and secure.

Because Guarda is unable to act, you will be unable to access your cash if these documents are lost.


  • User-friendly
  • Supports more than 50 coins and tokens
  • Provides the private key access
  • Available across devices
  • Compatible with different OS


  • Supports a small number of coins and tokens
  • Less secure than other cold wallets

Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet is the second regulated wallet on our list of the best Altcoin wallets. It is also the one we most widely use. Coinbase Wallet, which is owned by one of the major Bitcoin brokers in the world, is completely free to use and very simple to set up. 

Despite the fact that it is a popular mobile wallet, it is safeguarded by extensive security safeguards, some of which are similar to those found in banks.

When utilizing the Coinbase Wallet, you have the option of connecting with an online exchange in order to automatically transfer and receive other currencies.

While one of these exchanges is Coinbase itself, you are not restricted to using just this particular exchange.ย 

This wallet also allows you to connect with Decentralised Apps that are built on the Ethereum blockchain directly (DApps).


  • User friendly
  • No setup fee
  • Available on Android and iOS 
  • Supports recovery option


  • No private key access
  • Supports a small number of coins


Trezor Altcoin Wallet

Trezor is a well-known maker of bitcoin wallets that are both safe and dependable. It was established less than a year after the birth of Bitcoin and now supports more than 1,000 other cryptocurrencies and tokens. 

The Model One wallet is the most affordable of the company’s major wallets, retailing at โ‚ฌ59. The navigation buttons on this model, as opposed to the touch screen of the more costly Model T, allow for easier navigating.

Trezor’s Model One is a simple device that is suitable for both beginners and more experienced users alike. However, even though hardware wallets like this are inherently more secure than other options. 

Trezor includes two-factor and FIDO2 authentication mechanisms to further increase their security. When you link this gadget to your smartphone, the possibilities for its use become almost limitless. 

Using this method, you will discover an increasing number of applications that enhance the functionality and convenience of your Model One.


  • User friendly
  • Safe and reliable
  • Supports more than 1000 coins
  • Provides good value for money


  • Difficult navigation 
  • No private key access


6Best Altcoin Wallets for 2022 - Exodus Altcoin Wallet
Exodus Altcoin Wallet

Exodus is a desktop and mobile wallet. It has the rating as one of the best Altcoin wallets in terms of overall usability. The online wallet, which is popular among Altcoin traders, features real-time price charts as well as the opportunity to purchase and sell Altcoins directly. 

It supports more than 100 different currencies and tokens. Moreover, Exodus also provides a selection of alternative applications to improve your trading experience and manage your money.

This Altcoin wallet is non-custodial, which means that it is primarily the responsibility of the user to keep their passwords and recovery phrases secure and confidential. If you don’t have them, you’ll be unable to access money in the future. 

If you’re a trader who is eager to invest in Altcoins, Exodus has a lot to offer, including the ability to trade while on the road straight from its mobile application.


  • Free Setup
  • Supports more than 100 coins and tokens
  • Available on desktop, Android, and iOS
  • Trading apps and live charts available


  • Higher conversion fees
  • Less secure

Indacoin Wallet

For Android and iOS smartphones, Indacoin Wallet is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that supports a variety of cryptocurrencies. This wallet has received favorable feedback from its customers, and it provides a free method for getting access to a wallet in seconds. 

Indacoin Exchange is owned by this organization, and this wallet allows you to trade Altcoins as well as purchase them using a debit or credit card.

The Indacoin Wallet is simple to use, making it an excellent choice for novices. A total of over 100 different currencies and tokens are accessible via the wallet. Account activation is as simple as providing a cellphone number, and customer service is accessible around the clock. 

This is particularly critical in the event that you lose access to your wallet due to a password forgetting incident.


  • Supports more than 100 coins and tokens
  • Direct Altcoin purchase or conversion
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Supports recovery option


  • Android app has bugs
  • Less secure 


As cryptocurrencies continue to develop, so will the best Altcoin wallets, which will become more and more sophisticated.ย 

In addition to the wallets listed on this page, there are countless more platforms where you may purchase, sell, and store cryptocurrencies and tokens. 

However, the wallets we discussed about on this page are super dependable, respectable, and trustworthy. Picking a wallet provider you can rely on, much like choosing a bank account, may save you time, money, and frustration.