Trade Options Online: Set Your Plan

Trade Options Online

In this Options Trading Tutorial, let’s explore the importance of the correct methodology when learning how to Trade Options online. A consistent proven strategy is the foundation of feeling confident about the outcome of a trade. It eliminates the emotions associated with either the fear of jumping in the trade or the exuberance in the hope of easy money. Trade Options Online: What is Your Methodology? The idea of learning how to trade Options may appear strange or new to …

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How to Trade Options for Beginners

Table showing Sept 9 2019 Permance vs. Historical Performance

If one fails to plan, then one must be prepared to fail. In the article titled How To Trade Options for Beginners, we intend to show you what it takes to plan and Master Trading Options as a Beginner. How to Trade Options for Beginners: ALL THAT SHINES IS NOT GOLD If you want to know as a trader a sure validation why you should not be in a given trade, ask yourself this question : Why did I take …

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Options Trading for Beginners: Psychology 101

Option trading success stories - Briggs Meyers Personality Test

Let’s explore today one of the most important aspect of Options Trading for Beginners. I am talking about the Psychology behind the profession of Trading that is often underestimated. The idea of venturing into new areas has a unique effect on each one of us. We are either cautious in our first steps or completely oblivious to any potential risk. Options Trading for Beginners: Are you an ISFP, ENTJ, or else ? One of the most renowned Personality test used …

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About Me

Hello, Welcome to Becoming A Successful Trader.   A LITTLE STORY ABOUT MY TRADING LIFE My name is Telex. To know my story is to know about this place below. I am a subject Matter Expert in Wireless. My background is in wireless Telecommunications. Four years ago, I set out to start trading as a way to gain financial independence and a better lifestyle. Little did I know about the set of challenges I was about to take on. Consequently, …

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